Houston TX aviation insurance

If you own an aviation company, then your best bet is to purchase Houston TX aviation insurance from the leading insurance agency, Texas Insurance, today! No matter what the planes at your business are used for, whether free-flight or strictly business, you need to keep them and yourself protected. The best way to do this is by utilizing aviation insurance before that plane ever takes off the runway.

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Houston TX aviation insurance

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What is Houston TX aviation insurance?

If you own a business that owns and operates aircrafts, then you need to make sure that your planes are properly covered. Furthermore, you probably know that aviation insurance is tailored specifically to anyone who owns and operations aircrafts of any sorts. More than this, the policies will cover possible potential risks that could occur to yourself or the plane. Aviation policies will differ from normal insurance policies by the coverage they provide. Aviation insurance is specific and finite.

Most notably, aviation insurance will include specific limits and clauses that don’t apply elsewhere.

There are six different types of aviation insurance policies. This allows for wiggle room and more specificity when it comes to coverage options. Furthermore, it ensures that you are as protected as possible from liabilities. When you own and operate an aircraft, you know that there are many risks involved. Therefore, it is your job to make sure that you’re always as protected as you can possibly be!

Do I need aviation insurance?

Because aviation companies are so different than normal businesses, it is common for owners to ask if aviation insurance is actually necessary. Well, at the core, no, it is not. But at the same time, this varies on the type of aviation business you own and what type of aircraft you own as well. In any event, it is always recommended that you have some type of insurance policy on hand for any type of vehicle and business you own and operate. This ensures that you are free from potential liabilities.

However, when it comes to aviation laws, there really are no specific state or federal guidelines that require you to have them. On the other hand, many FBO (fixed-based operator) companies usually require you to be insured by their private facilities.

Finally, if you are an international flyer, it is a requirement that you hold international liability insurance at the very minimum. Flying a plane comes with the same realm of accidents that driving a car does. As a result, you need to make sure you’re protected. If you hold insurance, make sure it includes all necessary information like how you’re covered, the policy number, and flight detail information at all times.

Types of aviation insurance

Houston TX aviation insurance

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As mentioned before, there are six different types of aviation insurance. They include public liability insurance, passenger liability insurance, combined single limit, ground risk hull insurance not in motion, ground risk hull insurance in motion (taxiing), and in-flight insurance.

No one policy is the same, and what type you need will depend solely on yourself and your business.

The six coverage options-

  • Public Liability Insurance: Public liability insurance is commonly referred to as third-party insurance. This is because it will cover you in the event that you and your plane cause damage to third-party facilities like houses, cars, buildings, crops, or other related facilities impacted by your place. However, this policy does not cover damages to your aircraft or injuries to the passengers inside.
  • Passenger Liability Insurance: Passenger liability insurance protects you and anyone in your aircraft if they’re injured or killed in an accident. Moreover, this specific coverage is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Additionally, this policy differs from others because it only offers protection on a per-seat basis. So, if someone is injured or killed in an un-insured seat on the plane, there is no coverage or compensation on their behalf.
  • Combined Single-Limit: At the core, CSL combines public liability and passenger liability policies into a singular policy. So, you are more covered than purchasing only one of the separate policies. As a result, this is one of the most comprehensive policies out there.

Specific In-Flight Coverage Options-

  • Ground risk hull insurance not in motion: The name of this policy is lengthy, but the policy is simple. Ground risk not in motion provides coverage for insured aircrafts against any damage that happens while the plane is on the ground. This is specific to things that happen to the plane, such as theft, flooding, animal damages, or anything related.
  • Ground risk hill insurance in motion (taxiing): Conversely, this policy provides the same except it protects planes in motion or flight.
  • In-flight Insurance: Finally, there is in-flight coverage. This provides protection against accidents that occur while you are in the air. If damage occurs mid-flight, you are covered.

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Houston TX aviation insurance

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