Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance

Have you been looking for Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance? If so, the team at Texas Insurance Agency is here to help. For years, we have been working with some of the most trusted insurance providers in Texas. As a result, we are able to offer you some of the best policies at the best prices. Speak with our team today to determine which business insurance products are best for your business. Not only will we help you find the best coverages, but we’ll offer you a free quote! Call today.

Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance

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Texas Insurance Agency is Here to Help!

As there are so many insurance policies and coverages available for businesses, it can be hard knowing which ones are best suited. That is why our experienced agents are here to help. When you reach out to Texas Insurance Agency, you’ll have a team of dedicated experts on your side.

We understand that every business is different. As a result, an insurance plan that works for one business may not be suited to another. That is why we never offer cookie-cutter policies to our clients. Instead, we take the time to get to know you and your business.

From there, we are able to work with our trusted insurance providers to bring you the very best coverage for your business. No matter which coverages you need, you can rely on us!

Insurance for Business Owners

There are various insurance products available to business owners. What’s more, some of those policies are required in several states. Here in Texas, workers’ compensation is a must if you run a company or business with employees. Whether you own a small business, a start-up, or a well-established business, if you have a team of employees working under you, Workers Compensation is mandatory.

There are also several other policies, which are not mandatory, that can benefit your business greatly. Some of these more common policies include the following:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance

Of Course, the size and type of business you run will determine which of these policies you need. However, regardless of which industry you work in, there is one insurance policy that proves invaluable; general liability insurance.

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You won’t find better Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance.

Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance

GL Insurance is also known as Business Liability Insurance or Commercial General Liability Insurance. It is designed to protect your business against common claims such as copyright infringement, advertising injury, reputation harm, and more.

So, when and how can these claims be taken out against you?

  • Copyright Infringement – If you use a third party’s work in your business ads without their consent, you could be looking at a copyright infringement claim.
  • Advertising Injury – A claim like this could be taken out against you if you or your business has defamed another business or another person.
  • Reputation Harm – A reputation harm claim could be taken out against you if something you said about another business owner or their business results in damage to their business. This could include a loss in sales.
  • Property Damage – If you or one of your employees causes damage to another property, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a claim. This type of claim could be for something as little as a cracked window and can be taken out against you even if the damage was an accident.
  • Bodily Injury – If somebody injures themselves while visiting your place of business, they could take out a claim against you.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance?

General Liability insurance is incredibly beneficial to all business owners. However, it is essential for small business owners. This is because liability claims can be incredibly expensive. Say a customer were to injure themselves while visiting your business and they took out a claim, you could be looking at a loss of $20,000. What’s more, this sum could double once you factor in all of the legal fees and court bills.

For a small business, this would be a devastating financial blow. However, with Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance on your side, you’ll never have to worry about such possibilities. If you’re looking for the right business insurance to keep your business protected, call Texas Insurance Agency today.

Our team can help you find coverage against the following:

  • Medical expenses of an injured customer
  • Advertising injury claims
  • The cost to fix another damaged property
  • Court costs and other legal fees.

Speak with our insurance agents to learn more about the coverage offered with general liability insurance.

Other insurance policies you may want to take out depending on your business type include workers’ compensation, commercial auto insurance, and business income insurance.

Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance

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Workers Compensation

This insurance type is designed to benefit both employees and employers. It is there to cover the cost of medical expenses if an employee injures themselves at work. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for injuries or accidents to happen in the workplace, regardless of which industry you work in.

It’s important to note that workers comp only covers injuries sustained in the workplace. For example, if an employee were to get into a vehicle collision while driving to or from work, workers comp would not cover it. However, if an employee were to injure themselves on a piece of work equipment, this would be converted.

To learn more about this type of insurance coverages and other business insurance policies, speak with Texas Insurance Agency today. Our trusted insurance agents are here to help you find the right policies to protect your business.

What’s more, here at Texas Insurance Agency, we offer more than just business insrunace. We can help you find the best policies for vehicle insurance, flood insurance, and so much more.

Reach out to our agents today if you’d like a free quote regarding Houston TX General Liability Business Insurance, you won’t find better policies or rates at any other insurance agency.

Houston Fun Facts

  • Texas’ largest building is in Houston.
  • The city is home to the worlds’ largest livestock show
  • The city was named after Sam Houston.
  • To learn more about Houston, visit today.

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