Houston TX airplane insurance

Owning and operating an aviation company is so much different from owning and operating a regular business, so protect your business with our Houston TX airplane insurance. No matter what you use the planes at your business for, whether recreational flying or for making deliveries, you need to make sure that both the planes and the people inside of them are protected.

Texas Insurance Agency is a company that can help you do just that. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive plans available to you. More than this, we’ve partnered with over 10 different policyholders that can help you get a plan you’ll love. We do try to put our customers first, because without you we wouldn’t be the business we are today. Your loyalty to our company throughout the years is what has kept us going.

Houston TX airplane insurance

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The customer service that we offer isn’t comparable to any other businesses. Over the years, we’ve made it a point to allow for changes that our customers need and want.

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As you can see, no matter what kind of plan you are looking for, we’re the ones to give you exactly what you need. Our coverage is both flexible and extensive. On the other hand, you will find that you can compare our prices to just about any other service provider, and they just simply don’t compare.

Our plethora of agencies are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. So give us a call and let us help you keep your business safe from suits and accidents.

What is Houston TX airplane insurance?

As the owner of an aviation company, you will know that aviation insurance covers your plane and any covered passengers from accidents and damages caused on your behalf or on a third-parties behalf. Every plane that is under your control, flying to and from your landing spot, should be properly insured. If not, you might be looking at fines and legal ramifications.

More than the basic coverage, more extensive coverage options will cover any potential and associated risk that comes with operating aircraft and machinery. Notably, aviation insurance is known for its difficulty in the policy. Therefore, if you are confused about exactly what the policy covers, it is best to contact us directly. There are set in stone and finite limits that cannot be crossed with aviation insurance. We’re here to make sure that you don’t.

The Policies

Overall, there are six different policy types that you can enroll in with aviation insurance. Each policy will have its pros and cons. However, all of them are meant to protect you, your plane, the passengers, or other people, in the event of an accident. So, you can see why it’s important to have at least the minimum policy on hand.

Houston TX airplane insurance

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Furthermore, some of these policies are more expensive due to their extensive coverage; at the same time, you will not need to have all six policies. Depending on your aviation business, it might be beneficial to only have one policy on hand.

As you can see, you will need to operate your aviation business much differently from any other type. With the wide variations in insurance, though, you’re better able to keep your business protected. If you have questions regarding your aviation insurance, it is best to give Texas Insurance a call today!

Do I need Aviation Insurance?

Because of the uniqueness of the field, you may be wondering if you really need airplane insurance at all. Simply put, no, you don’t. But it is highly recommended that you hold at least the minimum coverage option for the safety of you and your passengers as well as the community.

No matter the type of business you own, having insurance on hand is essential. If you can afford a hefty lawsuit when someone uses you for negligence, then, by all means, opt-out. However, you’re actively participating in ruining your own business by doing so. Insurance doesn’t just protect you and your business. It also protects your employees and customers.

Regulations and Omissions

On the other hand, with aviation insurance, there is no set-in-stone state or federal regulations surrounding it. So, it can be confusing to understand how you need to be covered and if you need to be covered. Most FBO (fixed based operator), which is an organization granted the right by an airport to operate at the airport and provide aeronautical services such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, and similar service, will require you to have a policy on hand.

Houston TX airplane insurance

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You should at least invest in the minimum available coverage for your plane to avoid liability and lawsuits. Finally, if you plan on flying internationally, it is actually a requirement that you have airplane insurance. Any accident occurring overseas will be handled in the international laws and jurisdictions handled by that specific country.

When in international waters, make sure you always have your policy on hand. Sometimes you will be asked for it. So you don’t want to end up in civilian jail. Texas Insurance can help you figure out your international policy too. We’re just a phone call away, and we are already eager and ready to help out our customers.

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Houston TX Fun Facts:

  • Houston is one of the busiest port cities in the nation.
  • The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world.
  • In the late-1830s, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  • Houston has an underground tunnel system.
  • For more information about Houston, TX, visit the city’s website.

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