Pearland TX general liability insurance construction

You face many risks when you own and operate a construction business, so protect yourself with a comprehensive Pearland TX general liability insurance construction policy. Texas Insurance understands that some businesses are more high risk than others. A construction company is just one of many high-risk businesses. As a result, it is our job to provide you with a comprehensive policy that keeps you protected from all angles.

We have been in business for over 20 years, and since then, we’ve learned a lot about how specific businesses operate. Your business is a reflection of yourself and the hard work you’ve put into it. So you need a plan that cares about your business just as much as you do. With Texas Insurance at your side, we can give you just that. Understandably, insurance can be hard to understand.

Pearland TX general liability insurance construction

You won’t find a better insurance firm for your Pearland TX general liability insurance construction policy!

There is so much confusing jargon out there that many companies try to intentionally confuse you with. More than this, companies try to wrap you up in a low-cost offer only to jack up your rates down the line. Consequently, many customers end up in a policy they can’t understand and the care minimum coverage.

However, you won’t find that with us. We lay everything out on the line in an easy-to-understand policy. If you don’t understand something, we take the time to explain it to you. More than this, we take the time to get to know your company as a whole so that we can target your specific needs. Not every business is the same and shouldn’t be treated like it either.

We are people too, and that means we also require insurance. Notably, we look for the most affordable and comprehensive policies out there. So if we look for this too, wouldn’t it only make sense that we provide you with the same?

It’s as simple as that. We’re sure that you’ll find just what you need at Texas Insurance. So get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can remain protected with a Pearland TX general liability insurance construction policy!

What is a Pearland TX general liability insurance construction policy?

As a business owner, you face many risks alone. However, as a construction business owner or contractor, your risks are much higher. With this company, the potential risks of injury or property damage increase ten-fold. Consequently, it is so important to keep yourself protected. A Pearland TX general liability insurance construction policy will help pay for any expenses that come as a result of third-party injury or property damage.

More than this, your policy will work hard to cover the most common risks associated with your business. You want to keep yourself out of a money pit when it comes to things like lawsuits, and this is exactly what this policy provides you with.

Let’s say that someone comes into your job site, and they end up hurt tripping over a wire or cord left out. Rightfully they can sue your business. A general liability policy will help provide coverage for their medical bills or repairs that are needed as a result of the injury. Specifically, you will be covered for:

Pearland TX general liability insurance construction

You own a high-risk business; let’s get you protected today!

  • Customer Injury
  • Customer-related property damage
  • Libel and slander accusations from a customer
  • Any product liabilities

These claims can arise from anywhere, and this is the type of insurance that you will need and want on hand. Insurance protects your business in the best ways possible.

Why do I need a general liability policy?

Overall, any professional liability policy is good to have on hand. More than this, the type of coverage you have is more important than ever. Things like theft and vandalism can occur at any time. With no surefire sign that an accident is going to happen, having a policy on hand protects you.

If a customer injury occurs on your site, then you can easily be blamed. Legal fees are not cheap, and many businesses end up bankrupt after a lawsuit. So a general liability coverage plan will help pay for:

  • Attorney Fees
  • Court-ordered judgments
  • Settlements
  • Medical Bills
  • Funeral expenses in the most extreme accidents

However, please note that employee injuries are not covered under this policy. For that, you will need to bundle your general liability policy with a workers compensation policy, which does cover employee injuries.

Save some money!

Pearland TX general liability insurance construction

Save big on your insurance with the experts at Texas Insurance Agency.

Did you know that you can bundle most of your insurance policies together in one? This is an awesome way to help yourself save some money. Generally, for any regular business, you can find benefits in bundling your policy into a business owner’s policy, commonly referred to as BOP insurance.

This will keep all your ducks in a lien while also extending your policy limits and coverage. You might benefit from a BOP policy for the following reasons:

  • You own a business that has less than 100 employees (Small business)
  • The office space you use is fairly small
  • Your annual revenue is less than $1 million
  • The business you own is classified as a lower-risk business.

As always, it is best to speak to an insurance agent to find out what policy best meets your needs. But it never hurts to go in with a policy already in mind. It is our job to make sure that you are protected in every single way possible. So if you want the absolute best Pearland TX general liability insurance construction policy, get in touch with our brokers today.

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No matter what type of business you own, it is your job to keep clients, and yourself protected from accidents and lawsuits. One single trip can send you on a downward spiral into a hole you can’t get out of.

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You won’t find service like ours anywhere else. Don’t miss out on what we have to offer. Notably, we’ll match you with an agency that has the most affordable rates for Pearland TX general liability insurance construction policies!

Pearland TX Fun Facts:

  • Pearland stretches across 3 counties
  • It is the second-fastest-growing city in Texas
  • There are two airports in Pearland
  • Downtown Houston is only a short drive away from Pearland
  • For more fun facts about Pearland Tx, visit our official website.

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