Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents

If you are searching for a team of Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents, consider giving Texas Insurance Agency a call today! We have a team of independent brokers that have a combined two decades of experience providing individuals and families with the right insurance policy.

Texas Insurance Agency prides itself on partnering each client with the most reliable and reputable insurance agencies. As your independent broker, we strive to represent your needs to the insurance agency. Moreover, whether you are searching for personal or commercial insurance, we will connect you with a policy that fits your coverage requirements.

There are many benefits to using an independent insurance agent to find your ideal policy. As you will discover with Texas Insurance Agency, one of those benefits is having an agent that works for you and not the insurance company. Keep reading to find out more about finding and hiring your Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents!

Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents

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Independent Insurance Agent vs. Captive Agent

The first thing to know about independent insurance agents is that they do not work directly for an insurance company. Instead, they work independently of those companies to find you the best policy at the best price. The benefit of this is that they work for you!

Independent insurance agents have been working nationwide since the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America was founded in 1896. This organization brought about many of the methods that agents use today to find you the right policy.

The opposite of an independent insurance agent is called a captive agent. These are insurance agents that directly work for and are paid by big insurance companies. As a result, they have a vested interest in selling you insurance that is specifically from their employer. This decreases the possibility of you finding the lowest price, and it hinders the agent’s ability to customize your policy.

One of the downsides of working with a captive agent is that they often receive part of their income from the sales commission. Therefore, it is in their best interest to sell insurance policies to clients. In some instances, it is easy for them to convince you that a specific policy is what you are looking for when, in fact, it excludes many of the coverage options you need.

When you are searching for the right insurance policy for your personal or business needs, don’t hesitate to contact our team of independent insurance brokers at Texas Insurance Agency.

Our commitment to integrity and honesty is second to none. So, come join the thousands of satisfied customers that have chosen Texas Insurance Agency as their independent insurance broker.

Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

There are many benefits to working with an independent insurance broker. These agents work hard to find you the right policy at the right price. They can connect you to commercial policies like general liability, professional liability, and commercial auto. Additionally, if you are searching for a life, home, or personal auto policy, they can help with that too!

As stated previously, independent brokers are not tied to a single big insurance company. While they do earn a commission, it is not from any single company. Therefore, they are more unbiased when searching for an insurance policy that fits your needs. Overall, the advice and recommendations of an independent insurance agent are more reliable than that of a captive agent.

Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents

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Types of Insurance Sold by Independent Agents

Business Policies

If you are a business owner, there are several insurance policies you should seriously consider purchasing. For instance, do you conduct business or services primarily from the homes of your clients? If so, then a general liability policy is a great choice.

A general liability policy covers the cost of injury or property damage that occurs to a third party. Let’s say you are a roofer and, you have been sweeping loose nails off the roof.

If a third party steps on a nail and injures themselves, you might be liable for medical bills. Or, if one of your ladders falls through a window, property damage expenses will fall on your company.

However, general liability insurance does not cover injury or property damage that happens within your company. If a worker receives an injury due to faulty equipment, you will be responsible for paying the medical expenses. Furthermore, if a worker is not satisfied with the settlement they are given, you could face a lawsuit.

In this case, worker’s compensation is a great policy that will cover everything from medical expenses to disability to legal fees. Worker’s compensation is a comprehensive policy that makes sure you have coverage when an employee receives an injury on the job.

Other business policies can include commercial auto, builder’s risk, and small business insurance into Cinco Ranch TX Small Business Insurance. Finding the right insurance broker means searching for the one that can translate your coverage needs into a reliable and affordable policy.

Personal Policies

There are many personal insurance policies to consider. However, knowing which ones are right for you can be confusing. This is why you will want a knowledgeable agent that can direct you to the right policy.

Life, auto, and homeowners insurance are common personal insurance policies that you will want to look into. However, there are supplemental policies that you should consider, depending on where you live.

For instance, if you live in the Houston, TX area, flood insurance is often required. Homeowner’s insurance does not typically include flood insurance, however, so it is will have to be a separate purchase. There are many different types of primary and supplement insurance policies. This is why it is important to discuss your needs with an experienced independent insurance agent.

Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents

Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents

Pearland TX Independent Insurance Agents

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Pearland, TX Fun Facts:

  • Pearland was founded in the late 19th Century.
  • In 1934, Pearland residents struke oil.
  • Downtown Houston is just thirty minutes away.
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