Houston TX How Much Is Semi Truck Insurance

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We understand you are eager to know Houston TX How Much is Semi Truck Insurance.

Houston TX How Much Is Semi Truck Insurance

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Houston TX How Much Is Semi Truck Insurance

You are looking for a fair price, but you are also looking for the right policy. Just because an insurance carrier offers trucking liability insurance does not mean it will provide enough coverage for your case. You need the right amount of commercial auto liability for your situation.

When an insurance company offers truck insurance to semi truck drivers, they will at least provide general liability. However, your semi truck is a huge specialty vehicle.

You want the right coverage for physical damage to your truck or other vehicles. And you want it at a fair premium.

At Texas Insurance Agency, you will work with independent truck insurance agents. Being an independent agency means that we do not work for truck insurance companies. Instead, we work for you, the owners and operators of trucking companies! We will get you the right coverage for your truck at a price within your trucking business budget.

Find the Best Texas Commercial Truck Insurance at the Best Price

The amount of your semi truck insurance premium will depend on several factors. Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we strive to find you the very best deal possible.

Because we are independent insurance brokers, we are obligated to our customers, not the insurance companies. That means that we work with a lot of different insurance carriers. It is their job to earn your business. You are in the driver’s seat when the insurance companies compete to cover your semi truck.

At Texas Insurance Agency, our mission is to find you the most competitive quote for your semi truck insurance needs.

Why Your Semi Truck Needs The Right Insurance Coverage

Your semi truck is a specialty vehicle used to perform a job. It is owned by a business or by an owner operator. It is also much larger in size than an average passenger vehicle.

Houston TX How Much Is Semi Truck Insurance

Commercial auto insurance and commercial trucking insurance for your semi-truck business.

All of these factors mean that your semi truck requires commercial auto insurance coverage.

This type of insurance provides higher protection amounts than a personal auto policy. Commercial auto insurance is more expensive than personal auto insurance. However, it is worth the cost to protect both your semi truck and your business.

Insurance companies also offer Commercial Trucking Insurance. This kind of insurance is different from a commercial auto policy because it also covers the goods you transfer. As a business, you are responsible for the goods you transport to your customers. Having both types of policies will give both your customers and your business peace of mind.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

When your semi truck is covered by commercial auto insurance, both your semi truck and your business are protected. That means if you are in an accident that is your fault, the business, not you personally, is liable for the damages sustained. Therefore, it is vital that a commercial vehicle always have the right kind of commercial auto insurance.

Commercial auto insurance policies cover you in many ways.

For starters, you are covered in the event of an accident that is your fault. Your semi truck is so much heavier, taller, and broader than the average passenger auto. It is able to cause a lot more damage than other types of trucks. For this reason alone, commercial auto insurance is a must for any semi truck.

Your commercial auto insurance policy will cover:

  • damage to other vehicles
  • driver injury to yourself
  • property damage caused by the accident
  • injury to the other driver and their passengers

You may also add additional coverage and riders to your policy. Texas Insurance Agency will consult with you about your semi truck business. We want to ensure you get the right coverage for your needs.

What Does Commercial Trucking Insurance Cover?

Commercial Trucking Insurance is different from a commercial auto policy. State law requires a minimum amount of insurance on your business’s truck. However, it is optional to have insurance for the product you carry.

We all know how damaging it can be financially when a business loses or damages a client’s product. It is the business’s responsibility to replace it. How much peace of mind would you have knowing that the cargo you carry is protected, no matter what? Commercial trucking insurance is a good choice for any semi truck owner and operator.

Houston TX How Much Is Semi Truck Insurance

Let us get you a competitive quote and the right coverage for your semi truck insurance needs.

Commercial Trucking Insurance covers:

  • Any fees that arise as a result of accidents.
  • Any injuries sustained by customers you are transporting. Commercial passenger busses need commercial trucking insurance.
  • Loss or damage to any products or cargo you are transporting.
  • Injury or loss to any animals being transported.
  • Loss or damage to raw materials being transported.

The premium for a commercial trucking insurance policy will vary based on several factors. The type of truck you own is a factor. So is the type of product your business usually transports. Finally, driver experience is a crucial factor that helps determine the premium.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our agents today. We will find you the best quote for your commercial semi truck insurance needs.

How About Business Insurance for a Semi Truck Business?

If you are a semi truck owner operator, you may also be in need of other types of business insurance. At Texas Insurance Agency, our team of independent agents wants to hear about your business.
Let us consult with you today, by phone, email, or at one of our five local offices. Texas Insurance Agency will provide your answer for Houston TX How Much Is Semi Truck Insurance for your semi truck business.
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