Houston TX Drone Insurance

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Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are popular among business professionals and hobbyists alike. These small, versatile aerial vehicles give us the ability to see what cannot be seen from the ground.

A bird’s eye view can be captured through video or still pictures. Keep reading to find out about drone insurance and what it can do to protect your equipment!

Houston TX Drone Insurance

Before taking to the skies, purchase your Houston TX Drone Insurance policy!

What is Drone Insurance?

In the past decade, drones have become popular for use by companies, hobbyists, law enforcement, and especially the military. Because these unmanned aircraft come in many different shapes and sizes, there are certain government regulations that outline where and on what terms they can be used.

Drone insurance covers your liability in the instance that your drone crashes, injuring a third party, or causing property damage. However, like auto insurance, you can extend liability insurance to full coverage, which often includes damage to the drone itself.

Why is Drone Insurance Necessary?

When you fly a drone, there are many factors that can affect its ability to fly and remain in your control. For instance, if you are flying a lightweight drone, a heavy gust of wind could carry it out of range. Moreover, when that happens, it could easily, although unintentionally, cause damage to an individual or property.

For this reason, drone liability insurance is a necessity for hobbyists. If you operate drones as part of a business, there are other extensions and policies that you will want to consider. This will be discussed later in this article.

Houston TX Drone Insurance

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Drone Insurance Coverage:

Full Coverage

Full coverage drone insurance may not be a necessity unless you operate a drone as part of your business. If that is the case, you will want to have the best protection possible.

This type of coverage typically provides protection for your drone whether it is in flight or not. Around-the-clock coverage is great for those who rely on their drone to provide income. Why not protect your investment with full coverage drone insurance?

Flight Liability

For the drone enthusiast or hobbyist, flight liability insurance is usually enough to cover the risk involved in flying. Because you are flying a drone as a hobby and not for business purposes, around-the-clock protection is not always necessary.

Instead, flight liability covers the drone exclusively while it is up in the air. As a result, flight liability insurance is very flexible. Most drone insurance companies will allow you to have coverage for as little as a day! So, you don’t have to worry about paying for coverage while your drone is on the ground.

Hull Damage

Like aircraft insurance, flight liability does not cover physical damage to your unmanned vehicle. Instead, for this coverage, you will have to purchase an extension for hull damage.

Some home insurance policies will cover damage to your drone while on your property. However, as experts point out, you will likely have to pay your homeowners deductible prior to filing a claim. With hull damage coverage, you will still owe a deductible, but it will be based on your drone insurance policy, and therefore much lower in cost.

Drone Equipment

When purchasing coverage for your drone, it is important to also consider other equipment that you use during its operation. For instance, controllers, landing pads, replacement parts, and other high-end equipment are often used in the entire process.

As a result, you should consider speaking with your insurance agent about whether the purchase of drone equipment coverage is necessary. While this could slightly increase the cost of your policy, it often proves to be worth the investment.

Things to Know:

Houston TX Drone Insurance

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Flight Times

Some insurance policies will place restrictions on the time during which you can receive coverage. For instance, if your policy excludes coverage for flying a drone after dark, then you should avoid flying during that time.

Or, perhaps the exclusion is for morning hours prior to a specific time. No matter what time limits your policy has, it is important to abide by those terms. If you fail to do so and damage to your drone occurs, you will face the potential for financial repercussions.


Insurance companies that offer coverage for drones must follow government regulations for the height, location, and times at which a person can fly their drone.

The City of Houston has a ‘no-fly zone’ over downtown Houston that applies to commercial and other aircraft. Just as airlines must respect these regulations, so must you respect any location restrictions outlined by your policy. Failing to do so could result in a termination of coverage, which could make it difficult to purchase coverage in the future.

Weight Limits

It is important to realize that any UAVs within a certain weight range must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. In fact, if your drone weighs between 0.55 and 55 pounds, then you must register it.

Some insurance policies also have weight restrictions. The heavier the drone, the more the cost and regulations involved with insuring it. Speak with your drone insurance agent about what type of coverage you can receive for your drone

Houston TX Drone Insurance

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