Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance

When looking for Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance, it can be a real hassle to shift through all your options. That’s why you should let our pros here at Texas Insurance Agency have a go.

Not only are we the best in the game when it comes to finding commercial business policies that fit your needs, but we’ve also been doing it for over forty years.

What other insurance agency in The Greater Houston Area can say the same? If you’re a business owner that needs guidance or direction with how to secure your business policy needs, contact our agents!

Background of Houston

The city of Houston, Texas, is extremely well known across the country. Whether it’s being known for big-hair, or excellent barbecue, here in Houston, we don’t mess around.

Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance

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Especially when it comes to our businesses! Here in Houston, we have a population of 2.31 million, according to the 2019 census study.

That’s one of the largest cities in the United States! This means plenty of individuals will be looking for jobs with general liability coverage and protection.

As a business owner, you want to hire only the top-tier workers you can find. To do so, you must be able to provide as a restaurant owner the proper insurances to keep your business and employees safe.

Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance has never been easier to find than now, with the help of Texas Insurance Agency!

Why Choose Us?

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand what makes our insurance agency different from the rest. For starters, we’ve got seniority in the business.

Yet, more importantly than that, we have prided ourselves on being an independently owned insurance agency. That means we don’t work for the insurance companies, but for you!

Many other insurance agency companies in Houston cannot say the same. Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we have no vested interest in pushing any policy type onto you and your business. We are here for you and to make sure we find the best options that suit your companies needs.

Our agency strives to help you pick policies that protect your business and everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We also carry quite a variety of different commercial insurance policies, covering all types of business company endeavors and needs, like:

  1. Commercial Auto
  2. Business Insurance
  3. Oil and Gas
  4. Contractors
  5. Wholesalers
  6. Manufacturers

These are a lot of different areas of expertise. However, our certified and trained agents are here to ensure that you and your business are covered with exactly what’s necessary and recommended.

Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance would undoubtedly fall under the Business Insurance department.

Business Insurance: What is it?

Since there are such a variety of insurance types to protect your company, it can be tricky to see which one is right for you, specifically. You have your options, including legal liability and employee-related concerns or risks, and even coverage for business property damage.

Business Property Insurance is a policy that covers repair costs for your physical business location, inventory, tools, computers, and accounts receivable. More so, this kind of insurance will help replace lost wages in the event your employee endures an injury within the workplace.

Recovery time is also something that’ll burn a hole in your pockets. Luckily, this compensation will also not come out of your pocket with this kind of insurance coverage.

Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance

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Moreover, it is highly important to consider business insurance regardless of if your business is big or small. In multiple different states, a specific coverage amount is required if you’re a business owner.

Not to mention, Worker’s Compensation Insurance is just one of these types. Liability and Unemployment insurance are also other types of insurance types mandatory within the United States.

Worker’s Compensation

This is a common type of insurance that is government-mandated. It is a system that pays money to individuals who sustained an injury while on the job. Furthermore, this compensation is given to the injured as well as the disabled who sustained their disability while in the workplace.

Worker’s compensation may be claimed if the injury occurred within the workplace of the employment or as a result of your job. Plenty of business owners prefer this policy because they will never be held as liable if an incident occurs.

Additionally, your employees cannot sue you or your business for negligence. What this is, is a compensation bargain. A Compensation bargain is in place to give both the employee and employer protection.

Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance

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Recourse, however, is the right to legally pursue compensation or payment. The employer gives up a certain amount of liability when going with this policy. You, the employer, may avoid a rather large lawsuit for negligence if you decide to get this policy.

Almost all compensation policies will cover medical fees associated with the injury sustained by the employee. When looking for Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance, this should be a policy you consider.

Liability Insurance

Opposite to worker’s compensation, liability insurance helps with legal costs associated with lawsuits against your company. Say you don’t have this type of coverage; you will inevitably pay out of pocket for any potential legal fees.

General Liability Insurance (GLI) will help protect you and your company from liability claims made by employees or customers. These said claims might include anything from bodily injury to property damage or even advertising mistakes.

Small Business Insurance

This type of policy is different, slightly, from the rest for a couple of reasons. For starters, the other policies aim towards bigger businesses and their needs.

With small business insurance, employee claim coverage is mainly what’s at the center-fold of the policy. Such as:

  • Worker’s compensation
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Damage Insurance


With such a wide variety of policies and coverage, it’s no wonder why Texas Insurance Agency is so popular among Texans. There is no reason why you should continue to roll the dice on your business’s insurance coverage.

Call our agents today for a free quote, (281)-398-1010. We’d love to tell you all about our bundles and insurance policy coverage tailored just for you!

Houston TX Sports Bar Insurance has never been made more simple to find for your up-and-coming bar or restaurant business!

Fun Facts of Houston 

  • Residents of the city of Houston eat out more times per week than any other U.S. city.
  • Over 145 different languages are spoken here.
  • Houston is home to the fourth biggest medical center in the entire world!
  • For more fun facts, visit their official website.

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