League City TX Builders Risk Insurance

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The risk factor in a job environment depends on many things. However, there are specific jobs you can ascertain as high-risk without having worked in them yourself. For instance, construction jobs are high-risk because they involve working from heights, large equipment, sharp power tools, and an assortment of other risky duties.

League City TX Builders Risk Insurance

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What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Are you starting a new construction project for a client? If so, consider purchasing a comprehensive builder’s risk insurance policy. This is the type of policy you want because it is specifically designed to cover your job site and equipment that is associated with the construction project.

Having an insurance policy that covers the risks that come with a construction project is essential. For example, a custom-made builder’s risk policy will fit your project-specific needs. If you are using expensive equipment or materials to build, chances are you will want to find a way to include those items under the insurance coverage.

This type of insurance generally provides coverage for property damage that comes from hail, fire, theft, explosions, or vandalism. These events can happen anywhere and at any time. Don’t find yourself vulnerable to the financial costs of an unexpected incident. Purchase your builder’s risk policy today!

Things to Know:


Many construction projects are completed based on the stipulations provided in a contract. Typically, this contract will state the scope, duration, and cost of the project. It can also include circumstances under which you are able to terminate the contract.

If the project is facing a delay to completion, you could qualify to receive financial assistance with any extra taxes or loan interest that results from a delay. Sometimes this assistance will stretch until the project is able to resume.

Extension policies are available to provide a bridge to the gaps your coverage leaves exposed. For instance, you can purchase an extension for scaffolding, temporary structures, and debris removal.


Builder’s risk policies generally exclude coverage for mechanical breakdowns, acts of terrorism, faulty design, and employee theft, just to name a few. However, it is important that you consult with your professional insurance agent about whether you can purchase an extension for any of these potentialities.

Other exclusions might include weather events like strong winds, hurricanes, flooding, or earthquakes. A builder’s risk insurance policy is custom-made to fit the coverage needs of your construction project.

In the instance that an accident happens, this insurance policy should provide necessary financial assistance so that your project does not fail. Instead, it will simply face a delay.

When you begin to think about what you want your policy to cover, take into consideration what type of events could result in damage to property and a delay in the project. Are you in an area prone to flooding? Ask your agent about an extension policy that covers flood damage.

There are instances where exclusion to your policy can be overwritten by your agent. In rare circumstances, you might qualify for an exclusionary provision. Essentially, this means what would normally be excluded from your policy, might be included in specific situations.

For instance, if your subcontractor does not properly complete their work, and damage is done to the overall structure of the building; as a result, your agent might choose to give you an exclusionary provision. This means you would be eligible to receive coverage for that event.

League City TX Builders Risk Insurance

League City TX Builders Risk Insurance

Types of Property

If you are a construction project manager, chances are you rely on equipment and employees to get the job done in a timely manner according to the contract. If that equipment is stolen, your project could go off track quickly.

Builder’s risk insurance transfers the financial responsibility that comes with delays in your project from your shoulders to that of the insurance company. Purchasing this policy will help cover any damages or costs that occur as a result of any events your policy provides coverage for.

Cost of Coverage

The cost of a builder’s risk insurance policy has a direct relation to several factors. First, the type of materials you use will affect the cost. If you are using high-end products, then the insurance cost may go up.

Additionally, the scope and size of your project will also factor into the cost. There are countless risks that come with a construction project, from explosions to accidents involving injury or property damage to a third party.

Start and End of Your Insurance Coverage

League City TX Builders Risk Insurance

The Texas Insurance Agency has reliable League City TX Builders Risk Insurance at an affordable price!

The beginning and end of your coverage term will depend on the length of your project. It is common for coverage to begin the moment you sign paperwork.

However, speak with your insurance agent to make sure this is the case. There are times when a delay in coverage will happen, and the last thing you want is for an accident to happen at your worksite when coverage is not yet available.

League City TX Builders Risk Insurance

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