Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker

If you need a Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker, you have come to the right place. The Texas Insurance Agency works with you to find the best coverage for your business. We are here to keep your business protected. We understand that each business comes with unique liabilities. Therefore, we have many coverage options available. Our business works to meet your specific needs.

Whether you are a bar owner or a parts manufacturer, insurance is a must. Therefore, keep your business insured with a policy from the Texas Insurance Agency. Visit our website for a quote today. We look forward to doing business with you.

Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker

We have a qualified team of professionals who are always ready to serve you. Our various coverage options ensure your business has the protection it deserves. If you are a business owner, worker’s compensation is a great choice. Furthermore, we have plans for those in the energy, technology, bar, and restaurant industries. Also, whether you would like to protect your employees or your assets, we have what you need.

We hope to make your business insurance shopping experience easy. Our team of professionals will work to meet your needs, wants, and budget.

Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker

For the best Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker. visit the Texas Insurance Agency.

We will discuss the various form of coverage that we offer below.

Workers’ Compensation

Firstly, let us discuss workers’ compensation. In some states, the government requires workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a government-mandated system that was built to protect both the employer and the employee. This type of insurance will protect the employee if they have an injury while at work. Furthermore, this policy protects the employer from being sued due to the injury. As long as both parties sign onto a workers’ compensation agreement, both parties will be protected.

Protect your business with a workers’ compensation policy. You do not want to pay for lawsuit fees due to injury to an employee. Employees can not sue you if you have workers’ compensation in place.

To conclude, this form of insurance is available for all types of businesses.

If you are searching for a Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker, then you are in the right place.

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Bars and Restaurants

Next, we will take a look at coverage for bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants have many liabilities. An employee can slip or fall at any time. Additionally, an employee may also accident cut or burn themselves. Therefore, make sure that you protect yourself with the right insurance for your bar or restaurant.

The pricing for bar and restaurant coverage will be determined by the type of business and the liabilities they encounter.

The Texas Insurance Agency also offers business owners’ policies. These policies allow you to bundle coverage options to provide your business with the most security.

It is usually required for bar owners to have a workers’ compensation policy in place. Again, this policy will protect both you and your employees. The Texas Insurance Agency has the best rates and bundle options for your bar and restaurant. Contact us today to get more information.

Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker

Jeffrey R. Fogleman is an insurance agent that works for you.


Now, let us explore the coverage options for technology businesses. Technology businesses face a unique set of liabilities. Therefore, technology business owners require a special type of coverage. Cyber liability insurance is recommended greatly for this type of business. This type of insurance will protect your business in the event of a data breach or hack.

Another recommended type of coverage for technology businesses is directors and officers insurance. This form of insurance will protect former and current employees from lawsuits. This coverage can save you plenty of money from legal expenses.

The more your technology business grows, the greater the risks become. Therefore, contact us for coverage built especially for your technology business. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


Those businesses that work with energy also face many liabilities. If an employee is electrocuted while working, workers’ compensation keeps you protected. This injury can bring a hefty lawsuit. However, workers’ compensation prevents this while taking care of your employee.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for other injuries to occur in this field. Therefore, contact us today to explore the many coverage options that we have available to you.

Commercial Property Insurance

Finally, let us take a look at commercial property insurance. Keep your business assets protected with commercial property insurance. This type of insurance is very popular among business owners. Commercial property insurance will protect your business assets in the event of damage or destruction. Furthermore, this coverage will cover your assets in the event of theft or vandalism. Therefore, with CPI insurance, you do not have to worry about paying for expensive damages on your own.

For more information on any coverage that we offer, visit us today. For a quote, fill out the form here. We will get back to you swiftly!

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Pearland TX Business Insurance Broker

Protect your business assets with commercial property insurance.

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Pearland TX Fun Facts:

  • Population of  91,252 at the 2010 census.
  • 142 percent population growth between 2000 and 2010.
  • 3rd largest city in the Greater Houston area.
  • Learn more about Pearland, Tx here.

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