Houston TX board of directors insurance

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Houston TX board of directors insurance

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Board of Directors Insurance

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Houston TX board of directors insurance

The board of directors in your company make the biggest decisions. If you own a nonprofit they might be the ones focusing on creating the direction that the organization is going. Deciding how much staff is paid, how funds in the company are spent, and the goals of the company are what they do.

They are always thinking about the organization and the staff. Therefore someone should also be thinking about them. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance does just that. This type of coverage protects them the same way they protect the company.

What is D&O Insurance

Board of Directors Insurance also known as D&O Insurance, protects the board members of a company or organization. Aimed to protect directors from personal losses if they happen to be sued while serving on the board is what this insurance policy covers.

We highly recommend business owners to place all board of directors under this policy because it just easier that way. Agents sometimes do get individuals that come to sign up for themselves but the truth of the matter is that any member of the board can be sued. As a business owner, you want to make sure that every member of your board is protected.

If anyone is sued then any legal fees that may have been acquired will be compensated for. Compensation will also be given if the organization paid for any costs. Claims for D&O insurance are paid directly to the director of the company that went through the legal action. Provision of compensation will be possible this way.

This policy is intended to insure all kinds of hazards. Talk to an agent to get more detail on what can be covered and insured. There are some exceptions as to what can not be insured, placed in the uninsured clause of your policy. These include criminal offenses, fraud, and illegal profits. Provide all needed documentation in order to be compensated when filling a claim the director and companies must

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Other Insurance

To fully serve you, we have other insurance policies that you can sign up for. Each policy tailored to you and your insurance needs. We have Commercial Insurance Policies for your companies and businesses. In addition, we have Personal Insurance to satisfy your more personal assets.

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Commercial Insurance Policies

We have a variety of commercial insurance policies for you to choose from. Each one designed to provide your business or things that concern your business. These include Commercial Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Contractor’s Insurance, Manufacturer’s Insurance, and much more.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Businesses that have vans, cars, trailers, semi-truck, or vehicles that they use exclusively for their business can sign up for this insurance policy. Coverage for damage to the vehicles is what this policy gives. In addition to that, it also covers the cost of any medical bills. If the driver of the vehicle sustained any injuries it will cover the costs.

Speak to an agent about Commerical Auto Insurance call us today.

Personal Insurance Policies

In addition to being able to cover and protect your businesses and everything concerning it, we also offer personal insurance. These policies cover things a little closer to home. These include Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Flood Insurance, Life Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, and more.

Motorcycle Insurance

Protect your motorcycle with motorcycle insurance. Having a motorcycle is an investment in your personal life. You want to be able to protect this investment you’ve made. We here at Texas Insurance Agency are able to give your investment the coverage it needs. This policy is similar to getting auto insurance, except it is specific to your motorcycle.

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Houston TX board of directors insurance

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Texas Insurance Agency has Houston TX board of directors insurance.

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