League City TX Commercial Truck Insurance

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League City TX Commercial Truck Insurance

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Commercial Truck Insurance Overview:

What Is It?

Commercial truck insurance policies are available for purchase by trucking companies and drivers. Most of the time, coverage will extend to passengers that are traveling in the vehicle with the driver.

When it comes to what type of policy you want, it is important to think about what you are hauling. Is it volatile chemicals? Building equipment or materials? Automobiles?

Any type of cargo is susceptible to damage during transit, but some are more dangerous than others and therefore require even more insurance coverage. For instance, the damage caused by a hazmat truck that explodes will be significantly more than a rock that hits the windshield of a new car in transit to the dealership.

If you own your commercial truck and are contracting it out, you will likely want to consider other types of insurance in addition to a commercial truck policy. For instance, since you own this vehicle, consider purchasing a policy that includes coverage for the personal use of the vehicle.


Like any insurance policy, coverage for commercial truck insurance will vary according to what type of truck you are driving and the cargo you are hauling. Additionally, your policy cost and coverage will likely be influenced by any previous claims you have made.


There are several factors that will affect the cost of your commercial truck insurance plan. For instance,  cargo, distance, and vehicle type are all elements that can make your cost higher or lower.

In general, most agents will base your rates, in part, on the danger you pose on the road where you get in an accident. Additionally, you should expect your driving record to factor in as well.

If you are carrying explosives, the damage will be greater. In comparison, towing a single, two-axle vehicle will have a lower cost.

Although rates tend to vary according to the above factors, many insurance companies will offer incentives and discounts. For example, an insurance company might offer you a significant discount if you pay one year of premiums up front rather than monthly.

League City TX Commercial Truck Insurance

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Other Types of Trucking Insurance:

Box Truck

The most well-recognized box truck is the classic U-Haul. Box trucks are commonly used for moving, dry goods transportation, refrigerated cargo, and so forth. Those who drive these trucks will want to consider the purchase of general liability insurance or commercial property insurance.

If you are hauling a client’s possessions from one location to another during a move, and a wreck happens, you are responsible for the damage to the client’s property. General liability could help you cover the cost of damages. Conversely, commercial auto could also protect you from financial difficulties that arise as a result of an accident.


Hazmat trucks haul chemicals and hazardous materials that pose distinct harm to those around them. In the event of an accident involving a hazmat truck, the damage will be significant, especially if the materials are corrosive or explosive.

Because of this, federal law requires specific materials to be transported under the coverage of specific insurance policies. Moreover, some chemicals or hazardous materials cannot be transported by independent companies; a government-approved contractor must be involved.


Tanker truck drivers specialize in the hauling of liquid goods that are in a tank and removed by a hose. Oil, gas, and vegetable oil are good examples. While these liquids are not necessarily explosive or hazardous materials, they can still cause a mess when spilled across a highway.

Insurance for tanker drivers is an absolute must. Not only are you, as a driver, responsible for the safe arrival of the goods, but for the journey there and back. Therefore, a good insurance policy is crucial to protecting your financial responsibility when accidents happen. Whether you are in an accident or another event, commercial truck insurance is ideal for covering damages.

Tow Truck

Tow truck drivers play an important role in cleaning up small vehicle accidents. They specialize in loading and hauling away damaged vehicles, and many are themselves, auto mechanics. Car owners who have been in a wreck count on tow truck drivers to responsibly drive with the damaged vehicle to a garage.

League City TX Commercial Truck Insurance

League City TX Commercial Truck Insurance

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League City, TX Fun Facts:

  • League City has the third largest boating anchorage in the nation.
  • Downtown Houston is located just thirty minutes away.
  • Most of the city’s revenue stream comes from amateur sports.
  • League City is known for its sports complexes and teams.
  • For more information about League City, TX, visit the city’s website!

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