Pearland TX airplane insurance

If you own a company that flies or operates planes, then you’ll want to purchase our Pearland TX airplane insurance! No matter what the planes at your business are used for, it is important that the planes and the passengers in them are adequately protected.

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Pearland TX airplane insurance

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So, no matter what type of aviation policy you’re looking for, you can trust that Texas Insurance has one that is both flexible and extensive in the coverage it offers. On the same token, you’ll find that our policies are not as expensive as others. When you give us a call, we can match you with agencies that meet your specific budgetary needs. Call us today and learn how we can help your business achieve success.

What is Pearland TX airplane insurance?

If you own an aviation company, that means somewhere, and somehow in that business, there are planes that are under your control flying in and out of the airspace. Aviation insurance provides coverage that tailors to anyone who owns and operates any type of aircraft.

More than this, the insurance policy will cover all associated potential risks that are involved with this operation. Most notably. aviation insurance has very specific and finite limits and clauses that protect both the flyer and the company. If you would like to learn more about these classes, it is best to contact us directly.

Generally, insurance providers offer six different forms of aviation insurance. All have their benefits and downfalls. Moreover, some are more expensive than others, and you do not necessarily need all six policies on hand. Sometimes, depending on your business, the basic coverage option will do just fine.

Owning and operating an aircraft and the business is very different from owning a car or truck. With the variations in insurance, you are able to allow for more specificity in coverage because there are more dangerous and obvious precautionary measures that need to take place when operating an aircraft.

Do I need aviation insurance?

Just like with auto insurance, you might wonder if you actually need to have your airplanes covered with Pearland TX airplane insurance. The least complicated answer is yes. No matter if you own a business or if you own a business that has other operating machinery within it, you should protect it by using an insurance plan. It is always the safest route to keep yourself as protected as possible.

However, when it comes to aviation insurance, there are no set-in-stone state or federal guidelines that absolutely require you to have insurance. On the other hand, most FBO (Fixed-based operator) companies will require you to have the minimum insurance that is offered by the facility. This makes sure that their back end is covered in an accident.

More than this, if you want o fly internationally, you will need international insurance that covers you on the other side of the world. If you currently carry insurance, make sure you always have it on hand.

Types of Aviation Insurance

As mentioned before, there are actually six different types of aviation insurance. This allows for flexibility and lets you choose exactly how you want to be covered. The six insurance policies include public liability insurance, passenger liability insurance, combined single limit, ground risk hull insurance not in motion, ground risk hull insurance in motion (taxiing), and in-flight insurance.

Pearland TX airplane insurance

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  • Public Liability Insurance: Public liability insurance essentially protects public buildings and facilities against aircraft damage that is your fault. More specifically, it covers houses, cars, crops, and other facilities that might have been struck by your plane. However, this policy does not cover you or damages done to your plane.
  • Passenger Liability Insurance: Passenger liability insurance protects passengers involved in an accident in your aircraft. If they are injured, or worst-case scenario, killed, they have medical and funeral expenses covered. Although, this insurance coverage is only available on a per-seat basis. Meaning that if the injured passenger is injured in a seat not protected by insurance, they have no coverage available for them.
  • Combined Single Limit: CSL insurance combines both public and passenger liability coverage into one singular plan. So, this is a more comprehensive and cost-effective option as opposed to purchasing the two separate from one another.

Specific In-Flight or On-Ground Coverage

  • Ground risk hull insurance (not in motion): The name might be lengthy, but the coverage is short and easy to comprehend. Risk hull not in motion covers insured aircraft for incidents that happen while the plane is not in motion. Specifically incidents like floods, theft, or vandalism.
  • Ground risk hull insurance in motion (taxiing): Conversely, the opposite is true within motion flights. This policy will cover anything that happens while the plane is in motion or taxing (taking off or landing).
  • In-flight Insurance: Finally, the last policy you can include is in-flight coverage. This plan covers your aircraft with anything that is damaged during any phase of take-off or grounding. Because of this policy’s extensiveness, it is usually more expensive than the other policies, which you should take into consideration.

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Pearland TX airplane insurance

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Pearland TX Fun Facts:

  • Pearland stretches across 3 counties
  • It is the second-fastest-growing city in Texas
  • There are two airports in Pearland
  • Downtown Houston is only a short drive away from Pearland
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