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Although there are many different forms of insurance, auto insurance is one of the primary policies you need. Auto insurance protects you in your daily travels and prevents you from breaking the bank if unexpected events transpire. Learn more about how Texas Insurance Agency can assist you in choosing the best auto insurance for you.

The Risks Daily Drivers Face

No matter if your vehicle is a compact hybrid or a large hummer, you will eventually need car insurance. Furthermore, note that not having auto insurance coverage can lead to severe financial consequences.

A car accident is already stressed enough, don’t create more problems by not protecting your car, finances, and even medical bills if you were at fault. Even if you may not purchase full coverage at this time, there are always much cheaper options with liability coverage. Without either of these options, these daily risks can end up being your worst nightmare.

  • Minor fender benders occur each day. There may not even be that much damage, but the driver claims they are experiencing pain. To put the icing on the cake, you are found at fault.
  • You can risk losing control of your vehicle and spin out on a slick street due to rain or snow. You appear to be fine, but now your car may be critically damaged.
  • A storm can end up producing high winds that can result in a tree branch denting your hood. Also, your vehicle may even be a victim to hail during a wacky storm.
  • Unfortunately, every day we are at risk of being hit by negligent and careless drivers. You can end up suffering minor injuries, and your vehicle could have significant damage.

Whatever the case may be, it is crucial that you sustain auto insurance to protect you from whatever road hazards you may face.

Types of Coverage

By law, you are required to at least have liability insurance. The most common coverage limits can mean your insurance is on the line for hundreds of thousands of dollars for any damage you may cause. Many other types are capped by how much your vehicle is worth.

While collision coverage pays for car repair, if you are at fault, can be pricey, there are other optional coverages. These may include gap coverage, roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and comprehensive coverage, which helps provide a lot of protection for a small price increase.

Comprehensive coverage will typically be the most expensive of these other optional types of coverage. However, it usually is only about half the price of collision coverage and a third of liability coverage. This type of coverage usually covers your car for hazards such as theft, fire, and vandalism.

Uninsured motorist coverage is especially essential considering the benefits it offers and the number of uninsured drivers there are on the roads. Carefully considering your coverage options so that you can get the protection that best suits you.

Factors that Affect Your Insurance Rate

Most auto insurance agencies go by different standards when evaluating an insurance application during the process of underwriting. Each agency has guidelines for the group of drivers they want to accept and how much they will charge those with a lengthy driving record.

Each company has its own set of regulations; this means that two companies comparing the same driver can come up with different results. In the underwriting process, car insurance applicants are placed in a group based on the amount of money and how many claims the insurance company may have to cover. Underwriting is done electronically and automatically using software.

Additionally, during this process, the insurance company will look at vehicle records to check how many accidents or tickets. Furthermore, many insurance companies use an insurance history report to see if the driver has made any insurance claims. This tool can also show how much money was paid for each of those claims. Although accidents and violations only affect the rates you receive for three years, many agencies go back five or more years when making their decision.

Additionally, many auto insurance companies also look at the credit history of the applicant. Usually, drivers with bad or little credit history may have to pay more.

Insurance Payments Vary by Company

Insurance rates vary significantly from one insurance company to another. This is a result of each company using its own standards or formula to understand the risk and decide what to pay for coverage.

With that being said, no two insurers will have the same prices for the same type of policy. Often times, there are a hundred dollar differences between each company. This is why you must compare rates, or you can wind up overpaying as a result.

High Deductibles Lead To Lower Premiums

Insurance prices are based on how much money the insurance company believes it might have to pay for your vehicle. If you agree to pay a large percentage of your own damages by raising your deductible, most car

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insurance companies automatically know they won’t have to cover as much.

As a result, the insurance company will grant you with a lower premium. If you decide to raise your deductible to save money, ensure you can afford to pay the deductible upon making a claim.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer you insurance discounts if you have maintained a safe driving record, car safety features, anti-theft devices, electronic payments, and payment in full. Learn the benefits and values of different companies so that you can be rewarded for being a good driver.

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Pearland, TX Fun Facts

  1. Pearland stretches into three different counties! (Brazoria, Fort Bend, Harris)
  2. The population jumped more than 50,000 in 10 years!
  3. The city’s original name was “Mark Belt!”
  4. For more fun facts on Pearland, TX, search here. 

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