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Houston TX workers compensation

When it comes to workers’ compensation, the more information you have, the better. Workers’ compensation is any coverage that covers injuries or costs that come in the workplace.

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Workers Compensation

Houston TX workers compensation

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If you’re looking for Houston TX workers compensation, you might have questions. What is workers’ compensation, you might ask? Simply put, workers’ compensation is a program that benefits employees or their dependents for their services. The benefits are for any workplace-related injury or disease. Workers’ comp includes wage replacement, medical costs, rehabilitation services, and other benefits. Workers’ comp began at the turn of the 20th century.

Beforehand, the industrial revolution began, and workplace hazards were commonplace. Congress went on to pass the Workers Compensation Act for federal employees. Therefore, each state now passes workers compensation for their employees. Essential aspects of the law differ from state. Also, the rules are in place to balance the rights of the employer and employee. Workers comp helps matters go quickly and privately between the two parties.

Accordingly, both the employer and the employee give up some legal rights. That is what happens when it comes to workers comp. The employee gives up a right to sue their employer for work-related injuries. Besides, the employer gives up the right to deny responsibility for work injuries. In a lot of cases, the employee is guaranteed an award in these instances. Workman’s comp is considered a “no-fault system.” Employers finance workman’s comp with insurance premiums.

Types of Injury Coverage

Houston TX workers compensation

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There are four types of work-related injuries that workman’s comp covers when it comes to Houston TX workers compensation. For one, workman’s comp covers any physical injury on the job. This includes hearing loss, exposure to dust & toxins, and carpal tunnel, to name a few. Also, workman’s comp covers pre-existing conditions. An example would back injuries or chronic pain.

Also, workman’s comp covers injuries during breaks and company events. Additionally, that includes lunch hours. Workman’s comp covers injuries at workplaces, too. That includes injuries by a chair or something else on company property. Besides, workman’s comp covers injuries from mental and physical stress.

In some cases, this includes mental anguish and a supervisor’s harassment. Both are grounds for compensation. However, mental distress that is from something other than the injury in question is not on the table.

Now, it’s time for the things that workman’s comp does not cover. Workman’s comp does not cover self-injuries or injuries that came with committing a crime. Workman’s comp also does not cover injuries, not at the job or workplace. Another thing workman’s comp does not cover is employee conduct that violates company policy. And finally, injuries that happened when the employee is intoxicated.

The diseases that workman’s comp covers are things that come from toxins. Moreover, the exposure must happen on the job or normal working conditions. On the other hand, if an employee dies, the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act covers the survivors of the employees.

On the other hand, a workman’s comp case will never see trial. The right to a trial by jury is given up in the workers’ comp system. The person that will rule on your case will be an administrative judge. And most of the time, the claims of workers’ compensation are taken care of before a hearing happens.

Workman’s Comp in Texas

Things are different when you look for Houston TX workers’ compensation. When it comes to Texas, the state does not require workman’s comp on a company. When you subscribe to workers comp, it can limit the type of compensation for the worker. This can happen because of the law which sets the limits. However, when a company does not have workers’ comp, it can leave the company open to lawsuits. When you get a new employee, it’s important to let them know of the workman’s comp.

Besides, the law places a huge emphasis on return-to-work programs. Studies show that recovery happens faster when an employee has a useful task. As well, if a company discontinues its workman’s comp, they must inform the Workers Compensation Department of the Texas Department of Insurance. As a result, you must submit a Form DWC005.

For Texas and other states, Chapter 451 of the Labor Code prohibits discrimination and retaliation against employees. Furthermore, it would be wise for no one at the company to make remarks about that claim. Another word of advice for companies is to make sure their paid leave policies are up to snuff. You can design your paid leave policies to avoid “benefits stacking.” Benefits stacking is combining workers comp and leave benefits where the team member gets 100% more than their regular wage.

You must keep in mind how the employee benefits might change. If an employee files an unemployment claim, they will be taken away from unemployment benefits. They can only get the benefit if the claim is for a permanent and partial disability. That simply means the benefits that come with impairment.


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