October 27, 2021

Protect Your Joyride with Motorcycle Insurance

Protect your joyride with motorcycle insurance today.  There’s nothing better than cruising through Texas on a motorcycle, whether through small towns, countryside, coastal horizons, or urban city lines. And because there’s nothing better, you’ll want to ensure you can keep it that way by getting insurance.

Protect your joyride with motorcycle insurance

Your motorcycle took a lot of effort to purchase. You deserve to protect your joyride with motorcycle insurance.

Texas Laws on Motorcycle Insurance

As with other motor vehicles, Texas has several laws revolving around motorcycles. You’ll need a corresponding license and insurance coverage. And, depending on your age and how far you’re in a motorcycle training course, you’ll also need to wear a helmet.

To register a motorcycle or get a license for a motorcycle, you need to show proof of coverage. And contrary to most other states, Texas only requires liability insurance for your motorcycle. You usually also need other coverage types for most other states, such as payments toward personal injuries or property damage.

So what does liability insurance include? This insurance pays claims made by other vehicles’ drivers or passengers, pedestrians, or anyone injured by your driving. This point is also valid if your motorcycle driving damages someone’s property.

If you’re caught without the minimum insurance, you’ll incur a penalty from the state. For first-time offenders, it’s usually a fine ranging from $175 to $350. However, for repeat offenders, the fine will increase. In the worst-case scenario, the state will suspend your license and registration until you get and submit proof of insurance.

Other Reasons For Coverage

Of course, there are other types of insurance for your motorcycle other than liability coverage. There’s also a collision coverage that’ll help with paying for repairs or replacements if your bike is caught in an accident. Not to mention types of comprehensive coverage that’ll protect your bike in cases of fire, theft, or vandalism. And, there are also policies that protect you if an underinsured or uninsured driver hits you.

Protect your joyride with motorcycle insurance

Purchase the best motorcycle insurance at Texas Insurance Agency!

And, here is something to keep in mind. The Greater Houston area, including Katy, sees some drastic weather and seasonal changes sometimes. You’ll want to keep your coverage even if your bikes are sitting in storage. Anything could happen any time of the year, so you’ll want to keep your bike’s protection yearlong.

Another point to note is that your insurance covers guests that are riding on your bike with you. For further details, you’ll want to discuss this detail with one of our independent insurance agents.

Finding the Right Insurance Coverage

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we don’t work for insurance companies. We work for you and can help you find the right coverage for your bike. Whether you’re a new or veteran driver, we can help you find coverage that’ll fit within your budget.

Riding on a motorcycle is an experience. Whether you’re enjoying the view of the Texas countryside or urbanscape, it’s not something you’ll forget easily. And we can help you keep it more than a memory and make it a lifestyle.

Comply with state laws and plan for the unexpected. Call or go online for a quote and protect your joyride with motorcycle insurance today.

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