Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance

If you’re searching for the best commercial truck insurance policy in Texas, consider our Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency.

Prepare For What’s Ahead

Business-related vehicle disasters can happen in a blink of an eye. For any normal person, the experience can be traumatic. It’s important to keep tabs on your insurance and how it can help you during these tough moments.

If you’re operating a business dealing with truck tractors and dump trucks, then you owe it to your operators to have insurance on hand.

Doing so not only protects your company from budget-busting costs but also shows consideration for all the lives involved.

If you’re an operator or a business specializing in large cargo transport of goods and services, you need insurance that provides quality protection. Getting acquainted with our Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance is a good starting point.

When Crisis Erupts…

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be on the other side of a car accident, then you know how nerve-racking the experience can be.

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Finding the right Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance can be difficult. Let Texas Insurance Agency help you with your search.

While doctors give you their attention, your head is likely rummaging around with thoughts about how to pay for your medical bills.

It’s an experience that many American truck drivers face.  According to research conducted by ValuePenguin, there are nearly 32 million uninsured drivers currently on the road throughout the country.

If a truck accident happens, these drivers are likely going to be in hot water when it comes to a variety of different scenarios.

  • Medical bills – Uninsured truck operators are likely to foot the bill for any hospital fees incurred, especially if they don’t have any personal health or life insurance to cover them. This can be extremely tormenting, especially in cases where their job-related injuries can be life-altering and career-ending.
  • Auto repairs – Indeed, uninsured truck drivers will be handling auto repair fees. For repairs regarding fire damages, leakages, and dead engines, these costs can go in the ten thousand range. The auto repairs also include vandalism and theft of car parts.
  • Reimbursement For Property Damages – High damage costs as a result of truck collisions into a building or other forms of public property will need to be reimbursed somehow. This includes the cargo you’re carrying during transport.

These occurrences can add up and be a detriment to operators. That’s why Texas Insurance Agency has drawn up Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance. This insurance will combat the expenses. Our Houston truck insurance comes with various coverage options to fit the needs of operators and businesses.

Keep Your Truck In Shape With Physical Damage

Texas Insurance Agency’s Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance includes a physical damage clause. This is a truck and cargo insurance wrapped into one.

Under our coverage, you’ll be free from financial responsibility when it comes to head-on collisions with the wildlife and other miscellaneous damages while out on the road.

Additionally, our physical damage coverage clause also protects against damage costs that are caused by extreme weather conditions.

Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Tractor trucks, dump trucks, and cargo. We cover it all here at Texas Insurance Agency. Speak to us about your Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance today.

When nature has other things in store, it can be feasible for truck drivers to lose control of their vehicle.

Snow, for example, can cause major accidents during travel. This is because the roads can be slippery and cause the operator to lose control.

If this happens, any major losses will be financially taken care of.

One key part about all of this is that the insurance covers a range of long-haul vehicle types. This includes everything from small fleets to large fleets.

If you own a trucking company, this setup is perfect. You’ll never have to individually double-check the eligibility of your large roster of trucks. With this intact, you can have more invest more time and money into other business matters.

Your Health Matters At Texas Insurance Agency

Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Your safety matters more than anything else. Get insured with us at Texas Insurance Agency.

When an operator is driving toward their next dropoff location, they’re 9 times out of 10 are likely to get into some sort of road accident that can cause them serious harm.

If you’re an owner of a trucking company with a roster of operators on the road, it’s imperative to have insurance that can safeguard them as much as possible.

Our long-haul trucking insurance includes a medical coverage clause that takes care of bills dealing with hospital treatments and recovery. This applies to all injuries, from shoulder to spinal damages. Coverage also includes ambulance calls, as well.

We know how futile it is to avoid accidents. Our firm also realizes that prioritizing the health and well-being of our operators matters more than anything. This is how we provide great customer service to our clients. Through our insurance coverage, we make it possible for you to breathe easier after a road accident.

We Protect The Other Side, Too

If your truck driver causes a collision, our firm goes the extra mile. Our long-haul trucking insurance makes sure the other side is taken care of. Primary liability protects the other side in two different ways.

Hospital fees are covered when an operator’s truck severely injures or kills someone. This is noted in our bodily injury clause. Scenarios of this accident often refer to car-to-truck collisions. It also applies when an individual suffers a hit from a moving truck.

As the name suggests, property damage protection refers to losses that are accrued as a result of a truck-to-property collision.

Access Your Long-Haul Truck Insurance Today

If you are an operator or own a truck driving company, then it’s not too late to get in touch with us today about your insurance. At Texas Insurance Agency, we can provide you with an industry-competitive quote. We’ll hook you up with the right Houston TX Long Haul Trucking Insurance today.

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