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Affordable Business Insurance

At Texas Insurance Agency, we aim to give companies and company owners the coverage they are looking for and more. If you are looking for an insurance company that is professional, honest and has an agent that cares for you, then you’ve got us.

In addition to working to get you the best coverage, we have also been giving other companies this same promise. Being able to serve the Greater Houston community for as long as we have is an honor. We cherish the relationships that we have made over the years and are excited for the ones that we will still make.

Learning that clients like it when they listened to and know that who they are talking to is paying attention to every detail they are stating. We have cultivated these habits. While other companies focus on pleasing a bigger insurance company, we focus on pleasing you. As an independent insurance agency, our only focus is on you and your business.

We have agents that are ready to serve you the best way they know how. Similarly, they are ready to assist you in choosing an insurance policy that is tailored to you.

Commercial Insurance

For businesses all across Houston, we have commercial insurance plans that are specified to them. We want to bring you the best quality insurance. Other insurance companies might have a plan for all businesses, but that doesn’t mean that plan is the best for your business.

Because of this, we came up with what we feel is the best way to give you what you need.

Our Business Insurance is made for your business. Each business in Texas has an insurance coverage plan that is just right for them. For example, technology-based companies, oil and gas companies, wholesale companies, contractors, and much more.

Each insurance is tailored to the kind of coverage that will be most needed for your line of business. If your business needs more general liability insurance, workers compensation, or property insurance, the plan will make it available for you.

Manufacturing Companies

If you have a manufacturing company then you also have an insurance policy that is fit for you.

What is Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturers Insurance protects small and large manufacturing businesses against any damages that occur. This can be damages to your property or equipment. Having this insurance pays for the costs of any of these damages.

Katy TX Umbrella Insurance

Houston TX manufacturers insurance

Depending on the type of product that you manufacture the insurance and coverage that you get may vary. You want a coverage that will protect the products that you focus on. Because of this, you might even want to add more coverage to the one you have. An agent may suggest adding commercial property coverage or equipment breakdown coverage. Whatever they think you might need and you feel will be useful for you can be added.

Call an agent today for Houston TX manufacturers insurance. 

Workers Compensation

We have seen companies also add worker’s compensation to their policies. Worker’s compensation pays the medical bills of any employees that may have been injured on the job. If they sustain an injury that did not happen on the job, this compensation can not be claimed.

Manufacturing businesses can come with their own risks, just like any company. Factories have big machines and can be dangerous to operate. If an employee gets hurt on the job you don’t want to pay for any of the medical bills out of pocket. Medical bills can be extremely expensive and you need your money to invest in better things for your company.

That is why we advise you to consider adding worker’s compensation to your insurance coverage. To get a quote visit a location near you or give us a call.

Personal Insurance

Don’t just switch your business insurance to Texas Insurance Agency, switch your personal insurance to us. It’s always good to know that you have one insurance company that has your back for everything, business or personal.

We have vast variety of personal insurance for you to choose from. Just like our business insurance, personal insurance can also be tailored to fit your needs. Add or subtract certain coverages that you feel you need or don’t need. Sit down with one of your agents today to discuss what is best for you.

Auto Insurance– You might already have all your commercial vehicles insured with us already. Move your personal vehicles to us as well. Houston is such a large city. On the highways and the roads, there are many different types of drivers. Protect yourself and your car from any accident that could happen with our Auto Insurance.

Life Insurance– In life things that we do not expect or plan for happen every day. If something were to happen to you tomorrow do you feel like your family would be secured? Will they be taken care of financially? Make plans just in case and sign up for Life Insurance. If you already have life insurance and you know of a loved one that doesn’t send them over to us. We are ready to work with them and get the insurance policy they need.

Houston TX manufacturers insurance

Houston TX Business Truck Insurance

Our agents will find you the right coverage at the right price!

If you still have decided that you are ready to speak to an agent, congratulations! We have an agent that is ready to answer any lingering questions that you might still have. Don’t be afraid to let them know all of the coverage that you are looking for.

We are here to take away the stress of looking for the right coverage. With Texas Insurance agency you already know that you have the right insurance policy for you and your business.

We also know that something that is important to you is how affordable your policy is. It is our goal to always keep our rates affordable. Need a quote today visit our website.

Houston TX manufacturers insurance is available at Texas Insurance Agency.

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