Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies

If you are looking for Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies, the search is over. The team at Texas Insurance Agency is here to help you compare carriers. We will find you the best coverage at the best price.

Call us today, or stop by one of our five locations. Texas Insurance Agency has several locations around the Houston Texas area to serve you. We have offices in Katy, The Woodlands, Pearland, Greenspoint, and the West Oaks/Galleria area.

Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies

Texas Insurance Agency is here to help you find the Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies.

Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies

Texas Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency. That means that we do not work for insurance companies. Our job is to help you find the best trucking insurance companies. We then compare the coverage and pricing offered and get you the best quote possible.

You should not be working hard to find the Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies in town. Let us do the work for you, and get you the coverage you need at a rate your business can afford. Call, or stop by one of our offices today!

Why You Need Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Truck

Every vehicle on the road is legally required to have insurance. However, your truck needs additional protection.

Trucks lie yours are much bigger than regular passenger vehicles. Because of this, they can cause much more damage. The risk and potential of much more damage means that you need higher coverage limits.

This is the beauty of a commercial auto insurance policy. Commercial auto insurance provides much higher coverage limits than personal auto policies. Not only that, your personal auto policy is separate from your business.

Commercial auto insurance covers your truck in the event of an accident. Your truck is your business. Protect your investment and your business with commercial auto insurance today.

Whether you own a moving truck, a box truck, a food truck, a semi truck, or a big rig, your specialty business vehicle needs special insurance.

All of these trucks, whether you one just one, or an entire fleet, are covered by commercial auto insurance. Feel free to call us, stop by during business hours, or fill out our quote form today!

Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies

Texas Insurance Agency will find you the best quote for your trucking insurance needs.

Competitive Quotes for Your Houston TX Trucking Insurance Needs

We will find you competitive quotes. It is the insurance companies’ jobs to fight for your business. When you request a quote from Texas Insurance Agency, an insurance agent will contact you. You will be provided with a truck insurance quote from several commercial trucking insurance companies.

You will be able to compare coverage options. Some insurers may offer general liability that is legally required in Texas. Others may provide an owner operator with options for additional trucking liability.

We have partnered with many different insurance companies. Different companies offer different insurance services. We have found the insurers that provide outstanding semi truck insurance for your trucking business. These insurers will compete for your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Trucking Insurance Needs

Commercial auto insurance is vital for your trucking business. Not all auto insurance is the same. Commercial auto insurance provides a higher coverage rate than personal auto for your trucking needs. You need to know what is covered by your policy.

In the event of an accident, a commercial auto policy will cover you in several ways.

Peace of Mind From the Best Trucking Insurance Companies

First, a commercial auto policy will obviously cover any physical damage your truck causes another vehicle. This includes passenger autos as well as other business vehicles and trucks.

In addition, your commercial auto insurance will cover you if you get hurt. If you are injured while driving your truck, commercial auto will cover your ambulance, medical bills, and hospital stay.

Further, commercial auto insurance also covers injuries sustained by the other party. If the other driver is injured in the event of an accident, your policy will also cover their injuries and medical bills. Your policy will also cover injuries to any pedestrians as a result of an accident.

Finally, if your truck damages someone else’s property, commercial auto insurance will take care of those damages. This includes personal property and private and business buildings and structures.

Rest easy knowing that should the worst happen, Texas Insurance Agency will provide you with peace of mind. You will be insured by the Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies.

Other Types of Insurance for Your Trucking Business

We also offer other types of business insurance. Our friendly agents are happy to talk to you about your business needs.

Whether you are a sole proprietor with a single truck, or own an entire fleet, your business needs the right coverage. If you have several team members, workers’ compensation is crucial. We can provide you with quotes from several insurers.

Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies

We will help you with all your insurance products so you can focus on your bottom line.

Personal Insurance for Your Home and Family

In addition to commercial auto and business insurance, Texas Insurance Agency can also provide you with quotes for personal insurance needs.

Our partner insurers also offer personal auto insurance. They will compete to win your business. We can also find you an affordable quote on motorcycle and boat insurance.

Perhaps, you have recently bought a home. The carriers we work with also offer homeowners and flood insurance.

You run a trucking business, but you also have a personal life. Maybe you are engaged or recently married. Perhaps your family is growing.

Give your loved ones peace of mind with life insurance. We work with many life insurance companies providing great rates on both term and whole life insurance policies.


You are welcome to stop by one of our five local offices during business hours. We have established branches in several parts of Houston for your convenience.

If you are in the Katy area, we have a Texas Insurance Agency office near you. We also have an office in Pearland, TX. If you are up in The Woodlands, TX, Texas Insurance Agency also has a convenience branch location just for you.

If you are located in North Houston, there is a Texas Insurance Agency office in the Greenspoint area. Lastly, if you are near The Galleria, Uptown, West Oaks, or Tanglewood parts of Houston, we have an office for you as well.

We’d love to consult with you in person, and learn more about your trucking insurance needs. Let us find you the Houston TX Best Trucking Insurance Companies and get you a quote today!


Fun Facts about Houston TX

    • Houston has a very rich history. It was once dubbed the town “where 17 railroads meet the sea” and “Babylon on the Bayou.”
    • The city was founded by the Allen brothers, who purchased 6,642 acres next to Buffalo Bayou.
    • Houston has many nicknames, including Bayou City, Space City, and Clutch City.


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