October 11, 2023

Railroad Protective Liability Insurance | Houston, TX

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railroad protective liability insurance Houston, TX

Let us help you get railroad protective liability insurance Houston, TX.

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Texas Insurance Company can point you in the right direction when it comes to railroad protective liability insurance. A type of liability insurance called train protective liability insurance is made just for contractors who work on or near train tracks. This specific insurance protects contractors from possible financial risks. This is done by covering injuries to people and damage to property that may happen during work.

For people who need railroad protective liability insurance, it is our job as insurance brokers to make sure they fully understand this type of coverage. The most crucial thing to know about train protective liability insurance is how it can be used. It’s used in cases where railroad operations could put people at risk of being sued. Examples include when trains are damaged, rail workers are hurt, or railroad property is damaged.

Liability coverage is what companies buy to protect themselves from the expensive effects of these risks. This insurance policy has a broad definition of work-related activities. This includes everything from building buildings around the train to installing signaling systems and maintaining rail tracks. The wide range of coverage makes sure many different risks are covered, protecting clients.

Most of the time, railroad protective liability insurance is project-specific. In other words, coverage is usually set up based on the jobs the contractor will be working on. The length of the insurance policy matches the length of the job. One of the best things about it is that premiums can be changed to fit the specific risks of each job. Our brokers can get you a large amount of coverage at a good price.

One other unique thing about the policy is that it names the railroad company as the main insured party. There is no need for the train company to file a claim against the contractor’s insurance firm. That is because it can file a claim directly with the insurance company. The insurance firms we recommend policies from are the best of the best in the business.

Coverage under this type of insurance is split into two groups: damage to property and injury to people. Any injuries that occur on or near the job site are covered by bodily injury coverage. A worker, a visitor, or a member of the public could get hurt there at any time. The things that count as property damage are any harm done to the train company’s property or someone else’s property.

railroad protective liability insurance Houston, TX

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One vital thing to keep in mind about railroad liability insurance is that it is generally based on an event. In other words, the policy covers anything that happens during the policy period, not just when the claim is made. This feature makes sure that the insured person is covered even if a claim is made after the job is done. We can research your needs to make sure your policy has you covered.

You should also pay attention to the policy’s limits of your coverage. The train company usually sets the required limit. It can be different for each project based on the level of risk. Most policies have a limit for each event and a total limit for the policy term. It will raise the price if you need to extend your limits, but our team can manage it for you. Your policy can be changed to fit your unique needs.

Railroad protective liability insurance usually doesn’t cover losses caused by pollution and fines. It also doesn’t cover fees, punitive damages, or damage to the contractor’s property or equipment. Injuries to the contractor’s workers are also not covered. That should be taken care of by workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance protects your employees as well as your business interests if they get injured.

Also, it’s vital to note that railroad protective liability insurance doesn’t cover legal problems that arise from a contract. This policy can’t be used to cover liabilities that the contractor took on under a contract with another party. Because of this, you might also need to have other types of liability insurance. The Texas Insurance Agency brokers can find those policies for you with ease.

Railroad protective liability insurance is a special kind of coverage. It has special policy terms that are meant to protect contractors who work near trains from possible liability. It’s our job to make sure that our clients understand the details of this coverage and the specific benefits it offers. If you have any questions about any policy, we can help answer them. Trust us to explain it all.

If you want to buy insurance, you should always talk to an experienced insurance broker like us. We can help you understand how railroad protective liability insurance works. Based on your construction job type, our brokers will help you understand what the policy covers. They’ll also explain what it doesn’t cover and how much liability you need. We can also help you get a good deal on your railroad protective liability insurance coverage.

railroad protective liability insurance Houston, TX

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