September 20, 2023

Trucking Insurance | Houston, TX

It is easy to find trucking insurance Houston, TX, when you consult with the agents at Texas Insurance Agency. It is easy to find the perfect insurance policy among the options available. Our agents work in both commercial and personal insurance, so there is no shortage of protection for all aspects of your life. A few examples of insurance include workers’ compensation insurance, oil and gas insurance, business insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, and more.

trucking insurance Houston, TX

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Texas Insurance Agency can help you find a truly great trucking insurance policy. Trucking insurance plans are types of commercial car insurance that are made to cover risks that are thought to be part of the trucking industry. There are these insurance plans to protect truck drivers, businesses, and cargo from possible losses or damages. Coverage can range from basic liability insurance to all-inclusive plans.

Our policies cover almost anything that could happen during a trucker’s day, even if they aren’t driving. Most insurance plans for trucks are built around liability insurance. It covers accidents or damage to other people or property that might happen while the insured truck is being driven. This basic coverage is often required if you drive a truck for business. It protects your finances from possible cases or claims that could come from accidents.

Another important part of trucking insurance plans is cargo insurance. As the name suggests, this coverage covers the goods or cargo that the truck is carrying. Depending on the terms, it may cover theft, accidents, or natural events that cause damage or loss. Since many truck drivers carry valuable goods over long distances, it can be very crucial to have cargo insurance to protect one’s finances.

Truckers often want to include physical damage insurance in their plans. This type of coverage protects your truck from damage caused by an accident. Whether it’s a crash with another vehicle or object or something more usual like fire, theft, or vandalism, we’ve got you. Physical damage insurance covers your own truck. Liability insurance is for the damage you might do to other people.

Non-trucking liability insurance is meant to protect independent owner-operators when they are not on the road. This rule applies when the driver is using the truck for personal reasons or when he or she is going from one job place to another or from home to work. When they are on the job, however, this coverage ends, and their main trucking risk insurance takes over. We can help you decide what policies will benefit you most.

If the trucking company hires drivers, workers’ compensation insurance is a must. In the sad case that an employee gets hurt on the job, workers’ compensation helps pay for medical bills and lost wages. In some cases, it can also pay out payments for disability or death. Thinking about these scenarios can be stressful, but it is vital to be prepared. Our agents can show you the policies that will work best for your business needs.

trucking insurance Houston, TX

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Trailer interchange coverage is another important part of trucking insurance plans. This kind of coverage is made to protect trailers that aren’t owned but are being pulled as part of a trailer interchange deal. This deal is a contract that says one trucker will give a trailer to another trucker so that a shipment can be finished. Keep this insurance in mind if that sounds like something your business engages in often.

For some trucking companies, combined deductible insurance can be a great addition. This plan combines the deductibles for the truck and trailer into a single deductible. If an accident damages both the truck and trailer at the same time, the owner will only have to pay one deductible instead of two. We are all about helping you save money here at Texas Insurance Agency. Our experience and skills can be trusted to help guide you.

Towing and cleanup coverage is an extra coverage that pays to remove a car after a covered loss. It also covers the clean-up of any pollutants. Due to the nature of both risks, this type of protection can help the owner avoid paying for them. It is ideal for the insurance policies you choose to protect you as much as possible. There is no other agency that will work as hard for you as our agents do at Texas Insurance Agency.

Downtime and rental reimbursement coverage is an important insurance that is often left out by other firms and agencies. This insurance pays for the rental of a new vehicle or lost income while your truck is in the shop getting fixed because of a covered loss. This situation may seem out of the norm, but it can happen. Our agents can assess the risk of it happening to you to determine if this policy is right for you.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is meant to protect you from other drivers who may not have enough insurance to cover the damage they cause in a crash. This coverage helps pay for any damage to your property or injuries you might get in an accident caused by one of these drivers. We can get you protection from the mistakes of other drivers as well as your own.

It can be hard to understand the basics of trucking insurance plans and choose a policy that covers all possible risk areas. It’s important to work with insurance agents from Texas Insurance Agency who know a lot about trucking insurance. They can help find insurance plans that fit the needs of every single client or business, making sure that all needs are covered.

trucking insurance Houston, TX

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Can our agents find commercial insurance for you? Yes, we offer commercial umbrella general liability insurance, commercial inland marine insurance, business insurance, and more. What types of personal insurance can we find for you? Flood insurance, life insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and more can be found with our help.

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