Houston TX Commercial Insurance Center

Searching for the best Houston TX commercial insurance center? If so, you’ll find no one more motivated or helpful than us at the Texas Insurance Agency. We take pride as an independent agency because we dedicate the time and energy that our clients deserve. And you just can’t get that level of personalization at a big chain.

Also, us being independent can work better for you because we have the freedom to work with a wide range of providers. Our end goal is to find you the best fit for your company or personal needs. All the while, we compare rates to find you the most affordable coverage. While we will also be professional, we love getting to know our clients personally.

This helps us know exactly what you need, and what will work best for you. By better understanding your business, your finances, and what you value, we can craft the best policy for your wants and needs. We love staying involved in our community, and helping our clients protect the things they love fills us with pride. So give us a call, and we can help you find the insurance coverage you’ve been looking for today!

Your Business, Your Insurance

Houston TX commercial insurance center

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As an independent agency, we know well how important your company is for you. Your business is one of the most important investments you have. And you want to protect that investment in every way you can, so it can keep growing. We understand that completely!

We can help you protect your business from the unpredictability that comes with each new day. While you might not see the bad things coming, them being unpredictable and all, you can throw a safety net under your brand! You should have peace of mind when you go to work, and insurance can grant you that.

Because of our Houston TX commercial insurance center, we can streamline the process so you get what you need when you need it at a great rate. Stop by one of our locations if you want to sit down with our team members. We can’t wait to work together with you, so you can keep on moving forward in your field!

Houston TX Commercial Insurance Center

When you get your insurance, you should only ever be confident in your policy. Never sign up or agree to a plan that you don’t fully understand or are unsure of. However, you’ll never have that problem when you work with us!

Our team members will sit down with you and outline everything your policy will cover and how it works. Also, our agents will never pressure you to pick any particular policy over another. We work solely for you and not some big insurance company paying us to push their plans.

Even still, we will always be candid when it comes to the different policies. So if there is one that we think would benefit you over another, we’ll let you know! But at the end of the day, the choice of policy that’s picked is up to you. So be sure when you do, because insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind, not stress you out.

Houston TX commercial insurance center

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General Liability

One of the first types of insurance policies you should look into for your business is the general liability plans. General liability protects you from any accidents on or with your company’s property during work hours. It can even protect you from anything your employees do that could cause someone to sue you, depending on the policy. Or even if your own employees sue you!

Depending on what the policy outlines, it can cover anything from bodily injuries, property damages, libel, or even slander cases. This type of insurance is considered required for most businesses. A responsible company makes sure to have a liability policy to protect its employees and customers.

Commercial Property Insurance

One of the second things you should look into for your business is commercial property insurance. Here, you protect yourself from incidents nobody had any control over, or “acts of God.” These include everything from your building flooding, catching fire, lightning damage, or a total data loss on your computer.

Despite no one being at fault, these losses would still need to be fixed or replaced. And if you don’t have the proper coverage, it can be a financial strain on your business! So don’t pay out of pocket when the unexpected strikes, protect yourself and your business with the right insurance!

We make sure to get you a policy that covers what you are most at risk of based on your location and needs. Even if, of course, we never expect or see these things coming. But we also shape your insurance policy to where you are not paying for coverage you absolutely don’t need.

The type of coverage your particular business will need will vary based on a few different factors. Typically based on size, location, local regulations, and the type of business it is. If you own a small business, there are special types of insurance options available to you. So ask our agents about the different small business insurance options if you think you qualify!

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Houston TX commercial insurance center

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We know that we can help you save time and money on your business or personal venture. Because getting the right insurance can mean elevating and protecting your business! So check out our website to see all the different insurance options we offer.

Just remember that you don’t have to pay more than what you need, so talk to our skilled team members. We can’t wait to help you protect the business you love! To learn more about our Houston TX commercial insurance center, give us a call or visit one of our many locations.

Houston, TX Fun Facts 

  • There are over 15 museums around the city for you to enjoy.
  • The population is around 2.31 million!
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