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Owning a business requires a lot of work. Not only does it require a lot of time and money to start, but it also requires a lot to keep running. There are several different types of commercial insurance: general liability, umbrella, workers’ compensation, etc. These insurance types help keep business owners keep what they love.

Texas Insurance Agency wants to help clients find the best insurance policies for their business. Commercial auto insurance is one type of insurance your business may need. If you own a business with a company vehicle or several, then this insurance type is an absolute must.

What Commercial Auto Insurance Protects

Simply put, commercial auto insurance protects business vehicles from damages. Most policies help cover theft, vandalism, and damage sustained from an accident. Furthermore, these policies will also cover bodily injuries to the employee and third-party people. If there are legal fees associated with the damage, then commercial auto insurance will help with that as well.

Here is everything your commercial auto insurance will cover.

  • Covers third-party property damage and injuries
  • Provides coverage for medical bills related to the accident
  • Physical damage to the company vehicle
  • Legal fees associated with the accident

These are a lot of different expenses your business won’t have to pay for if an accident occurs with a company vehicle. Businesses will save a lot of money with a simple policy. Unfortunately, there are specific moments in which commercial auto insurance does not work. You can view the list of exclusions below.

  • Items within the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • Using the vehicle for ridesharing such as Uber or Lyft
  • Employee injuries (included with workers’ compensation)
  • The vehicle was a rental car

Commercial auto insurance policies vary from company to company. Texas Insurance Agency wants to work closely with clients to find the right kind of coverage for them.

Protect Your Business Vehicles Today

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