Houston TX Liability Insurance

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When it comes to your business, you don’t want it to crumble over something silly. Such as making the mistake of not insuring your employees. Let our pros help you with all things insurance-related!

Houston TX Liability Insurance

When you spend time building a business, you want to make sure both you, your company, and your employees are safe. That means both physically as well as financially.

Houston TX Liability Insurance

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Background of Houston

Everybody knows the city of Houston, Texas. Furthermore, they know it sure is a big town! With a population of 2.31 million people and growing, it sure does have many people who undoubtedly work at a company of some sort.

These Houston citizens will all need insurance, and now more than ever, it’s easy as a business owner to find bundles that suit both your needs and those of your beloved employees.

Liability Insurance

So, liability insurance is something set into place in order to protect both the employer and employee.

Liability insurance exists to make sure that in the court of law, both parties get fair coverage.

Oil and Gas

Houston TX Liability Insurance can be tricky and expensive to find, but not with Texas Insurance Agency.

We have bundles selected, mainly based on the type of business it is that you run.

Oil and gas, for example, is a business that has many different policies available. These policies are open to anyone who participates and is involved with the distribution of gas and oil products.

Furthermore, it also covers people who are involved with the extraction, exploration, and refining of these particular products.

Oil and Gas Industry: A Deep Dive

There are a few different options available when dealing with oil and gas industry policies. To name some:

  • Commercial Auto
  • General Liability
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Equipment Coverage
  • Oil & Gas Lease Property

Clearly, many different policies are open and available within the oil and gas business.

If you own, help operate, or work for an Oil and Gas Company, you must understand what kind of policies you could be eligible for.

Many employees will have particular coverage because of their employment. However, it’s a smart idea to be entirely sure, so your employee isn’t stuck in an unfortunate situation where they don’t have coverage.

There shouldn’t be any reason why you, as the employer, should risk your employee’s health, your business reputation, or your finances because of a workplace accident or incident.

With certain types of businesses, it’s mandatory to have specific insurance policies set in place. Oil and Gas companies are certainly one of those businesses. General Liability coverage, for example, is an absolute must.

Houston TX Liability Insurance

We can help you protect your business and employees.

Houston TX Liability Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency is your go-to for all things insurance-related with your business.

Insurance options for oil and gas contractors

Oil and gas companies are high-risk jobs and prospects. That’s why at Texas Insurance Agency, there are multiple choices to decide on when looking for the proper insurance bundles.

Many workers are on a contract basis. We carry policies for both drilling and service contractors.

Even if you work offshore, Texas Insurance Agency can help you discover what insurance policy is best for you.

Like Oil & Gas Companies, these contractors need to keep themselves protected by using a General Liability Insurance (GLI) policy. However, you must know what policy you require will differ, depending. This will depend if you work on or offshore.

Regardless of how the policies may differ, there are lots of similar coverages between the two.

General Liability

If you meet up with clients or they visit you at your business, General Liability Insurance, or GLI, is a requirement.

Furthermore, this insurance policy is also a necessary factor for those who have access to the client’s property. Additionally, it’s also crucial when using advertising for their company. Or even if you require coverage upon entering a new contract.

This General Liability Insurance policy is what will keep you from being held accountable if there were to be an accident in the work place.

There are always accidents that happen unexpectedly. Just one slip on a wet floor by an employee, and they could slap you with a lawsuit.

But luckily, if you have the correct policies, you can avoid these situations while also considering your team member’s best interests.

Liability policy doesn’t only protect the employer, but it absolutely protects your employees, too.

Houston TX Liability Insurance

Let our team help you get the best insurance policies for your company!

General Liability can cover almost all costs of repairs and replacements, as well. When it even comes to property damage, you’ll rest easy knowing that Texas Insurance Agency has you covered.

A GLI policy can cover all repair costs, replacements, and reimbursements in the event that property damage occurs.

Sadly, it doesn’t cover your own property. However, with Texas Insurance Agency, we can find bundles that will protect your property. Bundles that will also protect the company property, too!

Please find out more about this by checking out our page on Business Personal Property coverage.

Umbrella Insurance

If you’re an owner of an oil and gas company, you certainly should consider getting Umbrella Insurance. This policy will keep you covered in a large array of circumstances.

Umbrella Insurance intends to help cover any losses that are above the underlying limits of other policies. Policies such as General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Workers Compensation.

Umbrella insurance policies are a very serious and necessary policy. This is because there are many risks when involved with the oil and gas industry. It’s a form of Personal Liability Insurance.

This policy protects you entirely. Mainly if you find yourself found liable for an accident claim that your typical insurance policy couldn’t, or wouldn’t, cover.


There are no excuses when it comes to optaining company insurance policies. As a business owner, you have to ensure safety for your business and employees.

Regardless of what company or field, employee insurance is a must in the working world. Don’t let it stress you out to find the proper insurance bundles.

Call today to speak with our friendly experts about which policy plan could work for you, (281)-398-1010.

Let us help you out. Houston TX Liability Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency has everything you need for significant savings on insurance policies.

Fun Facts of Houston

  • Houston’s got one of the best culinary scenes throughout all the U.S.
  • There are over 145 different languages spoken here.
  • Houston is home to the largest medical center in the whole world!
  • For more interesting facts, please visit their official website!

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