Katy TX Umbrella Coverage

Were you trying to find Katy TX umbrella coverage? If you were, you’re in luck. Our team at Texas Insurance Agency can help you. You’ll find us with over 40 years of experience. If you want, feel free to give us a call. We also have locations in Katy and Pearland. Aside from that, we cater to Cinco Ranch. And also Fulshear, Texas. But really, we can help anyone in Houston. Our area of expertise is an insurance policy. From the start, we’ll go over any questions you have. Furthermore, you’ll get great rates. We partner with the right companies, too. We act as a broker for your insurance.

Katy TX umbrella coverage

As it concerns insurance, we handle a lot. Henceforth, we cover personal and business. In addition, we can help your business. When it comes to money, it can be tight. We know this, but insurance can help. We have a wide range of knowledge. You can get help on your home and auto. And also, your business. We have many recommendations on coverage to get. In the end, we make sure it helps you. And not the insurance companies. We succeed when the client succeeds. You can count on that!

Umbrella coverage

Umbrella coverage is insurance that helps when things get bad. That will be the case if any of your other insurance runs empty. Therefore, your Katy TX umbrella coverage extends from your additional insurance. You can consider umbrella coverage as excess liability insurance. That means it covers beyond any limits on your other coverage. Umbrella coverage is good for anyone. It also helps with your personal finance or business.

Umbrella coverage works for someone with lots of money. If your income is above six figures or a million, you should get this coverage. That’s what insurance agents recommend. However, people with more income have more risks. This could be personal lawsuits or business risks. You will have more risk if you do dangerous things. It also applies if you have any considerable assets. Or a lot of assets, for that matter. In addition, wealthy people are often targets of lawsuits by virtue of having lots of money.


Katy TX umbrella coverage

Our team at Texas Insurance Agency can help with your umbrella coverage!

To get umbrella coverage, you need to have had other insurance. It could be auto, home, or boat insurance. But you must have one type of insurance to get umbrella coverage. Once you get that, the coverage can begin. It begins when the dollar amount goes down. In other words, that means when the money runs out.

Personal umbrella coverage

For personal use, you can get umbrella coverage. This coverage helps with your home or auto insurance. It can also help with flood or boat insurance too. However, not everyone has enough assets to get this coverage. Farmers Insurance and others suggest anybody with over $1 million to have this coverage. Moreover, a lot of claims come from auto accidents. You may get extra liability coverage for that. Personal umbrella coverage is a good idea if you have any risks.

Your risk could come from many things. You may be a board member or sports coach. In fact, any type of sports can have risks. If you’re an athlete or sports professional, you may need umbrella coverage. Other than that, if you’re otherwise wealthy, you could use the extra coverage.

Business umbrella coverage

Business or commercial umbrella coverage can help a lot. If you’re a large company, you need coverage. However, risk comes into play. You can expect lawsuits anytime. A lot of companies have liability insurance, though. That could be from general to professional liability. The umbrella coverage would help in that situation. A good example would a hospital or healthcare provider. They deal with a lot of deaths and potential malpractice. Usually, large companies have money aside for coverage.

Katy TX umbrella coverage

A business umbrella coverage plan may just be what you need!

You can expect the same with construction companies. Accidents happen due to work, but the umbrella coverage takes care of that. If you do work on another’s property, you need umbrella coverage. Actually, this coverage sits on top of your other insurance. That could include your commercial property insurance. Aside from that, there’s employment practices and workmen’s compensation. This coverage can help if you have commercial property. That’s if the property is open to the public.

Umbrella Coverage Benefits

The benefits are immense. Your Katy TX umbrella coverage helps with a lot of claims. Those claims can be injury or property damage. The claims will always cost money. Moreover, the cost will come from legal to medical expenses. This coverage can help with your life insurance. This can even be helpful when it comes to your employees. When workmen’s compensation runs out, umbrella coverage can help. You can also expect help with employment practices and fiduciary coverage.


In particular, this coverage helps with libel or any reputation damage. There’s also protection for any product liability or customer injury. It can also help with commercial vehicles. This is even better when you don’t own those vehicles. In general, this coverage extends from your other insurance. It goes on the “follow form” principle. That means it’ll pick up anything not under the coverage.


Katy TX umbrella coverage

The price of your umbrella coverage can be a lot, but we can help at Texas Insurance Agency!

When it comes to price, it depends on the policy you have. And again, risk plays a role. Healthcare and construction get high premiums. That’s by virtue of the type of work they do. If you need more than $1 million in coverage, you can expect to pay more. The size of your business and risk can play a role. In certain cases, it may depend on your claim history, too.


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Fun Facts about Katy, TX

  • Katy got its name from Cane Island Creek.
  • Katy had the Galveston Hurricane in 1900, which was devastating.
  • A gas field in Katy was drilled in 1934.
  • In 1945, the city had its first mayor and two councilmen.
  • To learn more about Katy, visit the website.


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