Pearland TX High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

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Pearland History

The city of Pearland, Texas, has a fruitful and exciting history. Located within the Greater Houston Area, Pearland is quite the up-and-coming city in Texas.

Pearland TX High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

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The town of Pearland has a population of 122,078, according to a 2019 census study. What a large amount of people living in one city! This means plenty of individuals who will be likely job-hunting around local businesses and companies.

If your business has proper insurance, you will undoubtedly draw in far more willing applicants. Also, by obtaining the correct policies, you could protect yourself and your business from liability in the event of an accident in your workplace.

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Why Trust Texas Insurance Agency?

When it comes to a city as large as Pearland, there’s got to be some hesitation in choosing the proper insurance agency. We understand your concern, and this is why we’ve dedicated the last forty years to serve you, the business owners of Houston.

Unlike most insurance agencies, we work independently. We don’t work for insurance companies, so we will never pursue policies to you and your company that aren’t necessary or helpful.

Pearland TX High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

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Not all insurance agencies can say the same. We have no horse in this race, so to speak, so with that being said you, can trust with absolute certainty we have your best interests at heart. We’re here to work for you!

Another good reason why we’re the best in the game? We serve both commercial and personal insurance plans. To a certain extent, you could say that Texas Insurance Agency is the jack-of-all-trades.

When it comes to commercial insurance, we have precise options that are tailored to your every need. We have a few select policies, such as:

That’s a whole lot of different areas of expertise! Luckily, we know exactly how to maneuver your needs to find precise policy bundles.

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Commercial Trucking Insurance Done Right

Commercial trucking insurance is a type of insurance required for all companies or operators that give trucking services. Of course, your insurance options will be dependent on what kind of trucks are associated with your business.

Depending on things such as what sort of goods your truck carries, to the experience of your drivers, and how long they’ve been in the business. Also, depending on if you’re searching for an insurance policy that’s associated with local or long-haul trucking, your rates will fluctuate.

Regardless of what type of policy is necessary for your beloved business, our agents here at Texas Insurance Agency will help you find the best possible bundles on the market.

What Can be Covered With Commercial Trucking Insurance?

You’ll find that commercial trucking insurance will keep your business protected against costs that are associated with accidents that involve your company trucks. The most relevant of this type of coverage is in regards to situations where trucks are transporting animals, materials, customers, or products.

Pearland TX High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

Contact our wonderful specialists to see what policy is best for your business.

More so, if you happen to use your truck for personal and business use, you can get coverage for your personal truck with specific commercial truck policies. However, for larger trucking companies, this is not always the case.

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we can tell you for sure if this is the case.

Certain Coverage Options Covered:

There are quite a few different coverage options that come along with commercial auto insurance. Some common coverages are:

  • Medical coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Personal injury protection
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured

All of these coverages are extremely necessary for all of the states, particularly in Texas. This is why it’s vital to find what necessary coverage plans your company must have to function legally.

Another specific type of insurance coverage for commercial vehicles is local and long-haul insurance coverage. The type of people this insurance is for; is for those who own tractor-trailer or large vehicles.

They are legally required in this case to carry trucking insurance. If you’re a business owner that owns an extremely large vehicle or trailer tractor for your company usage, it’s time you consider finding the right policy.

Pearland TX High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance Companies are easiest to shift through with us at Texas Insurance Agency. We will make it our mission that you find what’s correct and legal for your company’s needs.

When it comes to all commercial trucking insurance options, there are two main areas:

  1. Liability Coverage
  2. Physical Damage Coverage

Both of these are vital to protect you and your company against fees that are associated with accidents that may have been a direct cause of one of your trucks.

Separate parts of these coverages are bodily injury and then property damage coverage. You will be entirely protected if one of your company trucks causes damage to property, accidentally injures, or even ends up killing somebody.

However, it is vital to remember that Primary Liability doesn’t protect your losses within an accident. It is for the protection of others and their property damage that occurred due to to your vehicle.


It can be dramatic to endlessly search for the proper commercial auto insurance. Allow us to do the hard work for you!

After all, you do have a business that needs running. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff of agents today to find out for yourself at Texas Insurance Agency! Pearland TX High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance Companies offer unbeatable rates for necessary policies.

Fun Fact of Pearland

  • Pearland is part of Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris County.
  • It is the third largest city within Houston.
  • Pearland always holds a yearly Pearland Crawfish Festival!
  • For more fun facts, visit their official page!

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