September 21, 2023

Small Church Insurance | Houston, TX

Even religious organizations need small church insurance Houston, TX to financially recover from “acts of God,” such as fires, hurricanes, tornados, etc. Not to mention, even churches can be subject to vandalism, theft, and other perils, even if it’s not the first thing people think about when visiting religious grounds. Having small church insurance can help places of worship when Mother Nature decides to treat everyone fairly.

Small Church Insurance Houston, TX

It’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. Get small church insurance to ensure you’re protected.

There’s insurance for almost everything. Everything we have has some worth and monetary value, from the buildings and structures to the furniture and appliances to our paychecks. Anything could happen at any time, which could force you to restore or replace any of those items or assets, leaving you in a financial bind or deficit.

Although places of worship are non-profit organizations, that doesn’t mean they don’t use money to function. Small church insurance can financially protect all of the assets and help keep the organization afloat even after an incident happens. Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the right coverage. Contact us to get started with a free quote today.

Who benefits from having small church insurance?
This type of insurance benefits several parties involved with the religious institution, such as the congregation, church leadership, paid workers and volunteers, property owners or mortgage holders, donors, community members, and visitors. Small church insurance safeguards the church’s assets from a possible financial nightmare.

Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the right coverage to keep the church running with peace of mind. We’ve helped clients throughout Houston find the best insurance plan for them for years. We can help your church be the next one. Contact our office to learn more about your options.

What Are Common Small Church Insurance Houston, TX Options?

Small church insurance, also called church insurance or religious group insurance, protects the assets and liabilities of small religious institutions like churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other places of worship. These policies are made to fit the wants and risks of religious groups, and they usually include the following types of coverage:

Property Insurance: This type of insurance shields the church’s building, equipment, furniture, and other property against things like fire, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters. However, most basic plans don’t include coverage for damage caused by floods, so if your area floods during a bad hurricane or storm, you might want to double-check with our agent to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Small Church Insurance Houston, TX

Learn more about small church insurance through Texas Insurance Agency.

General Liability Insurance: Liability insurance is important to protect the church in case someone gets hurt or hurts themselves on church grounds. It can also protect the church if it is sued for claimed carelessness or wrongdoing. It’ll also protect the church when someone charges that a church activity, event, or operation caused someone to get hurt or damage their property.

Workers’ Compensation: If the church has paid employees or volunteers, workers’ comp can cover their medical bills and missed wages if they get hurt while doing church-related work. Although this type of coverage isn’t needed per law, it’s always a good idea because it can look after the well-being of those on the church’s payroll.

Pastors & Clergy Liability: This type of coverage is only for pastors and protects them from accusations of wrongdoing, such as sexual misconduct, slander, and other wrongdoing. It can cover any accrued legal fees, including paying out the settlement or fines the court dictates after the lawsuit.

Business Auto Insurance: If the church owns cars or uses cars for church events, business auto insurance can cover any accidents, damage, or liability that might happen with those cars. It can also cover any damage that happens outside of a collision, such as natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.

It’s important for small churches to work with an experienced insurance agent or broker who understands the unique risks that religious groups face and can help them customize a policy to meet their needs. The cost of small church insurance depends on things like where the church is, how big it is, what it does, and how much coverage it needs.

Get An Umbrella Policy to Cover the Blindspots

Although your standard small church insurance plans are usually enough to protect you, sometimes, there’ll be something that they can’t properly protect you against. For example, a claim can come in stating that the machinery the church used during a recent event has severely injured a visitor. Usually, the liability plan will kick in, but this time, the amount for the medical bills exceeds your standard plan’s limit.

That’s where an umbrella policy can come in. An umbrella policy gives extra liability coverage on top of what other liability insurance policies cover. This helps protect the church from claims that could be very expensive. That’s because an umbrella policy can cover the excess amount so long as the claim falls under the policy’s coverage.

An umbrella policy doesn’t replace the insurance you already have. Instead, it adds to what you already have. Most of the time, it covers liabilities that are already covered by your main insurance policies, like property insurance or car insurance. It goes into effect when the limits of the main policies are reached.

Small Church Insurance Houston, TX

We can help you get the best Small Church Insurance Houston, TX plan for the situation.

Protect the Important Things In Life

A church is often a focal point in any community. It’s a place of worship while also serving as a gathering place. That’s why you want to protect it so that the entire community can continue to enjoy its facilities. The right small church insurance can provide a safety net in case of financial crisis.

Texas Insurance Agency has the right plans for the job. Call our office to learn more about your options. Our Houston office is always ready to show you your small church insurance options.

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