September 28, 2023

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If you are on the hunt for insurance commercial auto Houston, TX, your search should stop with Texas Insurance Agency. We are insurance brokers who work hard to match the right clients with the most helpful insurance policy they can get. It doesn’t matter if you need commercial or personal coverage; we’ve got you back. Examples include boat insurance, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, trucking insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more.

insurance commercial auto Houston, TX

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Texas Insurance Agency can be your guide in the complex industry of insurance commercial auto. Commercial auto insurance is a policy that protects companies from losing money because of accidents involving their work cars. Commercial auto insurance protects the money your business has spent on cars and trucks, whether it’s just one car or a whole fleet. We’ve got your back.

There are some differences between policy providers when it comes to the specifics of this insurance. In general, it covers property damage, personal injury, and liability costs. Liability coverage is the most crucial part of the policy because it is required by law in most places. This kind of insurance is meant to pay for injuries to people and damage to property that your business is legally responsible for.

Examples include when you or your workers cause an accident. Liability can pay for things like court fees, medical bills, and repair costs, which can help your business’s bottom line. Comprehensive coverage is another useful aspect. This is usually not needed unless it is in a lease or finance agreement. This part of your insurance protects you from losses that don’t happen in a crash, like vandalism, fire, or damage from bad weather.

Repairing or replacing your commercial car if it gets damaged in this way is something that liability can cover. Collision coverage is the other type of comprehensive coverage. It protects the insured cars from damage caused by accidents, even if the business was not at fault. No matter what happens to put your work vehicle out of commission, with the right insurance you won’t be slowed down.

Another part of your insurance that is meant to protect your business vehicles is uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage will kick in if your commercial vehicle gets into an accident with another vehicle whose owner doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for the damage. This extra layer of protection makes sure that your company doesn’t lose money in these kinds of cases.

Medical payments coverage is an additional aspect of commercial auto insurance. It pays for your and your workers’ medical bills if they get hurt in a car accident. This can include hospital bills, treatments, X-rays, and even funeral costs if someone dies in an accident. Businesses that want to protect and account for their workers’ well-being must include this provision. Sometimes, it is required by law.

insurance commercial auto Houston, TX

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Hired and non-owned car insurance coverage is another part of the policy. Businesses that rent cars for business reasons or let their employees use their own cars for work-related tasks should choose this option. This coverage takes care of any liability costs that come up in accidents involving these kinds of cars. There are many risks you and your employees can come across on the road. We work hard to protect you from them.

Garagekeeper’s legal liability coverage is a vital part of the insurance policy you might choose. This is made just for companies that take care of other people’s cars, like valets and repairs. It protects customers’ cars from damage that happens while they’re in the business’s care. It can be a disaster if something happens to a client’s car on your watch, but this coverage can ease the financial burden.

The coverage for loading and unloading is an extra part of commercial car insurance. This protects against damage that might happen while things are being loaded and unloaded from commercial vehicles that are insured. Having this kind of coverage helps companies that move and ship a lot of goods. A coverage extension means that businesses can get more coverage from their policy than the usual limits, depending on their needs.

When you have commercial car insurance, the deductible is one of the most important things to think about. This is how much the business will have to pay out of pocket before the insurance starts to pay out. It’s important to remember that bigger deductibles often mean lower premiums, but you’ll have to pay more if you have an accident. Our team at Texas Insurance Agency is always looking to get you the best possible deal.

The policy limit is another thing to think about. This is the most money that the insurance company will pay for a covered loss. Keep in mind that liability cases often go over these limits. That’s why some businesses buy a commercial umbrella policy to make their liability coverage bigger.

Your premium rate cost depends on many things, including the type of business, its location, the number of vehicles it has, and more. Businesses need to work with professional insurance brokers to not only understand these factors but also find ways to lower their rates.

Commercial car insurance is a must for any business that owns or operates vehicles. It is a powerful way to protect your money. Different insurers may have slightly different policy details. However, the main goal is still the same: to protect companies from expensive costs that come up because of a commercial vehicle.

insurance commercial auto Houston, TX

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Do we have experience with personal insurance? Yes, we have worked with life insurance, homeowners’ insurance, personal umbrella insurance, and more. Have we worked with different kinds of commercial insurance? Yes, we’ve worked with oil and gas insurance, wholesalers’ insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more.

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