June 17, 2020

The Benefits of Having an Independent Insurance Agent

When you understand the difference between a direct writer and an independent insurance agency, then the main benefit behind us becomes obvious. A direct writer works for a single insurance company. Meanwhile, independent agents, like us, represent and work with a variety of insurance carriers. As we will outline, this difference amounts to your insurance agent working for the company or the policyholder, you.

Independent Insurance Agents

Left to Right: Jeffrey Fogleman, Kristy Thompson, and Roland Cardner

Gives You Options

An independent insurance agent offers you options when deciding your insurance policy. When working with a single insurance company, you are entirely limited to their cookie-cutter policies. With us, you have the policies of all the carriers we contract with at your fingertips. You can shop around and get the right coverage you need, finding policies with competitive prices. You can work with one carrier for auto insurance and another for home. We can create the right bundle for you.

We work with big hitters and local insurance companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, CNA Surety, SafeCo Insurance, Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency, Texas Mutual, Travelers, The Hartford, Foremost Insurance Group, Gulfstream Property & Casualty Insurance, and more.

Unbiased Advice

A company agent’s incentive lies in setting their policyholders up with the most expensive policy with the least likelihood to be used. We have none of that. All our incentive lies in finding the best policy for you. There is no loyalty to one single company. So, the companies we work with understand that the ball is in their court to offer the coverage that piques your interest. Working for you means finding the coverage that protects what you have in your life, not more or less, for the best available price.

Saves You Time

It is our job to do all the legwork in finding your insurance policy. Without an insurance agent, you have to shop around among different insurance companies. This leads to making decisions that cost you money in the long run. For example, you might choose to settle on a bundle with one company. Or stop at a simpler option that might not provide you with everything you need or be the cheapest you can get.

Texas Insurance Agency logo

Texas Insurance Agency will surely have all your needs covered. Go to their website to see each type of coverage available for your car, business, boat, and more.

One-Stop Policy Shopping

Texas Insurance works with multiple different types of carriers and several that provide comprehensive coverage. When you are in our office, you can set up both personal and business insurance. We have general liability and property insurance and policies that cover your car, home, boat, or motorcycle. We also offer separate flood insurance and annuities and life insurance policies. Signing up with an independent agent means not having to go anywhere else.

A Personal Relationship

Independent agents are often heavily involved in their communities. We know this is true for us. Maybe it is because our jobs have us getting to know our neighbors. Our job is to set you up with the right coverage for your exact life. And it is a continual process. We are always updating and reassessing your coverage so nothing you need gets left out. It is a lifetime process that must follow all the changes you go through.

We once were agents for Farmers’ and Allstate. Eventually, we left and started our own practices. This time, it was independent of any individual carriers. We now work for our community. As Licensed Advisors, we now put in the effort to feel certain we have you and your family protected. Call us at (281) 398-1010 or email us at info@texinsagency.com to get to know your Katy independent insurance agents.

Our Partners

We are pleased to partner with these companies to bring you the best coverage at the lowest rates available.

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