Houston TX Sports Team Insurance

Our Houston TX Sports Team Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency can have your back when things get heated on the court.

Liability Insurance For Sports Teams

In every game, players are putting their bodies on the line. They do this to show their strength. While fans may see it as just a spectacle, athletes see it as a test of who they are. The grand prize is fame and glory, sure. But each game is different. On the court, players trailblaze back and forth across the field to prove their dominance.

Houston TX Sports Team Insurance

Keep your focus on the championship, and we’ll handle the rest. Talk to us about our Houston TX Sports Team Insurance today.

Off the court, sports teams are constantly looking for new ways to elevate themselves. It’s all about grabbing gold at the end of the day.

However, chasing that goal is not without struggles. Whether it’s football, basketball, or any other sport in which physical activity is expected, there are always going to be injuries.

Outside the game, your players or your team itself could be under scrutiny for certain behaviors. There’s no end to what your company will be accused of.  That’s why our general liability insurance policies have always been the go-to for sports teams across Texas.

If your sports business is caught under fire with lawsuits, our Houston TX Sports Team Insurance can make sure that your legal fees are covered. This includes consulting legal counsel and any payments to the claimants of the court.

The fact of the matter is, lawsuits can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. The sports team insurance is the best way to avoid paying out of pocket so that you and your team can get back to winning championships. At Texas Insurance Agency, we work with all types of big and small businesses.

We also offer the best general liability support for pro and amateur sports teams.

What General Liability Insurance Can Cover

In the case of sports teams in the Houston area, the insurance coverage for general liability has a variety of different uses.

Houston TX Sports Team Insurance

Our general liability insurance for sports teams can cover bodily injury, advertising injury, and more.

At Texas Insurance Agency, we don’t just focus on petty lawsuits. Policies within our  Houston TX Sports Team Insurance cover a variety of scenarios, ranging from bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury.

Types of Sports Liability Policies

  • Bodily Injury – As the name suggests, bodily injury claims dealing with physical harm to another person. This typically comes up in the form of spectator and participant injury. An individual who grabs front row seats to a basketball game may file for a spectator lawsuit if he gets hurt when a player collides with them. Under the spectator suit, the individual is considered a third party. Conversely, participant injury deals with any injuries sustained by the athletes, coaches, managers, and referees.
  • Property damage – Referred to as losses associated with tools and equipment. Certain facilities used by athletes are also covered. Basically, anything that might cause business disruption. Property damage also covers theft and vandalism to items and locations associated with the sports team. For larger stadiums and facilities, the property damage would fall under commercial insurance policies.
  • Personal Injury Personal injury claims are defined as injuries sustained by players as a result of a recklessly breached duty. Without getting technical, the claim must also prove that the damage was an unforeseen circumstance. This injury also covers slander, libel, false imprisonment, and invasion of privacy.
  • Advertising Injury – This one explains itself, but there’s an even deeper set of regulations to advertising injury in regards to sports-related businesses. Advertising injury refers to any injuries caused by another business’s advertising. Those who receive the injury can be a business or person. The injury can be any misleading statements made public. It also covers intellectual property infringement.

On and off the field, lawsuits can erupt from every corner. This is why it’s imperative to have the strongest general liability policies at your disposal. In the heat of the moment, the game can feel like an adrenaline rush. We could also say the same about pressing legal matters that tend to pop up out of nowhere.

Protect Your Athletes With Workers Compensation

If the next goal for your team includes grabbing state championships, then it’s also your job as a sports team owner to ensure that all of the athletes on your roster are in tiptop shape.

This means having dedicated worker’s compensation insurance. Not only does it show to your team that you care about their overall well-being, but that you also want to ensure that any injuries sustained on the field are quickly taken care of.

Is Workers Compensation Mandatory?

Larger corporations like the NFL, NBA, and NHL might already have these workers’ compensation policies in place. It protects their players, coaches, referees, and staff. With this intact, your staff and team members will never have to worry about whether or not a simple leg or arm injury will break the bank.

Houston TX Sports Team Insurance

Your Houston TX Sports Team Insurance can give you the perfect worker’s compensation policy for your organization. Learn more by speaking with us today.

Mandatory worker’s compensation for smaller sports organizations can vary from state to state. Some states will give severe penalties for corporations who operate their sports businesses without one.

Given the nature of sports games, worker’s compensation protects the player from shelling out large amounts of money for simply having an injury. Currently, having a workers comp is not mandatory in Texas.

Workers’ compensation can help cover expenses relating to medical hospital visits, lost wages, rehabilitation sessions, and death. Texas Insurance Agency has plenty of clients who lead their sports team to the highest heights. Most sports teams include workers’ compensation in their Houston TX Sports Team Insurance. They’re aware of the mishaps related to the sport.

Lead Your Team To Greatness With Texas Insurance Agency

Lead your team into greatness. The great power that comes with leading a team of gifted athletes also comes with great responsibility. Whether you’re combating against difficult lawsuits or if you’re just looking to make sure that your guys and girls on the field are in the best shape possible, you owe it to yourself to commit to us at Texas Insurance Agency. We provide competitively priced Houston TX Sports Team Insurance.

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