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If you are an auto shop or your business has commercial vehicles, you may want to speak with some Houston, TX auto repair insurance companies. Having auto repair insurance for your shop or commercial vehicles can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in bills, repairs, and so much more.

Having insurance for your business is, in a word, smart. You wouldn’t want to run your business without the safety net of at least general liability insurance. Commercial auto repair insurance is an important type of coverage for business owners who use or deal with vehicles in their operations.

This type of insurance can help cover the cost of repairs to company vehicles that are damaged in accidents or other events. It can also help protect businesses from liability if their employees cause accidents while driving company vehicles. There are a few important things to keep in mind when purchasing commercial auto repair insurance.

First, make sure the policy covers all types of repairs, including those related to mechanical issues and accidents. Second, make sure the coverage is adequate to cover the costs of all types of repairs. Third, be sure to consult with an insurance advisor to find the best policy for your business.

When you speak with an agent from Texas Insurance Agency, they can help you find the best policy from the dozens of other Houston, TX auto repair insurance companies that we have partnered with.

Houston, TX auto repair insurance companies

Because we work with so many Houston, TX auto repair insurance companies, we have the ability to make sure you get the best policy for the best price.

What We Do Here At Texas Insurance Agency

What we do at Texas Insurance Agency is we have essentially partnered with other insurance companies such as Texas Mutual, Wellington, Wright, Safeco Insurance™, Progressive,  and so many others. With this partnership, we can bring our clients the very best insurance policies without the hassle of calling around insurance companies themselves.

Therefore, when you need an insurance policy for your business, you can quickly and efficiently purchase a policy to cover your business that will fit the exact criteria your business needs.

Without knowledge of how the insurance world works and what is already available, we can help you find a policy or a bundle of policies that will work within your needs. This way, you can avoid purchasing policies that you do not need or risk your business by not having enough coverage.

Don’t Stress Over Dealing with Houston, TX Auto Repair Insurance Companies On Your Own

Insurance can be complicated and frustrating. With all the legal terms, loopholes, and endless variables that involve insurance, it can be difficult to find a policy that works for you.

That is why you should get with us at Texas Insurance Agency. As business owners ourselves, we understand what it means to want to protect our assets and the hard work we have invested. There is no better way than to have an insurance policy that will fit your business in the exact way you need it to.

We will help break down your policy so you know what you are being covered for and what areas you may want extra protection in.

Houston, TX auto repair insurance companies

Whether you deal with customers’ vehicles or have your own commercial vehicles, having auto repair insurance will help cover costs that could hurt your business.

Commercial Auto Repair Insurance Specifically for Auto Shops

There is commercial auto repair insurance that is specifically for auto shops. This insurance covers the shop in case of damages caused by the repair work, such as if a customer’s car is damaged while in the shop. This type of insurance can help protect the shop from financial damages caused by repairs, and it can also help cover the cost of repairs if a customer’s car is damaged on the property and during work hours.

This insurance is not typically required by the state, but it can be required by the city or county in which the shop is located. It is important to consult with an insurance advisor to find the best policy for your business.

Types of Commercial Auto Repair Insurance for Auto Shops

There are a few different types of commercial auto repair insurance that auto shops can purchase in order to protect themselves from liability. The first is property damage insurance, which covers damage to the shop or any equipment that is used in the course of repairing a vehicle.

The second is bodily injury insurance, which covers any injuries that occur to employees or customers while they are on the premises. Finally, there is product liability insurance, which covers any damage or injuries that occur as a result of a defective product used in the course of repairs. All three of these types of insurance are important for auto shops to have in order to protect themselves from liability.

There is also Garage Liability insurance. Garage Liability insurance is designed to protect the garage against third-party liability arising from operations.

If you own a vehicle repair shop, you will want to look into Garage Keepers insurance. Garage Keepers insurance is designed to protect your business from claims arising from damage to vehicles during the time in your facility. If you are an auto-shop owner, you might want to consider this type of insurance. If anything were to happen to a customer’s vehicle while it is in your shop, you could be liable for paying for the damages.

Garage Liability is another insurance policy auto repair shops may want to have. This will cover a customer’s vehicle that is damaged due to faulty work by an employee.

Mistakes happen sometimes, and not everyone does an exemplary job of fixing things, especially if they are still new. Even seasoned workers can make a simple mistake and cause damage to a customer’s vehicle. It is in these times that you as a business owner will want to have a safety net.

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Houston, TX auto repair insurance companies

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Fun Facts for Houston, TX

  • Buffalo Bayou is a winding river that meanders through Houston and Harris County, covering a distance of 53 miles.
  • The city of Houston is named after Sam Houston, the military commander who became a politician and led the battle for Texas’s independence from Mexico.
  • The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest medical institution in the world. With over 1,000 acres of space, it is also the largest medical complex in the world.

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