October 3, 2023

Building Insurance Policy | Houston, TX

Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the best building insurance policy Houston, TX for your business’s needs. Think of insurance as a safety net for your business. It won’t prevent events that could harm or damage your business from happening like a shield. Instead, it provides a soft landing after the fact to ensure you don’t take as big of a hit as you were expecting. Get a free quote from us, or contact us to learn more about finding the right insurance.

Building Insurance Policy Houston, TX

The right building insurance policy can help you recover faster than if you didn’t have one.

What are the benefits of commercial insurance?
Having commercial or business insurance can protect your business’s financial bottom line. If something out of your hands happens, such as a fire, theft, lawsuit, or vandalism, insurance can help you pay to restore the property or recover from the damage. A few other reasons to get insurance include:

  • Protects Assets
  • Legal Liability Coverage
  • Business Interruption Coverage
  • Enhances Business Credibility
  • Protects Staff and Workers
  • Meets Contract Requirements
  • Peace of Mind

A building insurance policy also falls into the same vein. After all, a commercial building is still property you can own. Even if you rent your office space, you’ll still want insurance to protect your assets, equipment, and inventory. Whether you’re a larger or smaller business, you’ll want to find the right building insurance policy with the right coverage and cost to protect your business.

No business is the same, and no business should be buying the same exact insurance plan. Instead, you should get what’s right for you after sitting down with an insurance expert. Texas Insurance Agency can assess your assets and business risks to help you find the perfect policies for your business. Get in touch with us today to see what building insurance policy best works with what you have.

What Does a Building Insurance Policy Houston, TX Include?

Insurance for companies that protects them from losing money because of damage or loss to their buildings, equipment, inventory, and other property is called commercial property insurance. It covers many different types of mishaps, like fires, theft, vandalism, storms, burst pipes, and more.

This type of insurance usually covers the building where a business is located, as well as any extra furniture, machines, or tools that are inside. It also usually includes things outside, like walls, signs, and landscaping. In the event of an insured event, like a fire, business property insurance would help pay to fix or replace the damaged property.

Some policies may also cover business interruption, which means they will pay for the business’s lost income and running costs if it can’t run because of an event that is covered. For example, a fire could destroy your business, and you won’t be able to open it again until it’s rebuilt or restored. This can be very important for keeping a business going when bad things happen.

Building Insurance Policy Houston, TX

A Building Insurance Policy Houston, TX can keep you covered when things get out of hand. Texas Insurance Agency can help you find an affordable policy.

What is the Cost of a Building Insurance Policy?

Several things can make the cost of building insurance very different. Some of these are where the property is located, the type and size of the building, the amount of coverage needed, and how the insurer sees the danger.

One big thing that can change the price is whether the property is commercial or residential. Commercial properties usually have higher premiums because they are more likely to be damaged by business operations.

The price of the insurance can also be affected by the building materials, safety features, and how close the property is to dangers like water or fire stations.

Basic building insurance coverage could cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000 a year, though the exact amount could vary. But commercial properties that are bigger or have a lot of danger may have premiums that are higher than this range. To get a more accurate estimate, you should get quotes from more than one insurance company and compare the prices and details of the coverage.

A Many-In-One Deal: Business Owner’s Policy Coverage

Business Owners Policy, or BOP, is a type of business insurance that is specially made for small to medium-sized companies. It puts together different kinds of coverage into one deal, which is easier and often cheaper than buying each type of coverage separately. The following are common parts of a basic BOP:

  • Property insurance covers the building your business is in (if you own it) and the things that belong to your business, like furniture, tools, and stock. It can also protect your belongings even if you have a rented space.
  • General liability insurance helps protect your business from claims of harm to people or damage to property, as well as claims of personal and advertising harm that can happen because of how you run your business.
  • Business income insurance, which is also called “business interruption insurance,” pays for the loss of income a business experiences when a fire or other covered accident stops it from running.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance pays to fix or replace broken equipment like computers and HVAC units.

These coverages can be changed to fit the wants of a business. Along with their BOP, some businesses may choose to add extra coverages like data breach coverage, professional liability insurance, or commercial car insurance. A BOP is usually only given to businesses with low risk, so not all of them can get one. A commercial package coverage might be better for people who face more risks or have special insurance needs.

Building Insurance Policy Houston, TX

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