Katy TX Workers Compensation

If your team member gets injured on the job, stop waiting around and call Texas Insurance to get Katy TX Workers Compensation.

The pain and suffrage they have been through is enough; why prolong it by dealing with intolerable insurance plans and challenging to reach companies?

Katy TX Workers Compensation

There’s no reason why you should endure the stress of not knowing whether or not your employees are taken care of. Give a call to Texas Insurance Agent (281)-993-8384 and get peace of mind today, as a hardworking employer.

History of Katy

Katy TX Workers Compensation

Look at Texas Insurance Agency for all your team member insurance needs as a business.

The beautiful and bustling town of Katy is quite the suburban one. The city itself was founded in 1945. Since then, it sure has made its mark within the Greater Houston Area suburbs.

The population as of the 2019 census bureau study has grown to 20,202; wow! It’s hard to believe that a city with such a recent influx has become so populated.

With such a surge of individuals, it’s likely that 20,202 people will require trustworthy insurance through their employers.

When it comes to your employee’s life, why would you want to take chances with that? Especially if they have a family or any loved one in their life, you’d like to make sure that everything is prepared in the event that something unfortunate happens to them.

Katy TX Workers Compensation here at Texas Insurance Agency, we will make sure that you don’t have any worries that keep you up at night when it comes to your insurance plans!

What’s So Special About Texas Insurance?

With so many insurance companies out there on the market, it can be effortless to wonder why Texas Insurance Agency is the most optimal option. There are a few reasons why Texas Insurance Agency is top-tier in the game when it comes to dealing with large-company insurance branches.

Texas Insurance: A Brief History

The number one priority at Texas insurance is to ensure that customer service needs are entirely met. There is so much pride in our name, and we make sure to always serve up the best possible standards for all our customers.

Katy TX Workers Compensation

Katy Workers compensation doesn’t need to be stressful for you, the employees.


Your company is so important to you, and it took you a long time to get to where you’re at. This is why you shouldn’t cut any corners when it comes down to ensuring all of your employees.

As a company, we strive to do everything in our power to make sure you and your employees stay protected. We have even companied with some of the most accommodating and trustworthy insurance companies right here in Texas.

Because of this, we can fully offer our clients the absolute most flexible and easy to manage policies you’ve ever seen.

Your insurance needs are not a problem. Now, you have us to rely on and have your back. With the most optimal policies, we can find the best coverage for your beloved employees that keep your company running.

Why We Can Help You Save

Since our agency is entirely independent, our duty is to you, the client. We have to take responsibility for giving you the absolute best policies and most prestigious services. Our staff is trained and trusted to find suitable insurance policies that are particularly tailored to your budget.

Not only your budget, however, but also the needs of your company.

Katy TX Workers Compensation at Texas Insurance Agency has got your employees covered with whatever they may need.

We built this company under a strict layout of values, trust, honesty, professionalism, and integrity. From the beginning, within the forefront of our minds, is the commitment to making our customers happy.

But not just happy, but ultimately ensuring they feel safe.

We’ve surpassed forty years of experience and combined times a company. We’re experienced in helping many other companies throughout the Houston area find the best rates. You can count on us for all things company insurance-related!

What Kind of Coverage Does Texas Insurance Agency Offer?

A common question we receive from our clients is, “So we understand Texas Insurance Agency is an umbrella company for larger companies to ensure quality insurance for employees. But what makes it so different than the rest?”

Other than the miraculous amount of experience we have, almost four decades to be exact, we have tons of other reasons to consider ourselves one of the top brass independent insurance companies.

A couple of reasons is because Katy TX Workers Compensation at Texas Insurance Agency covers not only small business insurances but also:

  • Business Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Commercial Auto
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

And these are just their most popular types.

Business insurance

This kind of insurance is good if you’re somebody running a company that runs into costly repairs such as physical location, inventory, computers, tools, and accounts receivable.

Also, business insurance is here to help replace lost wages if a team member underwent a tragic workplace injury and needs recovery time.

This means that the compensation going to your employee doesn’t come straight out of your pockets. Isn’t that something every business owner would love?

Oil and gas

Katy TX Workers Compensation

Oil and gas is dangerous, it’s important that you have every employee insured! Texas Insurance Agency can do that for you.

An intense insurance policy is needed for gas and oil companies. There is quite the liability with this kind of work, which is why Texas Insurance Agencies are extra gracious with this particular package.

This option is here for anyone who participates in the distribution of gas and oil production. This also covers those who are extracting, refining, or exploring any of these products.

This is just a shortlist of the few policies that are available for contractors and companies within the Oil and Gas Industry, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Commercial auto
  • Umbrella coverage
  • General liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Employment practices and liability
  • Oil and gas lease property
  • Equipment coverage
  • Operators and legal liability

There are quite a few available policies listed here for this industry in particular.

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate which policy is the right one for you, so just leave it up to us here at Texas Insurance Agency to see what options are best for you!


There are plenty of other incredible insurance options and deals that will guarantee that your wonderful employees are cared for.

Stop taking chances that could lead to deadly results. You don’t have the time as a business owner to worry about each team member, so how about you let the pros at Texas Insurance Agency have a go?

Katy TX Workers Compensation will never be a concern for you again, not with Texas Insurance Agency on your side!

Fun Facts of Katy

  • Katy the city is a hub located in three counties, Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend.
  • It was formally incorporated in the year 1945.
  • Secondly, it was a rice farming area in the 1800s!
  • Get more information through their official site!

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