October 10, 2023

Wholesale Aviation Insurance | Houston, TX

Get wholesale aviation insurance Houston, TX from Texas Insurance Agency. If you ever want to take to the skies by your own hands, you’ll want aviation insurance. You’ll need different types of aviation insurance to ensure the financial safety of you and any passengers taking the flight with you. Our team can help you find the best rates for any of the insurance coverage options we have.

Wholesale Aviation Insurance Houston, TX

Our team offers the best wholesale aviation insurance options out there. Check out what we have to offer you.

What is wholesale aviation insurance?
When insurance brokers and agents, like Texas Insurance Agency, buy specialized insurance coverage from verified sources, such as our partners, they sell them to aviation businesses or aircraft owners. This is what “wholesale aviation insurance” means.

A lot of the time, this kind of insurance covers a lot of different risks that come with flying, like being responsible for injuries to passengers, damage to the plane, and damage to property on the ground caused by the plane. The terms and conditions of these policies can vary depending on what the buyer wants.

Texas Insurance Agency can help you figure out which plans are the best for you. We partnered with various local and major insurance companies to provide our clients with all the coverage options they need to succeed. Whether you want something from Progressive or Hartford, we can find the insurance you need at the best rates. Get the wholesale aviation insurance you never knew you could get from our team today.

What Comes With Wholesale Aviation Insurance Houston, TX?

Everything needs insurance now. Without insurance, you might need to pay exorbitant amounts of money out of your own pocket when something happens. However, you can prevent that from happening by getting the insurance coverage you need, especially when you’re about to take a flight. Like most other types of flight insurance, wholesale aviation insurance usually covers the following:

  • Liability Coverage: This helps protect the policyholder from court fees and claims for monetary damages if there is an accident.
  • Hull Coverage: This covers damage to the plane itself, whether it’s in the air, taxiing, or stopped.
  • Medical Payments: This gives money for medical bills if passengers or workers get hurt.
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance: This protects the plane while it’s sitting still on the ground. It covers damage from things like fire, theft, vandalism, and more.
  • Hangar Insurance: This insurance guards the owner against harm to the hangars and their belongings.
  • Aviation Workers’ Compensation: This protects crew members and workers on the ground in case they get sick or hurt at work.
  • Passenger Liability: This covers court costs that come up because a passenger was hurt.
  • Third-Party Liability: This covers any damage the plane does to someone else’s property.

Remember that the exact coverage can be very different based on the types of aircraft and operations involved, as well as the needs of the insurance brokers or agents who are buying it for their clients. You’ll want to speak with an experienced insurance broker or agent when you’re looking for wholesale aviation insurance. Texas Insurance Agency can help you with that.

Wholesale Aviation Insurance Houston, TX

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Can Umbrella Insurance Be Part of My Wholesale Aviation Insurance Purchase?

An aviation umbrella policy, which is also known as business umbrella insurance for planes, gives you extra protection above and beyond what basic aviation insurance plans cover. Extra liability coverage is built into the insurance to protect against big claims and lawsuits.

When a covered person has an umbrella policy, it covers a lot more than just their other liability insurance. They add an extra layer of protection to people who might be charged for hurting someone or damaging their property. Of course, the umbrella plan doesn’t replace your liability coverage. Instead, it’ll only kick in when your base plan’s limits are exceeded.

Businesses in the aviation industry need this kind of insurance because they often face high amounts of risk and possible liability. It can pay for things like legal fees, damages, medical bills, and other costs that your other insurance plans don’t cover. It’s important to keep in mind that different business umbrella insurance policies will cover planes in different ways.

Who Needs Wholesale Aviation Insurance?

Wholesale aviation insurance is usually needed by companies that make airplanes, fly them, run them, and provide other aviation services. Because they own, use, and run airplanes, these businesses often face big risks. Because of this, they may need special insurance coverage that goes beyond what regular business insurance plans offer. Some specific groups that might need wholesale airplane insurance are the following:

  • Private and public carriers.
  • Companies that rent out planes.
  • Flight departments for businesses.
  • Places to learn how to fly and flight schools.
  • People who fly helicopters for tourism, emergency medical services, the oil or gas business off the coast, etc.
  • Pilots of both manned and unmanned planes.
  • Any airport, no matter how big or small.
  • Places that fix, maintain, and overhaul airplanes (MRO facilities).
  • Aerospace producers, such as those who make planes, engines, and parts for them.
  • Companies that sell flight fuel help with landing and taking off and provide other aviation services.
Wholesale Aviation Insurance Houston, TX

Getting wholesale aviation insurance may be the best solution for you. Call us today.

People who regularly use or fly planes, like private plane owners, flying clubs, and others, may also need this kind of insurance. Coverage needs can be very different depending on the type of aircraft, how it is used, where it is located, the experience and training of the pilot, and many other things.

Getting in Touch About Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency has everything you need to learn more about wholesale aviation insurance. Call our office today to schedule a meeting or get a free quote. Our Houston office is always ready for a visit from any of our clients. We’ll show you what wholesale aviation insurance options you have.

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