Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance

If you want to effectively protect yourself from the big guys, then look into getting an affordable yet comprehensive Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance policy today! At Texas Insurance, we have over 20 years of experience working in the insurance world. As a result, there is nobody better than our team to help you find an agency and a policy that best fits your needs as a company.

Insurance can be hard to understand. Many companies actually make their policies hard to understand in order to rope you into a policy that you can’t get out of. More than this, the internet is absolutely slathered with thousands upon thousands of articles that claim to explain your policy but only leave you more confused in the end. However, you won’t find that here with us. We lay all of our policies out in an easy-to-understand policy that will help you understand exactly how you’re covered.

Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance

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As insurance holders ourselves, we find that we want affordable plans that don’t cheap out on coverage. So, if we already look for this ourselves, why wouldn’t we do the same for our customers? There are no strings attached to us. Only quality services and affordable prices that you are more than happy with us.

Finally, when you first come to meet with us, we will sit down with you and get to know your company a little better. Every company does not operate the same. Therefore, they should not all be treated the same. In terms of affordability and price, your needs will differ.

So, if you want help finding the most affordable policy around, we can help! If you want to receive a free quote for potential services, let us handle it! Want to bundle your policies? Don’t worry. We can do that too! Simply, you can see that there is nothing we can’t or won’t do to help you succeed as a business.

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What is Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance?

The name may appear simple, but the more you dig, you’ll understand that this policy can become extremely complex. Directors and Officers insurance, or D&O, is a premium policy that will work to protect you from liability, lawsuits, and personal losses if you are sued by a director or officer (head of a company). Moreover, this policy will aid you in any legal costs and fees that come with being sued too.

Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance

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Most notably, this insurance is usually specific to high-ranking jobs or government jobs where there are many employees and lots of profits coming in. Additionally, if you are a share or stakeholder, you will utilize this policy too.

With this specific policy, it takes into account that directors and operators work under their own discretion. This allows for more freedom on their end.

Also, D&O insurance will help you reimburse yourself or employees and cover criminal trial costs if it ever comes to this extent. When you are the leader of a business, you take the risk of being held fully liable for the things that happen under you. So, having a comprehensive Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance policy can easily lift some of the burdens from your shoulders.

What is covered in a D&O policy?

A D&O policy can cover you in any number of ways. Generally, with this policy, you are covered from liability claims. If you enlist coverage for your entire company and not just yourself, it can help. The most common coverage options for D&O insurance include:

  • Lawsuits that you or a shareholder own, stocks that you own too
  • Credits or personally invested suits related to management
  • Misrepresentation of clients
  • Authority that is exceeded
  • Failure to comply with the law
  • HR disputes
  • Cyber liability claims

Overall, you can see that the coverage you gain with this policy is quite extensive. However, due to the comprehensiveness of this policy, it is extremely important to understand every single way that you’re covered. So you need a trustworthy agent by your side to help you navigate through all of the confusion.

Luckily, Texas Insurance is here to help you out. Speak with our team today to learn more about how a Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance policy can decrease your liability as a business.

Do I need D&O Insurance?

You actually do not need most insurance policies. They are made to help you and protect your business. But they are a good thing to have on hand. Insurance policies are made to ensure that you are not held responsible for accidents. Additionally, they help lift some of the financial burden off your shoulders.

Unless you live in a state where certain policies are actually enforced, then it is not necessary for you to have the policy. But we recommend opting out of policies that can provide needed protection for yourself or your employees.

Houston TX directors and officers liability insurance

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Finally, we understand that some policies may be more complex or unaffordable. But we try our best to meet everyone’s needs here at Texas Insurance. We are sure that you’ll be proud of what we have to offer you.

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Houston TX Fun Facts:

  • The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world.
  • In the late-1830s, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  • Houston has an underground tunnel system.
  • For more information about Houston, TX, visit the city’s website.

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