Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center

Finding a Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center that offers reliable advice can be difficult. However, if you are searching for just such a place, give Texas Insurance Agency a call today! Our team of independent insurance agents knows how to assist clients in finding the right personal or commercial insurance policy for their coverage requirements.

Texas Insurance Agency has been providing insurance services for the Greater Houston area for over two decades. You can join our thousands of satisfied clients by giving our team a call today. Our mission is to help you purchase an insurance policy that offers you financial assistance when unexpected events happen.

If you own a business, then there are several insurance policies you will want to consider. These policies will give you peace of mind for the future when accidents or injuries occur unexpectedly. Don’t let your business suffer because of financial liability. Instead, consult with your agent at your local Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center, Texas Insurance Agency.

Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center

Protect your company with Texas Insurance Agency, your Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center.

Find the Right Insurance Center

When you search for an insurance policy, it is important to select an insurance agent that knows the industry. Most of the time it is relatively easy to locate an agent that specializes in your specific industry.

For instance, if you are a construction general contractor, you will likely be able to find an agent that has previously worked in that industry. If your agent has previously spent time in your career field, they will have a better idea of what insurance policies you should purchase.

It is also important to find a reliable and reputable insurance agency to work with. There are many benefits to working with independent insurance agents as opposed to those that directly sell for large insurance companies. One such benefit is that independent agents are paid by commission only.

In other words, they do not rely on any single insurance company for a paycheck. This makes it easier for them to work for you and tailor your policy to the needs of the client.

Texas Insurance Agency is independent of any singular insurance company. Our team of committed agents has access to the best prices and policies available on the market.

Even better, we know how to customize insurance to fit the needs of the clients. With over two decades of experience, you can count on us!

Insurance by Industry:

What type of insurance you purchase will depend on the industry you are in. Contractors will need different policies than truckers or small businesses. Each policy, in turn, can be custom-made to fit the needs of the business owner or contractor. Keep reading for more information!

Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center

Find the right insurance for your business with the help of our Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center!


Every year, truckers haul billions of tons of commercial goods across the country. There are many different cogs that make this possible. From coordinating the pick-up of goods to their delivery, trucking companies have a large responsibility to their clients.

Trucking companies often contract out their work to certified truckers. Sometimes the company owns the vehicle that is being driven, sometimes the truck does.

Either way, the expectation is that one or both will have commercial truck coverage. This type of policy provides coverage when an accident happens. How much coverage depends entirely on what is required by law and so forth.

In addition to commercial truck insurance, most trucking companies will also purchase some sort of coverage for the drivers and any passengers. If a trucker contracts with the company, they might also maintain a policy that is inclusive of medical expenses, disability, and other benefits.

What about the goods that are being hauled? While the responsibility for covering those goods doesn’t always fall on the trucker or trucking company, they might choose to purchase an inland marine policy. However, this type of policy is most frequently purchased by the owner of the goods.

An inland marine policy covers damage or product loss while it is in transit to its destination. For the commercial trucking agency or independent trucker, this can also be a great policy to have.


Contractors also have a variety of insurance policies they will want to purchase for the protection of their company. For instance, a builder’s risk insurance policy is appropriate for any construction project. This type of insurance covers stolen or vandalized property, construction materials, and other related aspects of the project.

However, it typically excludes coverage of damages that are the result of a purposeful retaliation on the part of an employee. Negligence, like the improper maintaining of equipment or ignorance of safety protocols, will likely result in a denied claim.

If you are a contractor that conducts services from the homes of clients, then you will want to purchase a general liability policy. This policy provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury that occurs to a third party while you are performing services.

For instance, let’s say you are a roofer and, with the assistance of several employees, are repairing a roof for your client. During the course of your project, several roofing nails fall to the ground and your client steps on one, receiving an injury.

General liability insurance will cover you, providing financial assistance for medical bills and legal costs associated with the incident. Likewise, if property damage occurs, general liability also covers this.

However, liability does not cover bodily injury to employees or damages to your own property. Worker’s compensation takes care of the former, while commercial property insurance covers the latter.

Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center

Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center

Pearland TX Commercial Insurance Center

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Pearland, TX Fun Facts:

  • Pearland was founded in the late 19th Century.
  • In 1934, Pearland residents struck oil.
  • Downtown Houston is just thirty minutes away.
  • For more information about Pearland, TX, visit the city’s website!

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