Pearland TX E and O insurance

Are you trying to find Pearland TX e and o insurance? You’re on the right track. Texas Insurance Agency can help a lot with your insurance. We have an expert team of agents that will help. The firm serves as a broker. From there, it connects you with local insurance companies. We serve a lot of people in the Houston area. Our offices are in Katy and Pearland. Aside from that, we serve Cinco Ranch and Fulshear, Texas. If you want a quote, fill out the form on our website.

Pearland TX e and o insurance

At Texas Insurance Agency, we go over a lot. We tackle all types of insurance. For instance, the firm handles home and auto insurance. We also cover business, floods, and motorcycles. We have partnerships with other insurance companies. These include Farmers and Travelers. We make sure to offer the best for you: the client. We offer competitive rates and prices. But more importantly, we offer the best advice on your coverage. When it comes to insurance, we know every penny counts.

E and O insurance

E & O insurance is a specific type of liability insurance that covers any mistake in your professional services. Instead of general liability, this would be under professional liability. On the one hand, this insurance is important for real estate agents. Real estate agents need to be careful when it comes to selling property. If there’s any flaw on the property, they could be at fault. A lot of complaints go towards the brokers, agents, and/or appraisers.

Pearland TX e and o insurance

Texas Insurance Agency can help you with your e and o insurance!

E & O insurance is crucial for people in a lot of fields. These people are engineers, accountants, barbers, veterinarians, and website developers. On the whole, e & o insurance takes care of any mistake in your professional work. In addition, this type of insurance protects you from any income loss from your business actions.

However, e and o insurance do not protect criminal wrongdoing or activity. It also doesn’t cover any property damage or anything to do with employees.

People that are under e and o insurance include the owner and the workers. The protection also goes over any subcontractors you might have. Like with any insurance, this covers any legal costs.

In particular, e and o insurance protects against a claim of misrepresentation, bad customer service or advice, and any omissions. However, it doesn’t protect against injuries or accidents at your workplace. So your Pearland TX e and o insurance wouldn’t help there. That would go with general liability insurance.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance is what a company needs for protection. E and o insurance only protects things on the professional side. When it comes to your workers and customers, you will need a general liability insurance plan.

General liability insurance helps your employees if they get hurt on the job. It also protects against any claim from your customers. So, while e and o are under professional liability, it is still a type of liability insurance.

Pearland TX e and o insurance

Liability insurance can help with a lot!

What goes under general liability insurance is workmen’s compensation as well. Workmen’s compensation helps you when your employees get an injury on the job. Again, like with e and o insurance, it helps with any legal fees.

Remember that your Pearland TX e and o insurance doesn’t protect against any discrimination or harassment at work. For that, you will need to get a separate liability insurance plan. That would be employment practices liability insurance.

Employment practices liability

Employment practices liability protects the company when employees have issues at their job. This type of insurance protects against discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and other employment issues.

For any major company, it would be wise to have this type of insurance. Even in today’s world, it’s important with so many corporate jobs out there. Even at the start, a company could be at fault when they get a new hire. A new hire can allege discrimination if they feel desire.

Property damage

Also, e and o insurance does not cover property damage. That would be outside professional liability. Here at Texas Insurance, we recommend you get commercial property insurance or a general property damage insurance policy for your small business.

Commercial property insurance protects you if there are any problems with any equipment or tools. In addition to property damage coverage, this is what protects you in case of fire or thunder, or any natural disaster. Property damage coverage is very important if you have a small business.

Cost of insurance

With any type of insurance like e and o, you will pay according to a lot of factors. The size of your company and how many people you have on staff comes into play as well. The area where your company is located plays a role, too. But in the end, it all comes down to risk. Risk is what insurers look at when they come up with their premiums.

Pearland TX e and o insurance

Cost of insurance can be a lot, but we can help you save!

The risk could be anything to do with your company. That risk could be the work you do or your claims history. It’s crucial to keep those things in mind when you try to buy your insurance policy. On average, the cost for e and o insurance could be anywhere from $800 to almost $2,000. On average per year, you could look at over $900 to almost $2,700.

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Fun Facts about Pearland, TX

  • The city’s first name was Mark Belt.
  • Pearland has an RV Park.
  • The town has a few golf courses.
  • Pearland Town Centers features Macy and Barnes & Nobles.
  • If you want to know more about Pearland, go to the city website.

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