Commercial Property

The overhead costs of a business is not cheap. A large contributing factor to overhead cost is the building in which the business is located. Commercial property insurance is for companies that may experience property damage. Property damage can range from theft to wind damage from a storm. Property insurance will help businesses stay afloat among the expenses.

The Greater Houston area is frequently hit with hurricanes and tropical storms. It is hard to expect weather at these calibers, but business owners have to be ready. Commercial property insurance is one-way businesses can be ready for potential damage. Business owners can also expect protection against possible thefts or burglaries.

Everything Commercial Property Insurance Protects

Commercial property insurance helps protect property that has sustained damage. The damage could be caused by a strong storm, a fire, a vehicle, or even a person. These protections allow business owners to keep their business even when the unexpected hits. A common question is if commercial property insurance protects against floods. Floods are NOT included in commercial property insurance.

Even if floods are not included, there are still many other scenarios that are. You can see a full list of coverages below.

  • Damage from fires, lightning strikes, and storms
  • Damage from vehicles and aircraft
  • Damage from theft, burglaries, and vandalism
  • Damage from other emergencies

Business owners should significantly consider obtaining commercial property insurance. The last thing they want is a thief or storm ruining everything they tried so hard to build. Commercial property insurance is geared to protect the business from unexpected events. These are all areas in which business owners have no control, so it is important to be protected.

The Right Policy for the Right Business

Texas Insurance Agency has many years of experience with helping business owners protect their dreams. The agency knows how hard it is to run a business. There are a lot of expenses associated with a business, but this policy will only help protect it. Texas Insurance Agency works closely with a dozen different insurance agencies, so clients get the best possible coverage. Get in touch with the team today by calling (281) 398-1010. Business owners absolutely need commercial property insurance in order to be protected.

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