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Are you a local looking for Katy TX commercial property insurance? Texas Insurance Agency offers quotes for the following:

Business Owners Insurance

Protect your business with Texas Insurance Agency

Get free quotes on any of the following. Property insurance isn’t just for homeowners. If you rent an apartment, your belongings fall under renters insurance as well. After all, unexpected events can happen every day. Be prepared for those troubles on the horizon by getting insured. Some items, especially a house, are things you work your life to achieve. Do not let it slip from your fingers simply because you didn’t have insurance to back it up.

Protections Under Property Insurance

Let’s look at some of the protections offered by Texas Insurance Agency:

  • Standard Home Policy
  • Flood Insurance
  • Personal Property

A standard home policy covers the structure of your home such as walls and roof. Mother nature is a powerful force. Roofs can deteriorate over time due to heat, weathering, and age. Heat can cause blisters, ruining the formation and structure of rooftops. Weathering can be caused by any natural occurrence such as rain, hail, or snow. These factors combined with age can especially impact not only roofs, but the very foundation of your home. It would be highly recommended to have a plan to cover these costs when the time arises.

Flood insurance is a separate concept in and of itself. Since flooding can be responsible for extensive damage, it is in its own category. Basements and foundations of your home can be ruined due to flooding. Also, poorly insulated attics roof coverings can cause water to pour from above as well as rise below. Texas Insurance Agency makes sure to provide the utmost attention to your home. Its necessities for structural integrity is our first priority.

Imagine saving money for months to buy a new HD television only for it to be damaged due to an unforeseen circumstance such as theft. If you are insured under our personal property coverage, we make sure your hard work wasn’t in vain. It’s true the lost of material possessions isn’t the end of the world, but it can be painful to lose. We do not want that loss to be permanent. We’ll take care of you when the need arises.

Other Coverages in Katy TX

Quality Commercial Insurance

Independent Small Business Insurance

Other structures we protect include sheds and detached garages. Though they are part of the land you own, these properties are not connected to your house. This means they are not protected under the previously mentioned policies. These structures can be just as important as your household. Can you imagine your vehicle’s engine or battery getting damaged by flooding in your garage? For most working Americans, their car is their only mode of transportation. Think about and take care of all of your assets.

Liability coverages also protect you if someone files a lawsuit against you for injury while on your property. This is especially important for business owners. The hard truth is this economy can be hard. Due to that fact, anyone can try to get a leg up by using a business in order for profit. Don’t let your that business be yours. Losing a lawsuit case not only affects your profits, but those of your employees as well. It can cause a domino effect you could’ve potentially avoided by getting coverage.

Also, there are additional living expense coverages. There are times when your home is uninhabitable due to a covered loss. This option covers expenses such as hotel charges while your home is being repaired. If you have a family, this would especially help you due to the size of your household. As parents know, essential things you need, your child most likely needs as well. Estimates for expenses like food can simply be added by taking yourself and multiplying it by your family size. As you would have guessed, the expenses add up real quick. Get protected before then.

Katy TX Commercial Property Insurance

Protecting your assets is crucial. Your belongings, including your home, are personal to you and make up who you are. Also, if you spent years on a business, losing any valuable asset can be gut-wrenching. Losing anything with high value to you is like losing a piece of yourself. Insurance coverages aren’t just arbitrary claims. We as an independent insurance agency sympathize with your needs and won’t rest until we help you in any aspect we can.

We provide the best rates we possibly can as well. Roland Cardner and Jeff Fogelman are licensed homeowner insurance brokers. But don’t worry, they don’t work for insurance companies. They work for you! Texas Insurance Agency covers quotes from over 20 different insurance companies. Our insurance brokers focus on getting you the lowest rates with the best policies. We’re ordinary people like you and know how tough it can be to afford the best.

Lucky for you, the best doesn’t have to be expensive. We strive to conduct business with the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and integrity. Our staff of experienced veterans are determined to give you the optimal program tailored to your requirements. As an independent insurance agency, our duty is to our clients and business.

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We are here for you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Unfortunately, we’re closed on Saturday and Sunday, but we’re still available by appointment. However, during our normal business hours during the week, appointments are not necessary. You can walk in and chat if you’d like to discuss options. We not only provide service in Katy but other areas as well. The following list can be viewed below:

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Our helping hand is not limited. Even if you’d like to stop by, we can be found at 21430 Provincial Blvd. in Katy, TX. You can also visit our website by clicking here. We are more than happy to engage with any question you may inquire about. If you’re looking for Katy TX commercial property insurance, don’t forget to have Texas Insurance Agency in mind.

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Katy TX has ten parks.
  • Originally “Cane Island”, Katy was named after the creek that ran through it.
  • There are a dozen historical buildings you can come across strolling through downtown.
  • If you’d like to view more, click here.

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