Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost

Your search for Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost has led you to the right place. Texas Insurance Agency is a local independent agency here to serve your needs. An independent agent ready to discuss your construction insurance cost concerns is just a phone call away. We also offer you online quotes for your convenience.

Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost

Texas Insurance Agency is here to find you the right Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost.

Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost

In your research for Houston TX construction insurance cost, you are surely looking at several types of insurance.

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, our independent agents are excited to learn more about your business. We can consult with you on the best policies to serve your needs. Construction is its own type of business. You require different coverage than other types of businesses.

The cost of your premium depends on the type of insurance coverage you choose. You might be an independent general contractor. Perhaps, you are a small business owner. Whatever your type of construction business, your dedicated insurance agent will go over your options.

Several factors will determine your construction insurance cost. We will answer all of your questions.

An Independent Agency Provides The Best Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost

When searching for Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost, one insurance company can only offer you one quote.

Texas Insurance Agency is an independent agency. In other words, we are a team of independent brokers. We do not work for insurance companies. Rather, they work to earn your business.

Our job is to find you the best rate. We have partnered with many carriers of different types of insurance. After consulting with you, we will understand your construction business and insurance needs. Then, we do the searching for you to find you the best coverage at the lowest cost.

At Texas Insurance Agency, our client is our customer. Our loyalty is to our clients. We want to be your one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs.

Again, we do not work for any insurance companies. We work for you, the construction business owner! We provide the insurers with the data they need to come up with their best quotes. This gives you the power to get the best construction insurance rates in Houston, TX.

Types of Construction Insurance

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we know that there are many types of construction companies.

Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost

Not all construction businesses are alike. Consult with Texas Insurance Agency about your business and insurance needs today!

Perhaps, your construction business does private home improvement projects for residential property owners. Or, you build high rises, office buildings, or apartment complexes and condos.

Whatever your job site and whatever your average construction day entails, you need insurance. We are here to help you find the best coverage for your construction business. Texas Insurance Agency will find you the coverage you need at the lowest cost.

Depending on your needs, you may need more than one type of construction insurance.

Construction Insurance Types – Commercial Auto

Does your construction business own its own fleet of trucks and specialty vehicles? If so, commercial auto insurance is vital coverage. Commercial auto insurance has higher coverage limits than regular auto policies. Your work trucks and specialty vehicles need this type of insurance to protect you, your team members, and your business.
Commercial auto will cover all of your business’s vehicles. If you own equipment trucks or specialty vehicles, they need coverage. Your business vehicles need the right protection.
Commercial auto can protect your team members if they are injured. It covers property damage to others’ property. It can also protect you if pedestrians are injured by your specialty vehicles. Contact us today to discuss your commercial auto insurance needs.

Construction Insurance Types – Contractors Insurance

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we understand that construction can be a dangerous job. Independent contractors need to be insured for many reasons. If a team member is hurt or accidents happen, you can be held responsible.
Contractors insurance is a great option to protect your business. This type of policy protects you from financial loss, lawsuits, and other situations. A contractors insurance policy protects you and your client’s property. You will be covered if an accident happens on the job, your team members are hurt, or a client’s property is damaged.
There are contractors insurance policies that can also include other types of insurance. For example, some contractors insurance policies can include commercial auto. Please contact Texas Insurance Agency so we can discuss your business and job site and get you covered.

Construction Insurance Types – General Liability Insurance

Some insurance types are optional, and others are required. For example, the state of Texas requires contractors to have general liability insurance before they can even start a job. General liability protects your business in situations where you’d be liable. You need protection in case of faulty work, damage to property, and injuries.
Finally, Texas Insurance Agency can discuss other types of insurance options. This can include builders risk insurance, also known as course of construction insurance. If you are a swimming pool contractor, we can find you the right policy. We can also discuss workers compensation insurance versus other types of protection for your crew.
Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost

Texas Insurance Agency has 5 locations to serve you in the Houston area.

Five Offices To Consult About Your Construction Insurance Cost

Texas Insurance Agency offers five convenient office locations to discuss your construction insurance needs in person. We enjoy consulting with contractors and learning about your company. We understand that every contractor and job site is different. That is why we will work to find you the right coverage at the best cost.

If you are in the Pearland, TX area, stop by our local office! We have an office in Katy, TX to serve those local clients. Are you all the way up in The Woodlands, TX? We also have an office location near you!

Texas Insurance Agency also has two locations right here in Houston. We have offices in the North Houston area, as well as the Uptown/Galleria area.

We would love to consult with you in person about your Houston TX Construction Insurance Cost concerns and get you the right insurance at the right price.


Fun Facts About Houston, TX

  • Houston, TX is the 4th largest city in the country and a popular tourist destination.
  • The city of Houston is home to many famous landmarks, including the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.
  • Houston is the home of many major sports teams, including the Houston Texans, Astros, and Rockets.



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