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Driving any vehicle on the road can come with risks, but driving a large truck such as an
18-wheeler can be even riskier. You want an insurance plan with more coverage than
your average commercial vehicle. There is more to consider when driving large
commercial trucks, such as the cost of someone’s medical care, the merchandise your
trucks are carrying, and criminal acts against your vehicles.

There is also a lot more responsibility that falls onto truck drivers. Truck drivers typically
need to be well experienced due to the nature of their job. When looking for trucking and
transportation insurance, many companies will look at several factors, including:

●The type of truck you need covered
●How many years of experience the driver has
●What type of cargo you are carrying
●Potential risks involved

Therefore, it is imperative that you and your drivers get an ample amount of coverage.

With trucking and transportation insurance, you can get coverage that can cover the
cost of medical bills, repairs, loss of merchandise, and many other areas. Trucks and
drivers are part of your lively hood, and without them, you wouldn’t be able to do your job

Working with an expert insurance agency, such as Texas Insurance Agency, will allow
you to see all your options and get the right amount of protection for your truck and your

You want to choose the right insurance plan for the type of truck you have. There is a
multitude of different trucks, and each one can have different criteria for insurance.
Different trucks include:
●Dump trucks
●Tow trucks
●Tractor trailers and semi-trucks
●Flatbed trucks and many others.

We look into what type of truck you drive and your purpose, consider the risks, and help
find a plan that will fit you. Give Texas Insurance Agency a call today for more

Common Trucking Insurance Plans

Having general auto insurance is a requirement by law in the United States. A general
auto insurance plan can cover areas such as:

●Medical bills
●Collision and repair expenses
●Rental costs
●Workers Compensation

General commercial auto insurance is a great place to start, but you may want to
consider looking into other insurance plans. Collisions are not the only risk factor that
truck drivers will face.

Physical Damage

With physical damage insurance, truckers can cover their trucks in the event of theft,
vandalism, natural disaster, as well as collisions. Trucks are often the target of thefts
and vandalism. Theft and vandalism is often due to the merchandise they are carrying.
If anything were to happen to your truck while away at a truck stop or parked in a lot, it
could cause a lot of financial hardship for the company.


Sometimes cargo can get lost or damaged, and someone is going to have to cover the
cost. There is a lot of money in the merchandise that truckers carry. You don’t want to
foot the bill for losing all that merchandise. Therefore, truck drivers need to consider
protecting the cargo they are carrying.

Reefer Breakdown Cover

Reefer breakdown coverage is also referred to as refrigeration cover. It is a great add-on
policy to a cargo policy. This policy can cover the cost of lost or damaged merchandise
due to the refrigeration unit malfunctioning or in the event of a collision.

Non-Trucking Liability Coverage

There are going to be times when truckers are driving, but they are technically not on the
clock and are driving for personal reasons. Therefore, they may not be covered under
the primary liability coverage at that moment. However, it is still important to have them
covered even though they are not working. Non-trucking liability coverage or bobtail
coverage can protect drivers who are not on dispatch at the moment.

Trailer Interchange Coverage

There may be times when a different company is pulling your trailer due to a trailer
interchange agreement. This means that the well-being of that trailer is out of your
hands, and you need some type of protection in case something happens to it. With
trailer interchange coverage, your trailer will be covered if something happens to your
trailer while under the responsibility of another company. This coverage includes
collisions, theft, vandalism, fire, or explosion.

Uninsured or Underinsured Coverage

Though it is law in the states that all drivers must have insurance, it is not always so.
Some drivers may have coverage but may not have enough. Therefore, you end up
having to cover the cost of your truck. With this type of insurance coverage, however,
you can still get your bills taken care of without cutting into your business funds if your
truck ends up in a collision with someone who is not covered or does not have enough.

Medical Coverage

Having substantial medical coverage for any driver is important. Collisions involving
large trucks can often lead to heft medical costs, whether it is you, your employee, or
the other driver.

Umbrella Liability Coverage

While many plans can grant a lot of coverage, sometimes certain policies do not cover
as much as you would like them to. Therefore, you want an umbrella policy. This type of
policy can help cover any gaps in your insurance policies. This type of policy can give
you extra peace of mind knowing that all your areas are substantially covered.

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Texas Insurance Agency will help guide you to the right policies and ensure you have the
right amount of coverage. They can assist in looking over any current policies you may
have and see where you need more protection.

Our agents are experts at finding policies that fit your criteria. We work with dozens of
insurance companies to help bring you coverage that will provide substantial coverage
at a price that fits your budget.

We are an agency aiming to protect people from everyday risks and keep their
businesses running even when the worst should occur. We know what it means to work
hard to build something and want to protect it. Building a business can take years, but it
can only take mere moments to lose it due to liability. Don’t risk everything you’ve
worked for.

Give us a call today, and you can speak with an insurance specialist about your trucking
and transportation insurance policies.

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