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Houston TX Aircraft Insurance

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What is Aircraft Insurance?

Just like you seek to cover damages that can happen to your car or boat, you might want to consider aircraft insurance. Whether you are an individual or a company that owns one or more aircraft, insurance is an important part of that ownership.

There are several types of aviation insurance that you can purchase. Some policies are full-coverage, and some are liability only. However, in either type of policy, there are bound to be gaps. As a result, it is best to talk to your insurance agent about the specific needs and concerns you have.

Types of Aviation Insurance:

Commercially and Privately-Owned Aircraft Insurance

In general, it doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual. Having aircraft insurance is a necessity. In fact, when you meet certain qualifications, insurance is often required by law. While policies will vary depending on whether you own a commercial or private airplane, circumstances do not affect the high risk of flying a plane without insurance.

One common misconception about aircraft coverage is that it is included in most commercial or general liability insurance policies. However, this is simply not true. General liability insurance often excludes aircraft. This actually works to your benefit as an aircraft owner because it ensures that you search for aircraft-specific insurance that is offered by agents who know the industry.

Most aircraft insurance policies will provide coverage for hull damage (physical damage), although not all will provide medical coverage. Most experts will argue that aircraft insurance varies from policy to policy. As a result, you should find a reliable and knowledgeable aircraft insurance agent that will give you sound advice and help you find the right policy.

Hangar Insurance

Houston TX Aircraft Insurance

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Another type of insurance to consider is that which covers the hangar where your aircraft resides when not in use. Like any building, hangars are susceptible to damage from strong winds, rain, and other natural disasters.

Losing a hangar is difficult enough, but when you factor in the potential damage to your aircraft, the entire situation can become very expensive very quickly. If you are like most small aircraft owners, the hangar is also a location for making repairs to your aircraft. Therefore, it contains tools and parts needed to get the job done.

Do you rent out your hangar to another aircraft owner? If so, hangar liability insurance can help protect you against the impact of a lawsuit if something were to happen.

There are many different types of hangar insurance. Which one you purchase will depend on your current situation. For instance, if you own both an aircraft and a hangar, you might be able to get a bundled policy that includes both. Talk with your aircraft insurance agent to learn more!

Aviation Accident Insurance

Most aircraft today contain many advanced safety features that help pilots fight against a crash landing. However, there are instances when something as serious as engine failure can cause an aircraft to crash. These events often cause significant injury and even death.

Fortunately, there are insurance policies you can purchase to protect both pilots and passengers. Many airline companies will purchase insurance that covers injury to employees while on duty. This type of insurance is highly specialized, so there are few companies that actually offer it.

Types of Aircraft You Can Protect with Insurance:

Antique Airplanes and Warbirds

Antique airplanes and old Warbirds are unique in every sense of the word. Whether your airplane is from the 1940s or 1990s, antiques require specialized care and specific parts that are often hard to find.

Similarly, finding an agent that is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of antique aircraft insurance can be difficult. The best agents are often themselves pilots who own small airplanes.

If you have ever been to an airshow, chances are you’ve witnessed old World War Two Warbird planes flying across the sky. Or, perhaps you’ve seen pilots put on a show from an antique airplane. Either way, these aircraft are unique and therefore require a unique approach to insurance.

Sport Airplanes

Aircraft that are flown for sport, or relaxed enjoyment, are cheaper to insure than those used for consistent or commercial travel. Furthermore, getting your pilot’s license for a sport aircraft is often quick and easy.

Houston TX Aircraft Insurance

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Single or Twin-Engine Piston Airplanes

Obtaining coverage for a single-engine piston aircraft is often simple and among the most affordable aircraft insurance plans. However, it is important to keep in mind that, ultimately, premiums will depend on the value of your airplane as well as your experience as a pilot. The same applies to a twin-engine piston airplane.

Non-Owned or Rented Airplanes

It is generally recommended that pilots who are renting an aircraft purchase the following insurance coverage:

  • Aircraft liability
  • Aircraft Physical Damage
  • Medical Payments Coverage

In the instance that a rented aircraft is damaged or passengers injured, you will be covered. Speak with your trusted insurance agent about which policies are ideal for your intended use of the aircraft.

Houston TX Aircraft Insurance

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