Houston TX Energy Insurance

Houston TX Energy Insurance has never been easier to find than with Texas Insurance Agency. With the best possible agents in the state at your service, you’re sure to find everything you need.

Why work so hard for your company just to let it falter when it comes down to insurance policies? A business owner’s worst fear is indeed losing their hard-earned company in a lawsuit. It’s an additional blow if the endeavor could’ve been avoided!

Accidents happen all the time during the workplace. Don’t be unprepared when they happen in yours. Texas Insurance Agency has Houston TX Energy Insurance and much more to prevent things like this!

Background of Houston

The city of Houston, Texas, is a beautiful and bountiful one. Although it’s not the capital of Texas itself, it sure does hold up a sturdy reputation regardless.

Houston is known mostly for its big-city hustle and bustle. With a population of 2.31 million people, it’s easy to see that there will be plenty of potential employees wanting work.

Houston TX Energy Insurance

Protect your company with Texas Insurance Agency.

Work that can hopefully be found within your business! However, you won’t attract many reliable and honest workers if you don’t have full coverage and benefits that many are looking for.

If you run a company, like a Houston TX Energy Insurance based company, then you need to know your policies are correct.

No one likes a job they don’t feel secure in. And no one wants to run a business they aren’t sure is protected. That is where we come in, with our expert agents here to help you!

Who We Are As a Company

With so many people in Houston, there’s no doubt that the competition for insurance agencies is high. We understand this greatly, which is why we’re prepared to explain exactly why we’re the best choice in The Greater Houston Area.


First and foremost, we’ve been in the insurance agency game for almost four decades. You didn’t blink; that’s four whole decades! For forty years, we’ve been perfecting finding the best policies and insurance for you and your beloved business.

Even though we have competition, we are confident that you will trust in our many, many years of expertise. It’s difficult to make it in the insurance agency game without having a few tricks up your belt. We’ve got enough to serve Houston for forty years!

Independent Insurance Agency

Secondly, we are an independent insurance agency. While most don’t know what this means, it’s a much better option for you, the business owner, to go with.

Houston TX Energy Insurance

Your in the best hands with Texas Insurance Agency.

Because we are an independent insurance agency, we don’t answer to any insurance companies. We answer to you! Lots of other insurance agencies within the area have a steady interest in serving the insurance companies.

They could potentially push policies onto you and your business that aren’t required, much less helpful. Who enjoys being swindled by big brand insurance companies? Not you! Which is why it shouldn’t go by the wayside that we take your needs into consideration, way before the insurance companies.

Variety of Policies

Lastly, we have such a large variety of policy options available. While we offer both commercial and personal insurance, both have plenty of options depending on your specific needs.

Houston TX Energy Insurance will be a commercial policy that will likely fall under the Manufacturer’s Insurance plan. However, here are a few other plans we offer under our commercial insurance:

  • Business Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Commercial Auto
  • Contractors
  • Wholesalers

With all these options to decide on, it’s no wonder why we’ve been serving the area for so long.

Manufacturers Insurance

This insurance, in particular, varies wildly, depending on the kind of work you specialize in. When you’re an owner of a manufacturing company, you must be aware of the variety of types of coverage plans that could apply to you and your company.

If your business tends to lean on focuses like metal and plastic work, you’ll have to hunt for the correct insurance policy to maintain protection. More so, you need to find the right policy option depending on what you specialize in.

Houston TX Energy Insurance

Don’t take any more chances on potential lawsuits. Contact our agents today!

Whether that be engraving, forming, casting, or forging, you need the proper policy to cover any potential accidents. There are risks in every workplace, but there’s much more in particular industries. Manufacturing is one of them.

Not to mention, the tools that you and your employees use on a daily basis could make the risk of injury far higher than expected. But not to fret; with the correct insurance policies and plans, we can help ensure you, your company, and your employees are taken care of.

Every business encounters risks, no matter the industry or field. Some common ones that occur in every workplace are property damage, damages to equipment, and loss of files.

Manufacturing Companies: A Deep Dive

Every company in the manufacturing industry should have a BOP. A BOP is a Business Owners Policy, and this kind of policy is similar to a homeowners policy. Yet, it’s for your business instead of your home!

Having a BOP will allow you to protect the business you’ve worked tirelessly to achieve. It allows you to bundle all kinds of coverages into one policy.

A bundled manufacturers policy includes coverage such as:

  • General Liability
  • Business Income
  • Commercial Property

What a bundle of necessary policies! With a BOP, your business is completely secured. However, there is another coverage policy you could add on that doesn’t traditionally come with the BOP.

This other policy is known as the Data Breach Insurance policy. It is in place to protect highly sensitive and secure information in regards to your company and employees.

Nowadays, with internet hackers, it’s never been easier to hack into company information. Don’t let this happen to your business!


Why bother creating a business if you don’t intend on protecting it at all costs? You shouldn’t have to feel unsafe or secure with your company.

At the same time, it can be stressful shifting through insurance policies. It can also be difficult trying to see what’s necessary and what’s not. That’s why you should leave it to our pros here at Texas Insurance Agency.

Call for a quote, just to see what they can do for you (281)-398-1010. Finding Houston TX Energy Insurance for your business has never been easier than now!

Fun Facts of Houston

  • Houstonians eat out more times a week than any other American city.
  • It’s home to the biggest medical center in the world!
  • Houston is the fourth most populated city within the U.S.
  • For more interesting facts, please view our official website!

Our Partners

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