Houston TX Commercial Semi Truck Insurance

Have you been searching for Houston TX commercial semi truck insurance? If so, contact Texas Insurance Agency today. For years, our team has been helping business owners in the Greater Houston area find the coverage they need. There are several policies you need to be aware of as a business owner, and commercial auto insurance is just one of them.

Commercial auto includes various insurance types and coverage options. Your business type and the vehicles you operate will determine which auto policy is needed. Much like personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance is required by law here in Texas. Whether you use flatbed trucks, semi-trucks, or any other type of truck, you need commercial auto coverage to operate your vehicles legally.

Finding the right coverage type can be tricky due to the excessive policies available to you. However, the agents at Texas Insurance Agency are here to make the process easy. We have partnerships with some of the most reliable and trusted insurance companies in Houston, Texas. Consequently, you can rely on our agents to find you the right coverage at a price that works for you.

If you own a trucking company and are looking for the best policies to protect you, your employees, and your assets, call Texas Insurance Agency today. We’ll find you the best Houston TX commercial semi truck insurance policy around.

Houston TX commercial semi truck insurance

No matter what vehicles your company operates, our insurance agents have got the policy you’ve been looking for.

Houston TX Commercial Semi Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance keeps you and your business protected against paying fees that have resulted from a collision involving your trucks. The coverage is applicable in a number of situations and is relevant for all types of commercial trucks.

Whether you transport customers, merchandise, or even animals, this coverage type can provide you with the financial security you’ve been looking for.

Additionally, having this coverage can greatly benefit you if you use your business vehicles for both commercial and personal use. A commercial trucking policy can fill the gaps in your personal policy, providing you with more coverage without higher costs.

Of course, if you run a larger trucking business, this may not be possible. Call Texas Insurance Agency today to learn more about how your commercial insurance can improve your personal insurance.

There are hundreds of truck insurance companies across the Greater Houston area. However, the prices we provide to our clients can’t be beaten. Moreover, our insurance agents are passionate about providing the very best results for our clients. That is why we take the time to get to know you and your business.

From there, we can recommend the right policies to provide you and your business with maximum protection without having to worry about the higher costs of other insurance providers.

If you’ve been searching for the best Texas commercial truck insurance at affordable rates, look no further than us. Call today and get your free truck insurance quote from our agents.

Truck Insurance in Houston

As previously mentioned, commercial auto insurance is a legal requirement in Texas. What’s more, the coverages required vary from state to state. However, when you work with Texas Insurance Agency, we’ll ensure you have the right coverages to safeguard your livelihood and protect your assets.

Some of the coverage options available under commercial truck insurance include:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Physical Damage Coverage
Houston TX commercial semi truck insurance

We will help you find the right Houston TX commercial semi truck insurance policy.

Medical Coverage

As the name suggests, this coverage type will prevent you from having to pay any medical fees that result from a collision or accident. Medical coverage is one of the more inclusive options as it covers injuries sustained by you, any passengers, and any other drive on the road which was injured in the collision.

Moreover, medical coverage is applicable regardless of who caused the accident. If you’re looking to add this coverage to your current policy, contact our team at Texas Insurance Agency today and see how we can help adjust your policy to fit your needs.

Liability Coverage

There are two aspects of primary liability coverage; bodily injury and physical damage. Both of which will cover you financially if your truck causes damage to property or if someone sustains an injury due to an accident you caused.

You should be aware that primarily liability does not cover your own losses or injuries, just those of a third party. Damage sustained by your own property or injuries sustained by you will be covered under the physical damage aspect of this coverage type.

Physical Damage

This coverage type offers both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Both of which are invaluable for small and large fleets of commercially owned trucks. The collision coverage offers protection against damage and loss in the event of an accident.

Whereas the comprehensive coverage aspect protects against damage and loss caused in other situations. This includes a wide range of things, from theft to hitting an animal while on the road. If you’d like to learn more about the comprehensive coverage and the situations in which it is applicable, contact our team today.

Houston TX commercial semi truck insurance

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Reliable Truck Insurance Coverage

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we believe everyone deserves the right to protect their livelihood. That is why we proudly offer our services for a wide range of commercial and personal insurance policies. It is also why we proudly cater to residents and business owners across the Greater Houston area and surrounding cities.

If you’re looking for an insurance policy for your new business or are simply wanting to swap to a policy that offers better coverage, know that Texas Insurance Agency is here to help. We proudly offer truck insurance for a range of vehicles, including box trucks, 18-wheelers, and more.

So, regardless of the vehicles you use in your work operations, know that we have a policy to protect you and your assets. Call today and benefit from the peace of mind that commercial truck insurance can provide you with. You won’t find better rates or coverage options anywhere else.

The next time you require Houston TX commercial semi truck insurance, call Texas Insurance Agency.

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