Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers

When researching Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers, it is vital to find the right agency. Texas Insurance Agency is an independent agency located in Houston, TX, Katy, Pearland, and The Woodlands. Our insurance agents will find you the best quotes for trucking insurance in Texas.

Texas Insurance Agency can get you a trucking insurance quote online. We are also just a phone call away. Let us be your Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers.

Houston TX Trucking Insurance Companies

Our Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers will get you the best quote.

Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers

You may have a semi-truck and need general liability commercial auto insurance. Perhaps you own a moving truck or delivery van. You may even have a truck fleet. Whatever type of trucking business you own, Texas Insurance Agency is here to serve your insurance needs.

Texas Insurance Agency is a team of independent insurance agents. As such, we do not work for any private carrier or insurance group. We are independent brokers. In other words, we work for our clients.

Our agents will consult with you about your trucking company. We then compare quotes from many companies. Texas Insurace Agency is not bound to any single insurance company.

How does Texas Insurance Agency get you the best quote? We present your needs to many trucking insurance companies. Then, they fight for your business. We will get you the auto coverage you need for your truck at a rate you can afford.

Trucking Insurance Options in Houston TX

Our agents at Texas Insurance Agency love serving our customers. Your agent will consult with you about your trucking business. We will help you find the right insurance products to cover your truck.

Your trucking business depends on your trucks. Our agency is here to help you find the right commercial truck coverage. Let us help you ensure your truck and drive away with peace of mind.

Houston TX Trucking Insurance Companies

Bigger trucks require bigger coverage. Texas Insurance Agency will get you covered so you can get back in the driver’s seat.

No matter what type of large truck you own, big trucks require more coverage. Your semi or moving truck is much larger and broader than other autos. This means that your truck can cause other cars more physical damage. For this reason, your truck requires commercial auto insurance.

However, there are two types of trucking insurance. Commercial auto insurance and commercial trucking insurance are not the same. Let us take a look at the difference.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Every car and truck on the road must have coverage. That is state law. However, a personal auto policy is not appropriate for large trucks and special vehicles.

It is important not to confuse business auto insurance with commercial auto insurance. These types of auto policies sound the same. But they are very different.

The type of policy your truck needs depends on a few factors. The first is whether or not your truck is a passenger vehicle or a special work vehicle. The other factor is who owns the truck and who will be responsible in case of an accident.

Your truck serves a function. It performs a task or job for you. Further, it is not a personal auto. A semi-truck, moving truck, or cement mixer is not a family car.

Further, is it a business-owned truck? If you bought the truck in your name, but it is a business truck, it could be business-owned. This depends on whether you are a sole proprietor or other factors. Please consult with us about your situation.

In most cases when it comes to trucks like yours, commercial auto insurance is the right fit.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial auto insurance will cover you in most accidents.

If you hit a vehicle, commercial auto covers the damage. If you hit a house or other property, commercial auto covers that as well. Finally, commercial auto covers the cost of medical bills if someone is injured. This includes the other driver or even yourself.

There are many options that can be added to a commercial auto policy.

We are happy to consult with you if you have any questions. Texas Insurance Agency will ensure that your trucking business has the right coverage. We welcome you to give us a call or stop by one of our branch offices.

Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial auto insurance can cover you and your truck. It will always cover damage to others and damage to other autos. However, most commercial auto policies don’t cover the cargo you carry. Commercial trucking insurance provides this coverage.

You may be in the moving industry. Your customers depend on you to transport their things. A client will trust a trucking business that has their property insured.

If you are in cargo transport, your trucks carry items of great value. Your clients depend on you to keep their goods safe on the road. If their goods are not insured, your trucking business could be liable for the cost of the product.

For this reason, commercial trucking insurance is a very good option. Not only will you protect your client’s goods, but you will also protect your business. It would be a huge loss to cover the cost of damaged goods on your own. A commercial trucking policy protects your client’s goods and your bottom line.

Commercial trucking insurance also covers other things. Please contact us so that we can go over all your options.

Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers

The insurance carriers we have partnered with provide many insurance services.

You are not just a driver. You are also an owner-operator with business needs. Our carriers also provide great rates on business insurance.

Your team members are vital to you. We can get you great quotes on workers’ compensation to cover an occupational accident.

Texas Insurance Agency: Five Locations In Houston, Texas

Houston TX Trucking Insurance Companies

We have 5 convenient locations in the Houston area. Stop by and see one of our team members!

Texas Insurance Agency has five convenient locations in the Houston area to serve you. Please stop by during business hours to consult in person about your trucking insurance needs.

We have a North Houston location as well as a Galleria area branch. We also have branch offices in Katy, Pearland, and The Woodlands. There is a convenient Texas Insurance Agency office near you.

Texas Insurance Agency looks forward to being your Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers.

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  • Houston, TX was founded by the Allen brothers, who named the town after their friend, Sam Houston.

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