Houston TX Tow Truck Insurance

Looking for Houston TX tow truck insurance? Texas Insurance Agency is here to talk with you about your tow truck business. Our insurance agents are just a phone call away. We can also provide you with a Houston TX tow truck insurance quote online.

Houston TX Tow Truck Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency is here to provide you with a Houston TX Tow Truck Insurance quote today!

Houston TX Tow Truck Insurance

Your towing business is dear to you. A commercial tow truck requires commercial auto insurance. Here in Houston, Texas you have many options for tow truck insurance coverage. However, you want to find an insurance company that will provide the right towing insurance at the right price.

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we help tow truck owners and drivers make sure their insurance protects their business. You are concerned about insurance costs. We will make sure you get the best tow truck quotes available.

An Independent Agency For Your Tow Truck Insurance Needs

Your search for Houston TX tow truck insurance brought you here. That means you have been putting in the time yourself to find coverage. You owe it to yourself and your business to let someone else do the work.
Texas Insurance Agency is an independent broker that works with many insurance companies. We are not a captive agency that only works with one carrier. In other words, we are like a search engine. Our job is to find what you want.
We have partnered with many companies. In other words, we will shop around for you. The companies will fight for your business. You will be given the best rates for your Houston TX tow truck insurance needs.

Do Tow Trucks Need Commercial Auto or Commercial Truck Insurance?

A question you may be asking is what type of insurance your tow truck needs. Many tow truck drivers and towing company owners ask us the same thing. It depends on a few factors. However, most tow trucks require commercial auto insurance.
State law mandates insurance on every car and truck on the road. However, your tow truck needs higher coverage limits. Your tow truck is able to cause more damage than an average car. Because of this, your truck needs more coverage.
Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we work with a lot of insurance companies who offer great coverage at great rates. Let us talk with you about your tow business and find you the right fit.
Many tow truck drivers also have additional coverage. Another type of insurance is commercial truck or commercial trucking insurance. Commercial truck insurance fills in the gaps for what commercial auto does not cover. Let’s go over these differences.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance provides basic physical damage coverage. It also provides coverage in the case of bodily injury.

First, commercial auto will cover damage to other vehicles. If your tow truck strikes a car, your policy covers damages. If your policy is comprehensive, it will also cover damage to your tow truck, even if the accident is your fault.

Houston TX Tow Truck Insurance

Protect your tow truck, and yourself, before the unthinkable happens. Call Texas Insurance Agency today!

Secondly, commercial auto covers bodily injury and medical costs. If someone else is hurt in an accident, that driver or pedestrian is covered. You may also choose a policy that covers your medical bills if you are injured in an accident.
Commercial auto, just like a personal auto policy, can be tailored to your needs. Options you can add to your policy include comprehensive, additional drivers, and others. If you have questions about what is included in most policies and what your options are, our agents are here for you.

Commercial Trucking Insurance For Your Towing Business Needs

Commercial auto insurance can cover a lot of your insurance needs. You also have the option to add additional features and options to your policy. However, there are some exceptions.
There are a few things commercial auto insurance does not cover. One of these is cargo.
Your truck tows other vehicles. You may transport cars that have had an accident. Perhaps your towing business transports new cars to dealers. Or maybe your flatbed tow trucks transport luxury vehicles for private clients who move to new cities.
Whatever the case may be, a standard commercial auto policy will not protect your customer’s vehicles from damage, or further damage, if you get into a wreck yourself.
Another reason to consider a commercial trucking insurance policy is legal and financial protection. A commercial trucking policy relieves your towing business from being responsible for the cost or legal fees resulting from damage to a client’s car. If your tow truck is not working correctly and damages or further damages a car that is being towed, you would be held liable for damages.
For these reasons, it is a good idea to keep commercial trucking insurance in mind.

Other Types of Insurance For Your Towing Business

Texas Insurance Agency serves all kinds of customers. You are not just a tow truck owner-operator. You may also be a business owner.

Houston TX Tow Truck Insurance

It’s not just a tow truck, it’s a business. Protect your business with our commercial umbrella policies to fill in the gaps.

A business also has other types of insurance needs. Texas Insurance Agency wants to get to know your business. Let us meet your insurance needs at the best rates in Houston.

Running a business often has its challenges. There are risks to running a business, including legal risks and financial risks. When things go wrong, will you be covered?

Texas Insurance Agency wants to go over all your insurance options with you. Our insurance companies can provide small business insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, and property coverage. If you have a team, we can also talk about workers’ compensation. Please stop by any Texas Insurance Agency office today, and let’s discuss your needs.

5 Locations to Serve Your Houston TX Tow Truck Insurance Needs

Texas Insurance Agency proudly serves customers all over the Houston area. We have five convenient locations for in-person consultations about your tow truck insurance needs. We have a Greenspoint and Galleria area location. Texas Insurance Agency also has offices in Katy, Pearland, and The Woodlands.

Feel free to stop by any time during our office hours. We can’t wait to hear about your towing business. Texas Insurance Agency wants to earn your business. Let us help you find the best Houston TX tow truck insurance.


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