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Do you have Houston, TX mechanic insurance for your auto shop? If not, you need to seriously consider getting a plan to protect your business and any employees you may have.

One of the worst things a business owner of any kind can do is not protect themselves with an insurance plan. Insurance has helped save so many businesses from going under when a liability incident occurs. At the same time, many companies have crumbled simply because the owners were not properly covered. Too many businesses have lost everything over a lawsuit and were not able able to recover from the financial damage.

According to Insureon, they conducted a survey of about 1,200 small businesses. They discovered that only 28% of those 1,200 businesses had business insurance policies, including bundles such as general liability and commercial property insurance. With the type of world in which we live in today, it is almost impossible to live and work without some type of insurance.

Houston, TX mechanic insurance

Don’t be one of many businesses that fail because you don’t have coverage. Get your Houston, TX mechanic insurance today with Texas Insurance Agency.

Today, you can’t own and drive a car without insurance. So why would you want to own a fully functioning business with employees and customers without insurance? Insurance can only help protect you.

Business insurance can help owners cover costs such as medical costs, lost wages, damages, and more. Owning a business without having some type of insurance is about as risky as walking a tight rope with no safety net under them. Insurance is a safety net for business owners.

If you own an auto shop of any kind, big or small, talk to Texas Insurance Agency. We can help you find the best Houston, TX mechanic insurance policy that can help protect you from unforeseen circumstances so you can keep your shop open.

Houston, TX Mechanic Insurance

Auto mechanic insurance is for protecting auto shops from high costs due to injuries, illness, and property damage. While auto shops are not as risky as saying an oil and gas business, it still is not without their risks. Auto shops have big heavy equipment needed for certain jobs when repairing vehicles. There are also power tools, slippery floors, contamination depending on what fluids you work with, and simply negligence issues due to human errors and simple oversights.

For instance, if someone gets burned due to hot engine oil, or someone slips on the shop floor because it was not properly cleaned well, you as the business owner will have to pay for medical bills and lost wages. An insurance policy can help with that.

Not only are you going to have to protect your employees, but you will want to protect your customers, not just their person but their vehicle as well.

Houston, TX mechanic insurance

As much as we try to plan and save for the future, we can’t plan for it all. Call us to help you find the right policy.

Say something goes wrong, and a car slips off the lift or a jack stand, causing damage to the customer’s vehicle. The customer is probably going to expect the shop to pay for it. You, as the business owner, will want a way to pay for it without paying out of pocket for it. There is a policy that helps with these exact issues so you can stay in business.

There is no such thing as a perfect workday. No one can plan and foresee every incident, and no one is without human error. As careful and mindful as we all try to be, accidents happen. Sometimes, we make mistakes, and we may need help dealing with those mistakes.

When you have an insurance policy, those mistakes can be a lot more manageable. Having the right insurance policy can make a world of difference when a liability incident occurs.

Plans to Consider

Garage Liability-A garage liability plan can protect shops from damages caused by oversights in work. This policy can cover customers that could slip and fall on your property. However, this plan does not cover equipment damages such as tools and machinery. If you are looking for something to cover you and your property, you may need a separate policy for that.

Garagekeepers Liability-This is the policy you will want to have to protect a customer’s vehicle while it is in your hands and property.

Commercial Auto– If you are a mechanic shop, you might have a towing service or a mobile mechanics service for on-site jobs. If this is the case for you, you might also want to consider a commercial auto plan. Much like a personal auto plan, you will want an insurance policy that protects your driver, your vehicle, and others if you or your employee is in a collision.

Worker’s Compensation-Worker’s compensation is just smart for any business owner to have let alone an auto shop. This policy can protect your employees who get hurt while working. It can pay for medical bills and lost wages.

General Liability– This policy is great for auto mechanics that have a physical shop. This will protect both employees and property damage. Mobile mechanics typically do not need this type of policy, but it is still going to have basic liability protection.

Why Call Texas Insurance Agency

Texas Insurance Agency is well versed in the insurance world. We can help you find the best policy that works for your needs. Many times businesses are either overpaying for policies that do not help them, or they are not covered enough and can suffer from a huge financial hit if something were to happen.

What we do, is work to partner with other insurance companies to help find the best policies for our customers. We can do the research for you. You don’t have to waste time calling dozens of insurance policies and spend hours speaking with agents trying to find the best policy. We understand you are a business owner and have other priorities to worry about.

Let us do the research and call for you. We can provide you with policies that work best with your criteria, and you can choose the best one. Give Texas Insurance Agency a call today. We would love to help you find the perfect Houston, TX mechanic insurance.

Houston, TX mechanic insurance

We are here for you when you need us. We can get you the right policy for the right price.

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