Pearland TX Liability Insurance

Pearland TX liability insurance

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Pearland TX liability insurance

Pearland is a big city, and there are plenty of companies that require insurance. When it comes to personal injury and workman’s comp, it’s vital to have liability insurance. Since you’re looking for Pearland TX liability insurance, here is the answer. Liability insurance is any insurance that protects the company or the person from lawsuits.

In a way, it protects both the employer and the employee. It also protects against property damage in some cases. Many times, liability insurance is for anything that relates to the work. This includes employee injuries and accidents on the job.

Types of liability insurance

There are a lot of types of liability insurance. When it comes to Pearland TX liability insurance, it covers professional and commercial aspects. In the professional sphere, it could be anything to do with the workplace. With the commercial aspect, it’s anything to do with the business operations or products. Henceforth, liability insurance types are public liability, workmen’s comp, general liability, and management liability.

 Public liability

Public liability is a part of the tort law where someone can claim negligence or damage on the part of someone else. Therefore, it’s a part of the law where a company may have to pay for the injury or damage. Henceforth, it usually goes through when it’s proven that the owner was responsible. As a result, it’s shown that the duty of care was breached.

The owners and occupiers of a company that provides services to the public have a duty of care. The duty of care varies for different reasons. For people that are invitees or contractors, the duty of care is straightforward. One person in the company has to make sure the premises of the building is safe. However, invitees are responsible for their own safety as well.

For people that are licensees, the duty of care is different. These people include salesmen and commercial travelers. They only come to do business with the owner, and so the duty of care isn’t as extreme.

For people that are trespassers, the duty of care only applies when danger happens. For example, if a fence has electricity or there are dangerous objects on the property, the company can be liable, especially if there are small children involved as well.

Workmen’s comp

Pearland TX liability insurance

Blue collar workers have coverage, too.

Workmen’s compensation is insurance that covers the employees of a company. Furthermore, workman’s comp has been around for at least 100 years. In a lot of ways, workmen’s comp covers medical costs and other expenses that relate to the injury or accident. In order for it to be successful, the accident has to involve the employee. The coverage covers any injury for the employee. It can be both physical and mental. This compensation also covers any disability too.

There are plenty of jobs that require a form of workmen’s compensation. These jobs include construction workers, firefighters, oil-rig workers, a crab fisherman, or any other blue-collar job. In one instance, it can even be in the automotive industry, too. Any contractor job for a company can have it, too. In those cases, it would be a person working on a house or buildings as well.

Different approaches to workmen’s comp

Different states have different laws for workman’s comp. However, workman’s comp is compulsory a lot of the time. Texas doesn’t require workman’s comp for companies, but it’s not the same in other places. Henceforth, when a company wants to buy workmen’s comp, they go through a commercial insurance company. Sometimes, the company may self-insure, which means they obtain permission to pay claims from the workmen’s comp agency.

Also, sometimes, a small company may buy a workmen’s comp policy to cover the obligations to employees. In addition, the company may hire insurance to investigate the claims and pay the claims out of pocket. However, if a company does not have workmen’s comp or doesn’t have the authorization to self-insure for its employees, it can be a crime. In almost every case, that can lead to fines and prison time.

On a final note, a big problem in workmen’s comp situations is the under-reporting of claims. Often, employees fear retaliation from their employers, so they bear the cost of medical expenses themselves. This reason is another factor in why healthcare coverage is so high in this country.

General liability

General liability insurance or GLI is any insurance that covers a business from claims that happen as a result of their business operations. This type of insurance covers anything from injuries and medical costs. This insurance protects your large or small business from personal injury claims, property damage, physical injury, and defense costs. You may ask what the cost of the insurance is. Well, it depends on your business needs. Factors include the kind of work you do, the number of employees, and your location.

There are plenty of companies or people that need general liability insurance. These businesses include artisan contractors, real estate agents, IT contractors, marketing people, landscapers, janitors, and small business owners.

Management liability

Pearland TX liability insurance

CEOs and other officers in the company are covered by management liability.

Management liability is insurance that covers legal issues that face directors, officers, and managers in the corporate world. The types of coverage include D&O insurance (directors & officers), employment practices liability insurance, fiduciary liability insurance, and “special crime” insurance (kidnapping, ransom, and extortion). These types of policies typically are available to private firms, non-profits, and small public trade companies.

Large public trade firms usually buy their stand-alone policies. These policies can be taken as a single policy by itself or made into a single package policy on a final note. For the package policy, a company must select a minimum of two types of coverage to buy it. This allows premium discounts because the same information is needed to underwrite all of the management policies.


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Fun Facts about Pearland

  • Pearland is a 20-minute drive from downtown Houston.
  • In 1528, the Native American settlers hosted European visitors, including Cabeza da Vaca in the city.
  • The city is less than 15 minutes away from the Texas Medical Center.
  • The town first became a settlement in the late 1880s.

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