Pearland TX Boat Builders Risk Insurance

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Pearland History

The city of Pearland, Texas, is a new and bustling one. With a population of 122,078, and growing! This population is from a 2019 census bureau study, but each year there’s been exponential growth.

With such a large and quickly growing area, this means plenty of individuals are hunting for jobs. Jobs that have proper insurance and liability for their employees.

That’s where we come in. You don’t want potential stars of your company to be turned away by your lack of professionalism and insurance coverage.

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Firstly, Why Choose Texas Insurance Agency?

With so many options available at the tips of your fingers these days, you may be wondering, “Why should I choose Texas Insurance Agency?”

There are a few particular reasons as to why we’re the best in the business. For starters, we’ve been in the insurance agency industry for over forty years. That’s quite a long time to be serving the people of the Greater Houston Area.

Pearland TX Boat Builders Risk Insurance

Trust our agents with your business!

Along with that, we are officially an independent insurance agency. What this means is that we do not have a vested interest in finding specific insurance policies for you. Many other insurance companies are not independent.

They may try and push types of coverage that you and your company don’t need. We will never pursue coverage options for you that are unnecessary. Our mission is to find you the best policy bundles and coverage that we can, for the sake of the beloved business you’ve worked so hard to create.

Also, we carry both commercial and personal insurance bundle options. We are dedicated to the business of insurance coverage! Some of our Commercial insurance coverages include:

Our agents at Texas Insurance Agency are some of the most knowledgeable agents in the game. Furthermore, why play around with something as intense and essential to your business’s success as company insurance policies?

Pearland TX Boat Builders Risk Insurance sounds a lot like something that could fall under the Contractors Insurance policy.

Contractors Insurance

First and foremost, this type of insurance coverage is here to protect your company from experiencing financial debt because of accidents that occur on the job.

When it comes to contract builders, you need to make sure that your company has maximum coverage to keep them safe. It certainly depends on the type of coverage, but you must find your company safe from lawsuits, liabilities, and much more.

Obtaining this insurance policy is something that could be the difference between your business thriving and you losing it in a lawsuit dispute that shouldn’t have occurred.

However, this type of commercial insurance is only one type of insurance that is required by contractors. Yet, contractor workers get hired all the time by businesses and companies to do all kinds of routine work. Whether it be on their company business infrastructure or building a boat, contract workers are exceptionally common among large and small businesses.

These contracting jobs, much like many others, are not had without risks. It’s imperative that you, as a business owner, can find the right policy insurance coverage to keep these contract employees safe.

Independent Contractors

What about independent contractors? Just like any small or big business, independent contractors are required by law to have an insurance policy for many reasons.

Firstly, as the business owner, you aren’t held responsible in the event that an accident or damages occur. Furthermore, you could see that any potential clientele may not want to work with you if you skip out on this coverage.

Clients could make this decision because they might find themselves liable if an accident occurs involving your work. Why should you miss out on clients and money because you forgot to get the proper insurance policy coverage for your workers?

Pearland TX Boat Builders Risk Insurance doesn’t need to be weighing on your mind. Just contact us for the best insurance quotes, and then nothing will stop you from getting your proper work done by contractor employees!

Finally, insurance coverage is mandatory by law, and construction is, unfortunately, one of them.

Hiring independent contractors don’t exempt you from any potential liability. If you don’t have the right coverage, you will absolutely pay out of pocket for lawsuits.

Contractor Insurance Coverage:

Business liability exposure is mainly what’s covered with contractor’s insurance. More so, contractor accidents are more likely to happen than most any other workplace accidents.

Pearland TX Boat Builders Risk Insurance

You own a high-risk business, lets get you protected today!

Additionally, the right policy will ensure coverage of all kinds of other incidents sustained within the workplace. Moreover, you’ll find that your company vehicles and employees get coverage, as well.

Depending on what kind of policy you decide on, of course. Insurance companies vary greatly between all types of contracting jobs. Yet, they always require a particular amount of coverage no matter what.

General Liability:

Lastly, this is coverage that is usually required before a contractor can start on a job. It gives coverage in multiple scenarios where you could find your company liable. A few examples of these are:

  • Injuries
  • Damage to property
  • Faulty work


You’ve worked tirelessly to achieve the greatness you have with your business. It would be a shame to allow it to crumble, all because of a faulty lawsuit or bogus case.

Pearland TX Boat Builders Risk Insurance

Trust Texas Insurance Agency with your business!

Furthermore, you deserve to get coverage at all angles! We strive here at Texas Insurance Agency to provide our customers, you, with the proper coverage that helps ensure success.

Finally, we will never pursue particular coverage for your business unless we feel it genuinely is necessary. We work for you, not the insurance companies.

Pearland TX Boat Builders Risk Insurance has never been found easier than at Texas Insurance Agency!

Fun Facts of Pearland

  • Most of Pearland resides in Fort Bend, Brazoria, and Harris County.
  • Secondly, Pearland is ranked as the fastest growing city within all of Texas.
  • 1882 was when Pearland became established!
  • For more information, please visit their official site!

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