Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance

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There are many different types of aircraft insurance policies, and it is a very unique area of insurance. This is why our team means it when we say we partner you with only the best insurance companies. Whether you are a hobby or commercial pilot, you can count on us to help you find the right policy.

What is Aircraft Insurance?

Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance

Before you take to the skies, get your Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance!

Just as drivers seek to protect their vehicle in the event of an accident, so too do pilots need to protect their aircraft. Purchasing a Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance policy is one of the best measures you can take as a pilot.

Similar to boat and auto insurance, aircraft insurance coverage depends on the type of policy you choose. For instance, two common policy types are full coverage and liability. However, you can also purchase supplemental insurance policies.

Commercial and hobby pilots alike are able to obtain aircraft insurance, although which plan you choose will vary from one type of pilot to the next. Like most insurance policies, there will be gaps in coverage, which is where supplemental policies can help tremendously. Still, it is best to speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent who can help you select the right plan.

Types of Aircraft Insurance:

Commercially and Privately-Owned Aircraft Insurance

Generally, whether you are a commercial or hobby pilot doesn’t affect the fact that aircraft insurance is an absolute necessity. Moreover, when you meet specific qualifications, like the transportation of goods, insurance is required by law. Simply put, your circumstances as a pilot does not minimize the risk associated with flying an aircraft.

A common misconception about aircraft insurance is that it is sometimes included in commercial or general liability plans. However, this is simply not true. General liability insurance often excludes aircraft altogether. Additionally, a true aircraft insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage, which is more ideal for pilots.

Keep in mind that it might take time to find the right agent and policy. Aircraft insurance policies are highly specialized. Furthermore, they are typically sold by individuals who are themselves commercial or hobby pilots. As a result, their expertise is an advantage to you.

Most aircraft insurance policies will cover hull (physical) damage. However, these will usually exclude medical coverage. There is no baseline for aircraft policies, and therefore, they will vary in types of coverage. Because of this, finding a knowledgeable agent is essential.

Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance

Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance

Hangar Insurance

Do you own or operate an airport hangar where pilots store their aircraft? If so, you will want to consider purchasing an insurance policy that includes hangar coverage. All buildings and structures are vulnerable to damage at some point, airport hangars included. Whether it’s strong winds or other natural disasters, a hangar insurance policy will help you deal with the financial aspects of losing a hangar.

Losing your hangar could mean losing a substantial amount of income. Additionally, as a storage facility, you will likely be responsible for damages that occur to aircraft you do not own. However, hangar insurance can offer coverage of any liability you have. Items stored within the hangar- aircraft, tools, and parts- are eligible for coverage under certain conditions.

Aviation Accident Insurance

Although modern aircraft have incredible safety features, they are still vulnerable to crashes and mid-air collisions. Whether it’s an engine failure or pilot error, an aircraft accident typically results in the injury or death of pilots or passengers.

A common insurance policy that offers coverage for these situations is aviation accident insurance. This type of policy protects both parties in the event of an accident. In fact, most major airlines will purchase policies that cover injuries sustained by employees while on the job. This is an important aspect of aircraft insurance, so talk to your agent to learn more!

Types of Aircraft You Can Protect with Insurance:

Antique Airplanes and Warbirds

If you have ever been to an airshow, chances are you have seen the incredible dives and turns old antique airplanes, and warbirds can pull off. If you are an antique airplane or warbird owner, you know the kind of specialized care and parts these vehicles require. Moreover, you are likely familiar with the costs associated with taking care of them.

These aircraft are unique and therefore require a unique approach to insurance. Speak with your insurance agent about the insurance policies that are available for your aircraft!

Sport Airplanes

Are you a hobby pilot, flying airplanes for sport? These are the types of airplanes that are flown for sport or relaxing enjoyment. Because you are not transporting commercial goods, insurance coverage for these airplanes is often cheaper. In addition, a pilot’s license for sports aircraft comes at a much cheaper cost.

Single or Twin-Engine Piston Airplanes

Finding a comprehensive policy for a single or twin-engine aircraft is often easy and fast. These are among the most basic types of aircraft and are often flown by beginner pilots. While they are often cheaper to insure, keep in mind that a pilot’s insurance policy will likely be costlier due to your status as a beginner pilot.

Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance

Pearland TX Aircraft Insurance

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